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This page contains information about the IEEE Awards Board Nominations and Appointments (AB N&A) Committee and volunteer positions within the IEEE Awards Program.


AB N&A Committee mission

The AB N&A Committee shall be responsible for seeking out and recommending candidates for AB positions, chairs of the AB Councils, and chairs of Standing Committees to the AB. This committee shall also propose (for concurrence by the AB chair) candidates for AB appointive offices to be recommended for consideration by the IEEE Nominations and Appointments Committee.

The AB Past Chair shall serve as chair of the AB N&A Committee. The committee shall be composed of a chair plus three to five members, who shall be appointed by the Awards Board.


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AB Nominations and Appointments Committee

  • Kensall (Ken) D. Wise, Chair
  • Hugh D. Griffiths
  • Maciej Ogorzalek
  • Karen Pedersen
  • Edward Rezek
  • Sarah Kate (Katie) Wilson


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AB Standing Committee Volunteer positions

The Awards Board Nominations & Appointments Committee invites all interested individuals to submit their name for consideration for a volunteer position in the IEEE Awards Program. Review the job descriptions below and e-mail the awards volunteer form (DOC, 57 KB) to

If you are interested in serving on a Selection Committee for the first time, it might help you to read the Selection Committee Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 220 KB). Medal, Technical Field Award, and Recognition selection committee members are recommended by the individual committees and approved by the Awards Board. Include on the awards volunteer form (DOC, 57 KB) the name of the award for which you would like to serve.

To be considered for an appointment to the IEEE Awards Board as Chair, Vice Chair, or a Member-at-Large, visit the IEEE Nominations and Appointments page.

Applications for standing committee chair positions must be received by 1 January. Appointments will be made in April for the following calendar year.

Applications for members-at-large must be received by 1 May. Appointments will be made in September for the following calendar year.


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Awards Nomination Deadlines

2017 IEEE Honors Ceremony

2017 IEEE Medal of Honor Recipient Kees Schouhamer Immink video screenshot