The IEEE-Level Awards List (PDF, 290 KB) is a searchable document, which contains the Year and Recipient Name(s) of all IEEE-Level Awards.  

The Awards are listed by type, with the IEEE Medal of Honor first, followed by the remaining Medals, then the Recognitions and Technical Field Awards respectively.

This document can be used to search if a potential candidate has received an IEEE-Level Award.

To do a complete search:

  1. Open the document via Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Type the last name in the “Find” window within the document tool bar.
  3. Click the “Find Next” icon (or the Enter key on your keyboard) until you reach the end of the document and see a window that reads “Acrobat has finished searching the document. No more matches were found.” If needed, you can click the “Find Previous” icon to search backwards.

If the potential candidate’s name is found within the Awards Recipient List and you want to see the citation for which they received that award, click on the “Award Recipients with Citations” link for that award, which can be found above that list of names. That link will open another PDF document containing the names and citations for that particular award. From there, you can search for the candidate’s name as you did previously or you can scroll to the year listed in the Awards Recipients List.

Links to the IEEE-Level Award home pages can be found via the Awards Recipient List and the Award Recipients with Citations. You can find nomination forms via the individual Award home page.  

If needed, you can download the latest version of Adobe Reader.