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Read about the IEEE Life Members Graduate Study Fellowship in Electrical Engineering.


Award information

The IEEE Life Members Graduate Study Fellowship in Electrical Engineering was established by the IEEE Board of Directors in February 2000. The fellowship is administered by the IEEE Awards Board and is financed by the IEEE Life Members Fund.

Eligibility: The fellowship is awarded annually to a first year, full-time graduate student for work in the area of electrical engineering at an engineering school/program of recognized standing worldwide. In the event the college is conducting a combined B.S. and M.S. degree program, the student in the penultimate year would be eligible for the award which would apply in the final year of the program.

Prize: The award carries a stipend of US$10,000 per year. The stipend will be paid directly to the college/university at which the recipient will pursue full-time graduate study. The college/university will be asked to disburse the funds on behalf of the recipient. However, any unused portion can be returned to the recipient along with the necessary documentation for tax-reporting purposes.

This fellowship could be renewed for a second year, based on the recipient's satisfactory progress in the graduate program. Therefore, two overlapping fellowships could be awarded in a given year. The recipient will be notified by mid July.

Criteria: To be eligible, the applicant must have majored in the field of electrical engineering and have received a Bachelor's Degree from an engineering college of recognized standing worldwide.

The recipient of this fellowship may hold or receive other fellowships for the same academic year. Earnings for work which is directly related to the graduate study is also allowed. This fellowship may be supplemented by the graduate institution with other fellowship, assistantship, or tuition scholarship support in accordance with their internal guidelines for total support. The recipient must pursue full-time graduate work in electrical engineering. Evidence of satisfactory academic performance is required midway through the academic year in order for the recipient to continue under the fellowship.

Nomination submission: Applicants are required to submit certified transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. Three letters of recommendation from college/university professors who are familiar with the applicant's work also are required.

Certified transcripts should be sent to:

IEEE Awards Program
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA
The nomination form and recommendation letters may be emailed to
Deadline: The complete application including letters of recommendation must be received by 30 April.

Notification: Recipients are scheduled to be approved during the June IEEE Board of Directors meeting. Recipients will be notified following the meeting. Then the unsuccessful candidates will be notified of the status of their nomination.


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Award recipients


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IEEE Prize Papers/Scholarship Awards Committee members

  • Daniel J. Costello, Chair
  • Alexander J. Grant
  • Gerald T. Heydt
  • Rolf Johannesson
  • Thomas L. Marzetta
  • Urbashi Mitra
  • Carlos Silva-Cardenas
  • Chi K. (Michael) Tse


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