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The Tellers Committee is appointed by and reports to the IEEE Board of Directors. The Committee supervises the processing of ballots received and the tallying of the votes on matters normally on the annual election ballot submitted to the membership of IEEE or to groups of members for a vote.


Committee appointments

The term of appointment for members shall be for the calendar year of appointment. However, acceptance of appointment will carry with it the understanding that a member would normally be re-appointed annually to serve for no more than three consecutive years except that a Chair or Past Chair may serve one additional year.


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2018 Tellers Committee membership

  • David P. Paulsen, Chair
  • Vickie A. Ozburn, Vice Chair
  • Jeffrey J. Buttermore
  • Michael Fallenstein
  • Elizabeth T. Johnston
  • Mostafa Kaveh
  • Basilio Lenzo
  • Eldon G. Nelson
  • Douglas O'Shaughnessy


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