2019 - Mario Milicevic

Mario Milicevic

Mario Milicevic’s innovative research on error-correction decoders for next-generation wireless systems and quantum cryptography is enabling the high data rates demanded by modern Internet traffic and providing secure communications for long-distance fiber-optic communications. He introduced new techniques to overcome CMOS technology scaling limitations in high-speed error-correction circuits for 5G wireless networks. He developed, fabricated, and tested a new integrated circuit decoder architecture that scales to sub-10nm CMOS technology nodes, enabling multi-Gigabit/second communication while achieving up to three times higher energy efficiency than the state of the art. In a widely deployed 5G network, such silicon-based decoders would provide high data rates for Internet traffic while reducing energy consumption and operating costs. In the quantum cryptography domain (a highly secure form of cryptography based on quantum mechanics), Milicevic has provided future-proof security against imminent quantum computing attacks in fiber-optic networks. He designed error-correcting codes to reduce the computational latency of error-correction decoding in a quantum key distribution system for optical fiber distances beyond 100 km. These error-correcting codes can be implemented in single-chip solutions that integrate digital and optical processing circuits for quantum key distribution, to accelerate the adoption of this evolving technology in unconditionally secure network infrastructure for industries such as finance and energy distribution, with lower cost, power, and integration complexity.

During his doctoral work, he taught several engineering courses, mentored undergraduate-student design teams, and helped institute outreach programs to introduce high-school students to electrical engineering. Milicevic is actively involved in the development of products, services, and events that deliver an engaging IEEE member experience and has played an instrumental role in growing the visibility and sustainability of the IEEE Young Professionals program. As an IEEE technical expert, Milicevic often provides commentary to the press on trending topics such as the Internet of Things, security, and blockchain.

An IEEE member and recipient of the IEEE Member and Geographical Activities’ Graduates of the Last Decade Achievement Award (2013), Milicevic is a staff communication system engineer with Max Linear, Inc., Irvine, CA, USA.