2019 - Jonathan Dahl

"For leadership in and contributions toward the extraordinary growth in the awareness and reach of the IEEE's electronic libraries."

2018 - Michael N. Geselowitz

"For enhancing the values of the IEEE History Center and developing many initiatives promoting engineering and technology history."

2017 - Mary Ward-Callan

"For leadership of and service to IEEE volunteers, and for commitment and care in IEEE Technical Activities for the benefit of IEEE."

2016 - Karen A. Galuchie

"For exceptional staff leadership and for support and service to IEEE volunteers in achieving the philanthropic objectives of the IEEE and the IEEE Foundation."

2015 - Susan Hassler

“For enhancing the global impact of IEEE by creating the distinctive publication IEEE Spectrum, which exemplifies the highest values of science, technology, and engineering journalism.”

2014 - Fran Zappulla

“For outstanding leadership in the success of IEEE publications.”

2013 - Cecelia Jankowski

“For exceptional leadership of IEEE Member and Geographic Activities and a career devoted to the goals and objectives of IEEE.”

2012 - Judith L. Gorman

“For leadership in development of the IEEE Standards Association as a recognized global and World-class organization.”

2011 - Angela R. Burgess

"For outstanding leadership in improving IEEE Computer Society cooperation and reintegration with IEEE and TAB and successfully transforming operations, improving the financial strength of the Society."

2010 - Julie Eve Cozin

"For exemplary service to IEEE governance through development, integration, and administration of new tools and procedures that improved efficiency, transparency, fairness, equity, and legal compliance."

2009 - Ann Burgmeyer

"For pioneering work in electronic publishing and data archiving contributing to IEEE's leadership in publishing, and for support of volunteers and staff for over 35 years."

2008 - Fern E. Katronetsky

"For extraordinary commitment to the goals and objectives of the Institute and unwavering leadership and invaluable support of volunteers and staff for over 30 years."

2007 - William F. Van Der Vort

"For leadership, management, and strategic planning that have contributed to the IEEE and the Electron Devices Society." 

2006 - Thomas W. Bartlett

"For developing and implementing, during his 47 years of service, financial management systems that contributed uniquely to growth and achievements of IEEE."