The biographies and position statements of the 2020 IEEE Vice President, Publication Services and Products candidates are listed below.

Hulya Kirkici

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Hulya Kirkici
IEEE Vice President-Publication Services and Products

Hulya Kirkici is Professor and the Department Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of South Alabama. She is also the 2019 IEEE Vice President - Publication Services and Products. Dr. Kirkici received B.S. and M.S. in physics from Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey; and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Polytechnic University (currently NYU), NY.  Previously, Dr. Kirkici was Professor of ECE at Auburn University (1992-2016), visiting scholar/consultant and Summer Faculty Fellow at the Air Force Research Laboratory - Wright Patterson Air Force Base, (2014-2015), and visiting scientist/engineer at NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL (1999-2000).

Dr. Kirkici is a Fellow of IEEE for "contributions to high frequency, high field dielectric breakdown and electrical insulation for space and aerospace power systems" (class of 2017), a recipient of the IEEE Eric O. Forster Distinguished Service Award, the highest honor given by the Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (2015), IEEE William G. Dunbar Award, a technical achievements award (2014), and a recipient of the IEEE Sol Schneider Leadership Award "for continuing technical and administrative leadership in the power modulator and high voltage communities," (2010).

Dr. Kirkici's research interests span from electrical insulation and high-frequency breakdown to repetitive pulsed power. She has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal and conference articles and given plenary and invited talks nationally and internationally (USA, Turkey, Japan, S.Korea, and China). Dr. Kirkici is members of IEEE, American Physical Society (APS), Sigma Xi Scientific Honor Society, IEEE-HKN Honor Society, and American Association of University Women (AAUW).

Region Activities

- Technical Program Committee Member and Session Organizer, IEEE Plasma Science Conference, June 2015

- Chair, Technical Program Committee, IEEE Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference, June 2014

- Member, Technical Program Committee, IEEE Pulsed Power Conference, July 2015,

- Technical Program Committee Member, IEEE Conference on Dialectics and Electrical Insulation Phenomena, 2014 -2017

- Chair, Executive Committee, EEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference Executive Committee, 2005-2014

- Session Chair "Insulation and Dielectric Breakdown" oral session, IEEE Plasma Science Conference, 2010

- Publication Chair / Proceedings Editor of 2008 IEEE International Power Modulator Conference, (2007-2008)

- Vice-Chair & Treasurer, IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectrics Phenomena (CEIDP), 2004 and 2005

- General Conference Chair, IEEE-Power Modulator Conference, San Francisco, CA, 2004

- General Chair of 2002-IEEE-High Voltage Workshop, Los Angeles, CA, 2002

- Interim-Vice-Chair and Treasurer of IEEE- Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectrics Phenomena (CEIDP) 2001

- Local Arrangements Chair, EEE- Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectrics Phenomena (CEIDP) 1998

Section Activities

- IEEE Vice President Publication Services and Products and Chair of PSPB (2019)

- President of IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (2009-2010)

- Vice President - Administrative, IEEE-DEIS (2007-2008)

- Vice President - Technical Activities, IEEE-DEIS (2005-2006)

- Secretary and Ex-Com Member of IEEE-DEIS, (2000-2004)

- Vice President Technical Operation, IEEE Sensors Council (2014-2015)

- AdCom Member-at-Large, IEEE-Sensors Council, (2013 & 2016-20117)

- Treasurer and Finance Chair of IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) (2011-2014).

- Member, IEEE Periodical Review and Advisory Committee (PRAC) (2016 - present).

- Member, IEEE Access Editorial Board (2013-present).

- Member-at-Large, IEEE PSPB (2011-2016)

- Member, PSPB Strategic Planning Committee (2016 and 2012-2014).

- Member, IEEE Finance Committee, (2011-2014)

- Member, IEEE Conferences Committee, Jan 2010 to Dec 2012

 - Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, (1997-2007)

- Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation(2012-present)

- Lead Guest Editor of Power Modulators Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, (August 2017 Issue)

- Co Editor-in-Chief, Trans. of Electrical and Electronic Materials, Jan. 2010 - present

- Guest Editor of Power Modulators Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, (August 2009 Issue)

- Guest Editor, IEEE-Transactions on Plasma Science, Power Modulators and Repetitive Pulsed Power Special Issue (August 2004 issue)

- Guest Editor, IEEE-Transactions on Plasma Science, Pulsed Power Science and Technology Special Issue (October 2002 issue)


As mentioned above, I have long lasting volunteering experience of working with many individuals across the aisles (disciplines, professions, professionals, and communities), I am confident that I have more than necessary qualification to serve as the IEEE Vice President-Publication Services and Products.  

PSPB is responsible for formulating/recommending publishing products, disseminating knowledge through its platforms, and support content creators (researchers, authors, reviewers, editors) in this mission.  I believe, the primary responsibility of the VP - Publication Services and Products is to lead the IEEE publications communities successfully while working with volunteers and staff following policies, procedures and standards set forth by all and support new policies and procedures to grow the IEEE publications enterprise.

I have strong leadership skills, nurturing personality, and willingness to work with everyone closely and effectively while listening to opinions and criticism to make the best decision for the greater benefit to all.  I believe in "one IEEE" and strive for bringing communities together towards a common goal.  If elected, I will continue to work with staff and volunteers towards improving the reputation, finances, and technical quality of IEEE publications and products.

Position Statement

While I was PSPB Treasure, I was also on IEEE Conferences Committee and was asked to Chair an Ad-Hoc to investigate the impact of open access publishing on conference publications and author pay model on all IEEE publications.  That allowed me to a part of the initial team that supported the creation of IEEE Access.  Since then I have been a strong advocate of technically high quality and peer reviewed open-access publishing.  Since the appearance first articles in IEEE Access, Journal has come a long way and is a success story, with its vision set by volunteers and strong leadership.

But there is still much room to grow open access publishing, not just for journals but other educational, technical and conference products, to support the needs of authors/readers, technology/industry, and society/humanity.  Working with government and industry to strategize IEEE's position on open access is necessary, parallel to examining other models for open access publishing.

Though IEEE publications is the main publication in our field, it still it still has tremendous potentiate for growth.  This can be achieved through working with IEEE (TAB, Standards, EAB) and other organizations (CHORUS, Universities, other publishers).

Author, reviewer and reader experience is another area that PSPB must support improving, including the quality and timeliness of publications, through identifying barriers and working closely with vendors provide services (Scholar1) and continual improving the delivery platform (Xplore's friendliness, functionality and mobile interface).  Author education must also continue to reduce Intentional or unintentional "plagiarize" cases.

Tapan Sarkar

Headshot of Tapan Sarkar

Tapan Sarkar
IEEE Vice President-Publication Services and Products

Tapan K. Sarkar received B.Tech. (IIT, Kharagpur, India), M.Sc.E. (University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada) and M.S. and Ph.D. (Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY). He was an engineer at General Instruments, faculty member at RIT, Rochester, NY, and research fellow at Gordon McKay Laboratory, Harvard University. He is Professor at Syracuse University. He has authored/coauthored over 400 journal articles and numerous conference papers, 40 chapters in books and 21 books. He has an H-index of 70 with 23,011 citations. He received three Doctor Honoris Causa degrees from Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 1998; Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain, 2004; and Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, 2012. He received the medal "Friend of the City of Clermont-Ferrand", Clermont-Ferrand, France (2000). He received several research awards: Best Solution Award, RADC Spectral Estimation Workshop, May 1971; Best Paper Award, IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility, Oct. 1979; College of Engineering Research Award, Syracuse University, 1996; Best Paper Award, National Radar Conference, 1997; Chancellor's Citation for Excellence in Research, Syracuse University, 1998. He was elevated to IEEE Fellow "for contributions to iterative solutions of numerical models in electromagnetic theory" (1992). He is the recipient of the 2020 IEEE Electromagnetics Award "for contributions to the efficient and accurate solution of computational electromagnetic problems in frequency and time domains, and for research in adaptive antennas".  He is president of OHRN Enterprises, Inc., a small business incorporated in New York state (1985) performing research for government, private and foreign organizations in system analysis and a professional engineer registered in New York.

Region Activities


- Electromagnetics Award Committee, 2004-2007.

- TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee, 2013.

- TAB, 2014.

- Alternate member, IEEE Fellow Committee, 2016.

- TAB Ad Hoc Committee on Food Engineering, 2017.

- IEEE Fellow Committee, 2017-2018.

- IEEE Fellow Committee Strategic Planning Subcommittee, 2019.


- Chair, Syracuse Section AP-S/MTT-S/EMC-S Joint Chapter, Region 1, 1995-2000.

- Speaker, numerous AP-S Chapters meetings, all Regions.


- Chair, TPC, IEEE Int. Symposium Antennas and Propagation, Syracuse, R1, 1988.

- TPC Member, Review Committee Chair, Session Chair, Special Sessions/Short Courses/Workshops/Panel Sessions Organizer/Lecturer, Invited Speaker, numerous AP-S, MTT-S, EMC-S Conferences, several Regions.

- Invited Speaker, numerous IEEE or IEEE sponsored conferences, and non-IEEE conferences, several Regions.

- General Chair, numerous AP-S sponsored conferences, other conferences, all Regions.

- General Chair, numerous AP-S sponsored conferences, India, R10.

- Launched three new AP-S fully owned conferences while serving as AP-S President-Elect/President, has been General Chair or Committee Member of them:

●  Conference on Antenna Measurements and Applications, CAMA (R8, R10, R1),

●  International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics, ICCEM (R10),

●  Radio and Antenna Days of the Indian Ocean, RADIO (R8).


- See information under Biography, Committees/Boards above and under Society Activities (next section).

- Associate Editor, Digital Signal Processing -

 A Review Journal.

- Made major contributions to the scientific community in the form of numerous journal, conferences papers and books dealing with electromagnetics, antennas, communications and signal processing.

- Listed among ISI highly cited researchers.

Section Activities

●        Several Societies: Journal Reviewer, Trans. Geoscience Remote Sensing (GRS-S), Trans. Aerospace Electronic Systems (AES-S), Trans. Signal Processing (SP-S), Trans. Microwave Theory and Techniques, Microwave and Wireless Components Letters (both, MTT-S).

●        EMC-S:

o        Reviewer, IEEE Trans. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

o        Associate Editor, IEEE Trans. EMC, 1986-1989.

●        AP-S:

o        Reviewer: IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation (AP), IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters.

o        Associate Editor: IEEE AP Newsletter (Feature Articles), 1986-1988. IEEE Trans. AP, 2004-2010.

o        Distinguished Lecturer, 2000-2003, 2011-2013.

o        Elected Member, AdCom, 2005-2007, 2013-2018 (as President).

o        President-Elect, 2013.

o        President, 2014.

o        Past-President, since 2015.

o        Member, History Committee, since 2013.

o        Member, Past-Presidents Council, since 2013.

o        Chair, Past-Presidents Council, 2015.

o        Chair, Nominations Committee, 2015.

o        Chair, Member & Geographic Activities Committee, since 2015.

o        Member, New Technology Directions Committee, since 2015.

o        Member, SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technologies) Committee, since 2015.

●        Launched several outreach projects: in R8 (mainly Africa), R9 and R10 (ASEAN countries, India, China, New Zealand) to promote IEEE, AP-S, and Electromagnetic research and education.

●        Initiated two new Journals while AP-S President:

o        Multiscale and Multiphysics Computational Techniques (AP-S, MTT-S, EMC-S), first issue published in 2016.

o        Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology (AP-S, MTT-S, EMB-S,  Sensors Council), first issue published in 2017

●        Initiated collaboration AP-S/MTT-S to launch several joint projects under IEEE New Initiatives, Humanitarian Activities, and SIGHT Committees, namely projects on humanitarian activities in India and Thailand (R10), and Mauritius (R8).


I am Life Fellow member. I am able to commit sufficient time to carry out the duties and responsibilities of VP and Chair of PSPB. I have the support of Syracuse University in meeting the obligations of the position. I have previous experience as TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee member.

I have extensive experience as author of articles for journals and conferences (more than 400 journal papers) as well as books (64 chapters, 21 books, many of them published by IEEE Press). I have been reviewer for 8 journals of 6 Societies, and Associate Editor for 3 journals of 2 Societies. I am familiar with the process of initiating new journals and conferences (started 2 journals and launched 3 conferences).

I understand the role of PSPB in delivering publications and information products for the benefit of IEEE members worldwide and the general public. I have been AP-S President, have attended for the past six years the meetings of numerous IEEE Committees during the Meeting Series. I have acquired knowledge of and familiarity with IEEE financial statements. I am familiar with PSPB Operations Manual and plagiarism guidelines. I am informed of emerging developments in the publications area (e. g., open access) and how these may impact IEEE's business.

I have experience, insight, understanding and working knowledge of IEEE, management and leadership skills, ability to motivate and compromise. I am used to understand different cultures with an international perspective. I am capable to focus on strategic issues and make effectiveness a priority.

Position Statement

Technical publications constitute the main service of IEEE to its membership and the scientific community at large. The goal of PSPB is to ensure the quality of its publications and other information products in either print or electronic format, by subscription or open access. Conference publications are becoming more and more important. In this rapidly changing world IEEE needs to compete with other organizations so that its products are competitive and cost effective. If elected I pledge to work together with the rest of the Board and to the best of my ability to achieve PSPB goals in analyzing and assessing the existing publications and information products, taking into account membership needs and expectations, with an strategic viewpoint, so that any necessary changes will maintain IEEE as the leading organization in serving the scientific community. To achieve this goal I will enhance the role of PSPB committees. The Strategic Planning Committee is of crucial importance in the adoption of emerging developments in the publications area, making sure at the same time that PSPB goals are included in and aligned with IEEE strategy. I will continue to encourage the work of the Publishing Conduct Committee in ensuring that all authors maintain an impeccable ethical conduct. Through the Finance Committee, I will ensure that PSPB financial operations are aligned with IEEE objectives. Besides PSPB there are other boards and committees related to publications and information services. I pledge to collaborate with fellow BoD members and volunteers to coordinate and align our work.

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