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Award information

The IEEE W.R.G. Baker Award was established in 1956 and is presented by the IEEE Board of Directors for the most outstanding paper reporting original work published in any IEEE archival publications (such as Transactions, Journals and Letters), Magazines, or Proceedings. The paper must have been published during a three to five year window prior to the presentation year of the award on the fundamentals of electrical engineering, electronics, computing, and related arts and sciences as represented by IEEE. No more than one award may be given in any year.

The award was originally established through a donation of the Institute of Radio Engineers, one of the predecessor organizations of IEEE, by Dr. Walter R. G. Baker (1892-1960), who was a pioneer in the field of radio and television broadcast engineering.

This award is administered through the IEEE Prize Papers/Scholarship Awards Committee of the IEEE Awards Board.

Scope: For the most outstanding paper reporting original work in any of the IEEE Transactions, Journals, Magazines, or Proceedings

Presented: Annually to a single author, or multiple co-authors, with no restriction on the number of co-authors. The author(s) of the paper need not be members of IEEE or of any IEEE Society, nor are they restricted in any manner. The award may be received only once by a single author, or the same group of authors, for work in the same area.

The award consists of a certificate and honorarium.

Nomination deadline:
1 July 2016. Papers submitted for this deadline must have been published between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2014.

Notification: Recipients are typically approved during the November IEEE Board of Directors meeting. Recipients and their nominators will be notified following the meeting. Subsequently, the nominators of unsuccessful candidates will be notified of the status of their nomination.

Presentation: At an IEEE-sponsored technical conference or symposium


Sponsor: IEEE Circuits and Systems, IEEE Communications, IEEE Control Systems, IEEE Information Theory, IEEE Power & Energy, IEEE Signal Processing, and IEEE Vehicular Technology Societies

IEEE Power & Energy Society


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Award nomination forms


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Award recipients


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IEEE Prize Papers/Scholarship Awards Committee members

  • Daniel J. Costello, Chair
  • Alexander J. Grant
  • Gerald T. Heydt 
  • Rolf Johannesson
  • Thomas L. Marzetta
  • Urbashi Mitra
  • Carlos Silva-Cardenas
  • Chi K. (Michael) Tse 


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