The purpose of National Society Agreements is to encourage cooperation and coordinated joint activities between the country's National Society, and the local countries’ IEEE section. One of the cooperative activities has been the establishment of joint awards between the National Society and IEEE.

Below is a list of country-specific joint IEEE awards, established with National Societies, that the IEEE Awards Board is responsible for supervising.


AIE/IEEE Joint Prize of Excellence Award was established in 2005 and is presented annually.

2007 Recipient
Jorge Yutronic Fernandez
For significant contributions and leadership in engineering and entrepreneurial activities.

2008 Recipient
Juan Zolezzi
For significant contributions and leadership in engineering education.

2009 Recipient
Hugh Rudnick
For being an integral professional who has contributed to the applied research of the energy sector.

2010 Recipient
Guillermo Pérez-del Río
For outstanding contributions to the development of the electricity distribution industry in Chile.

2011 Recipient
Alfredo de la Quintana
For developing an efficient and profitable methodology to quantify power quality using internet networks.

2012 Recipient
Aldo Cipriano
For outstanding contributions in electrical engineering and automation, and in engineering education and accreditation.

2013 Recipient
Jose Ramon Rodriguez Perez
For outstanding contributions in electrical engineering and engineering education.

2014 Recipient
Carlos Melendez Infante
For outstanding contributions in electrical engineering and in engineering education.

2015 Recipient
Marco Rivera
For outstanding contributions in electrical engineering and in engineering education.

2016 Recipient
Aldo Amadori
For outstanding contributions to the electrical engineering products and services in the Chilean market.

2017 Recipient
Hector Obrien Kaschel Carcamo
For contributions to engineering education, integration and research in the areas of telecommunications, control systems of industrial processes, and bioengineering.

2018 Recipient 
Samir Kouro
For contributions to research in the areas of power electronics, control, renewable energy power conversion systems, and electro-mobility applications. 


SEE/IEEE Joint Award was established in 2007 and is presented annually.

2008 SEE/IEEE Leon Brillouin recipient
Sebastian Bigo
For the development of multiple Tbit/sec transmissions over several thousand kilometers of optical fibers.

2009 SEE/IEEE Glavieux Award recipient
Cattherine Douillard
For pioneering work on turbo-equilization and exceptional contribution to standards, opening to a large development of consumer graphics.

2010 SEE/IEEE Leon Brillouin recipient
Mickaël Tanter
For his outstanding achievements in acoustics and their impact in health care.

2011 SEE/IEEE Glavieux Award recipient
Merouane Debbah
For outstanding achievements in Information Theory and their impact on wireless communications.

2012 SEE/IEEE Leon Brillouin Award recipient
Lucian Prejbeanu
For outstanding achievements in the development of thermally-assisted magnetic memories (MRAM), from basic concepts to industrialization.

2013 SEE/IEEE Glavieux Award recipient
Jean-Christophe Baillie
For the design of an operating system for autonomous robots and its wide application in the industry and the digital society.

2014 SEE/IEEE Leon Brillouin Award
Sylvain Girard
For the design of radiation-tolerant optical fibers and sensors and its application in the nuclear and satellite industries.

2015 SEE/IEEE Glavieux Award
Silvère Bonnabel
For the development of remarkable mathematical abstractions for the design of automatic control systems and their implementation for navigation and guidance in various industrial applications.

2016 SEE/IEEE Leon Brillouin Award
Etienne Perret
For his outstanding achievement in the identification of an object in an unknown environment using a chipless label or tag.

2017 SEE/IEEE Glavieux Award
Marco di Renzo
For outstanding results in developing several mathematical abstractions (for mobile networking modeling), innovating ideas, as well as demonstrating their usefulness in future wireless communications systems.

2018 SEE/IEEE Leon Brillouin Award
François Andrieu 
For contributions to communication, distributed storage, and artificial intelligence. 

2019 SEE/IEEE Glavieux Award
Jakob Hoydis
For outstanding contributions to wireless networks influencing early research up to international standardization of massive MIMO and preparing next-generation wireless networks using deep learning.

2020 SEE/IEEE Leon Brillouin Award 
Anthony Ghiotto 
For outstanding contribution to the air-filled substrate integrated waveguide; this key technology has enabled a higher integration of microwave systems that benefits a large number of applications in telecommunication, radar, and millimeter-wave imaging.


VFI/IEEE Joint Electrical Engineer of the Year Award was established in 2005 and is presented biennially.

2006 Recipient
Mr. Sigmar Guobjorusson
VFI - IEEE Joint Award - Iceland Electrical Engineer of 2006.

2008 Recipient
Arni Benediktsson
For his excellence in performance in his profession in the field of Electrical Engineering.

2008 Recipient
Jes Thorisson
For his significant contributions to the Icelandic Society in the field of Electrical Engineering.

2010 Recipient
Bjorgvin Gudmundsson
For his outstanding and innovative contributions in the design and development of a unique new generation of Medical Instrumentation for Sleep Analysis.

2013 Recipient
Jón Atli Benediktsson
For outstanding technical achievements and world-wide recognition in the field of remote sensing, and in the research and manufacturing of medical equipment that measures—without invasion—oxygen saturation in the veins of the eye.


IEI/IEEE Award for Engineering Excellence was established in 2015 and is presented annually.

2015 Recipient
G. Satheesh Reddy
For contribution having bolstered the self-reliance of the country in critical technologies including Advanced Inertial Navigation System and Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

2016 Recipient
Mylswamy Annadurai
For contributions and leadership in space technology in service to humanity

2017 Recipient
Anurag Kumar
For outstanding contributions in communications, computer networking, WSN, IOT, and related areas.

2018 recipient
Bhargab B. Bhattacharya
For outstanding contributions in VLSI and microfluidics, especially in the field of biomedical applications. 

2019 recipient
Vipin Tyagi
For outstanding leadership and development of advanced communication systems including G-PON for rural development and bridging the digital divide.


IEIE/IEEE Joint Award was established in 2005 and is presented annually

2006 Recipient
Prof. Ink Yu Lee
For his impact and contributions made to the economic competitiveness of Korea in the field of IT science and technology.

2007 Recipient
Sunghyun Choi
For his outstanding impact and contributions to Telecommunication technology and the economic competitiveness of Korea.

2008 Recipient
Kwang-Hyun Cho
For his pioneering work of applying the idea of electrical engineering (IT) to life sciences (BT), which is now called "Systems Biology"(IT+BT).

2009 Recipient
Chang Su Kim
For his work in the area of signal processing and multimedia, and specifically to the principles and applications of image, video, and 3D graphics data compression.

2010 Recipient
Yongtaek Hong
For outstanding contributions in flexible and printable thin film transistor backplane technology research, standardization and services for display and sensor arrays applications.

2011 Recipient
Joon-Hyuk Chang
For outstanding contributions to the speech communication/signal processing area by conducting novel researches, transferring the results to the industry fields, and making remarkable community services.

2012 Recipient
Woo Young Choi
For outstanding contributions in research and applications on MOS devices, tunneling field-effect transistors, and nano-electromechanical devices.

2013 Recipient
Sungroh Yoon
For outstanding contributions and innovations in emerging frontiers of electrical and computer engineering.

2014 Recipient
Chan Byoung Chae
For outstanding contributions to multiple antenna wireless networks and emerging technologies (Molecular Communication).

2015 Recipient
Kyoungsik Yu
For contributions in the area of integrated optoelectronic devices and systems for generation, manipulation, and acquisition of optical signals.

2016 Recipient
Sunghoon Kwon
For contributions to integrate microscale devices and optomechanical systems for innovation in personalized diagnostics and DNA synthesis.

2017 Recipient
Sangheon Pack
For contributions to the design of emerging wireless and mobile networking technologies.

2018 Recipient
Changho Suh
For contributions to communication, distributed storage, and artificial intelligence.

2019 Recipient
Suk-Ju Kang
For contributions to novel image/video enhancement algorithms and hardware implementations including deep learning-based super resolution, high dynamic range imaging, and content-aware display power reduction. 

2020 Recipient
Jaehyouk Choi
For distinguished research in system integrated circuit (IC) design for 5G and beyond. 


AEP/IEEE ELEKTRON Award was established in 2000 and is presented biennially.

2001 Recipient
Dr. Jorge Heraud Perez
For extraordinary efforts and contributions that have enhanced Peruvian society through the promotion and development of technology and science.

2003 Recipient
Dr. Amadeo Prado-Benitez
For extraordinary contribution to National Welfare through Electricity, Electronics, or Computer Science.

2005 Recipient
Mr. Juan Bartet Rosas
For his pioneer trajectory in the areas of teaching, research, and development in the electronic industry in Peru, through 50 years of professional activity.

2007 Recipient
Ronald Woodman
For his outstanding contribution to science and technology, and formation of professionals for the benefit of society in Peru.

2009 Recipient
Carlos A. Romero Sanjines
For his continued dedication and valuable contributions to the development of telecommunications in Peru.

During the latter months of 2009, the ELEKTRON Award sponsorship was changed from two to three sponsors. CIP was added as the third sponsor, thus making the new title for the award the AEP/CIP/IEEE ELEKTRON Award.

2011 Recipient
Jorge A. Ratto Chueca
For outstanding contributions to national welfare through the electrical, electronic, or information technologies and communications.

2013 Recipient
Guillermo Castillo Justo
For contributions to the restructuring and modernization of the national electricity system promoting efficient development.

2015 Recipient
Fernando Octavio Rossinelli Ugarelli
For important contributions to the rural electrification of the country, mainly during the period 2007-2012, by decisive participation in planning, contracting, implementing, and supervision of electrical works, benefiting more than 3 million Peruvians, giving them access to electric energy with personal and economic benefits.

2017 Recipient
Arturo Armando Gallegos Guevara
For an extensive and important career and special contribution to the energy development of the Cusco Region, as well as to social development and professional education in Engineering in that region.

2019 Recipient
Jorge Aurelio Menacho Ramos 
For invaluable contribution to the planning and construction of telecommunications infrastructure in Peru, necessary for the integration of their peoples and the training of professionals in this sector.


IES/IEEE Joint Medal of Excellence Award was established in 2000 and is presented biennially.

2002 Recipient
Er. Prof Su Guaning
For outstanding contributions to the development of the engineering profession, Science and Technology, engineering education, and to the defence of Singapore.

2004 Recipient
Prof. Chang Chieh Hang
For his outstanding contributions to engineering education, research, and technology management in Singapore.

2006 Recipient
Mr. Wong Ngit Liong
For contributions to, the economic competitiveness of Singapore in the field of electronics manufacturing.

2008 Recipient
Seah Moon
For outstanding achievements and leadership in Engineering and Business Management.

2010 Recipient
Er. Lim Soon Hock
For his innovations and great contributions in the IT and Engineering industries, Engineering Education, and the community at-large of Singapore. 

2013 Recipient
Chong Tow Chong
For playing a pivotal role in innovating and revolutionizing scientific research and education. 

2015 Recipient
Meng Hwa
For outstanding contributions to education, engineering research, public and social service over a sustained period of 30 years.

2017 Recipient
Teck-Seng Low
For recognition of outstanding contributions to Singapore's R&D landscape.

2019 Recipient
Lee Chuan Seng
For outstanding achievements and leadership in engineering and business management.

South Africa

SAIEE/IEEE Joint Volunteer of the Year Award was established in 2013 and is scheduled to be presented annually.

2015 Recipient
David Bruce Davidson
For contributions to the international recognition of electromagnetic engineering in South Africa. 

2017 Recipient
Saurabh Sinha
For distinguished leadership to educational and publication activities at national, regional, and international levels of the IEEE, and for bringing about synergy, through numerous technical activities and conferences, between the IEEE and SAIEE.


AIU/IEEE Joint Award was established in 2013 and is scheduled to be presented every two years.

2014 Recipient
Enrique Elbio Sallés Vázquez
For sustained and significant contribution to Uruguay development in the field of electronic engineering.

2016 Recipient
Nestor Macé
For sustained and relevant contributions to Uruguay technology development in the field of electronic engineering.

2018 AIU/IEEE Joint Award
Juan Mártony Schmidt
For outstanding contributions in the field of telecommunications and digital electronics in benefit of the community.