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IEEE James H. Mulligan Jr. Education Medal, for a career of outstanding contributions to education in the fields of interest of IEEE.

This is a web interactive form. This form can also be downloaded in MSWord or .pdf formats.

IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal Nomination Form (DOC, 46KB)
IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal Nomination Form (PDF, 2329KB)

Nominator Guidelines


Nomination Form

1. Name of Candidate(s):

2. IEEE Member: Yes   No  

IEEE Grade:  Year: Member Number:

3. Year of Birth:

4. Professional Affiliation and Title:

5. Business Address (include Email):

6. Home Address:

7. Education beyond twelfth grade. Please include Institution/Location, degree, year received and Honors. Honorary degrees denoted (H). |


8. Endorsers, Names and Addresses, Email. Endorsers should be familiar with the nominee's achievements and should state specific achievements that qualify the candidate for this award. Endorsers should also include a statement indicating how long they have known the candidate and in what capacity. (Minimum of three supporting letters required; maximum of five permitted. No more than five letters will be reviewed by the Committee. Letters may accompany nomination or be submitted directly to IEEE.)

9. Proposed Citation (No more than 25 words.):

10. Principal Employment: Year; Name of Company; Title; Brief, Concise Description of Responsibility.

11. Cite examples of recognition of excellence in teaching and ability to inspire students (examples might include current and former students who have distinguished themselves, recognition by colleagues, related awards.)

12. Achievements pertinent to the qualifications for the IEEE James H. Mulligan Education Medal. (Criteria considered by the Evaluation Committee shall include: record of candidates contributions to innovations in curricula, teaching methodology, and other leadership activities within the candidate's own institution.) The quality of the nomination is also considered. (Do not exceed 1200 words.)

13. Record of leadership in electrical engineering education through: (a) writing of textbooks and other course material; (b) authorship of papers and articles on engineering education; (c) related teaching activities. Under each subheading, please list the most significant contributions in priority order.

14. Record of major contributions to the advancement of technology in electrical engineering through: (a) research activities; (b) monographs and books; (c) technical papers and articles; (d) patents. Under each subheading, please list the most significant contributions in priority order.

15. Record of participation in the activities of professional societies as related to: (a) education; (b) publications; and (c) other activities. Begin with IEEE.

16. Principal Honors (non-IEEE):

16. IEEE Honors/Awards:

17. Nominator's Name; Business Affiliation & Address (or home address, if preferred); Telephone; Fax; Email:

18. How long have you known the candidate, and in what capacity?

NOTE: The IEEE Awards Board reserves the right to consider any nomination for Institute Awards other than the award suggested when, in its judgment, the support and justification may more appropriately apply to other Institute Awards.

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