If completing the PDF or Word forms, please e-mail them to the contact below.  Note: Staff should send their completed PDF or Word forms to Jessi Spencer at j.spencer@ieee.org.
Contact Information
Department Name E-mail
Controllers Emily Cummings e.cummings@ieee.org
  Jeffrey Dill j.c.dill@ieee.org
  Jessi Spencer j.spencer@ieee.org
Corporate Activities Julie E Cozin j.cozin@ieee.org
  John Keaton j.c.keaton@ieee.org
  Carrie Loh c.loh@ieee.org
  Rosann Marosy r.marosy@ieee.org
  Cindy Poko c.poko@ieee.org
  Patrick Russoniello p.russoniello@ieee.org
  Tamara A Seeley t.a.seeley@ieee.org
  Jon Soifer j.soifer@ieee.org
  Keyana Tennant keyana.tennant@ieee.org
  Kerry Ann Ward k.ward@ieee.org
Educational Activities Robert Colburn r.colburn@ieee.org
  Sharon L Strock s.strock@ieee.org
IEEE-USA Linda Hall l.hall@ieee.org
Financial Services Bettina L Edwards b.edwards@ieee.org
Financial Planning and Budgeting Linda Thiel l.thiel@ieee.org
Human Resources Stella Paone s.paone@ieee.org
Operations Audit ops-audit ops-audit@ieee.org
Publications Lani Angso l.angso@ieee.org
  Steven Binder s.binder@ieee.org
  Warren Dutton w.dutton@ieee.org
  Josephine Germano j.germano@ieee.org
  Nancy T Hantman n.hantman@ieee.org
  Kathy Kowalenko k.kowalenko@ieee.org
  Jo Yu-chiao Sun j.sun@ieee.org
Member and Geographic
Daniel Toland d.toland@ieee.org
Technical Activities Tamara Ahr t.ahr@ieee.org
  Jayne F Cerone j.cerone@ieee.org
  Mary Curtis m.curtis@ieee.org
  Kenneth Gilbert k.gilbert@ieee.org
  Rosanne Loyal r.loyal@ieee.org
  Pat Sammarco p.sammarco@ieee.org
TAD Conference conference-finance conference-finance@ieee.org
  Fritzinger, MaryAnn m.fritzinger@ieee.org
Signal Processing Beverley, Darlene d.beverley@ieee.org
Standards Rona Gertz r.gertz@ieee.org
Report a Concern

To make an anonymous report of inappropriate financial activities involving IEEE business or compliance with IEEE principles of business conduct, file a report at Ethics Point.