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The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Global Public Policy was formed in 2012. Information related to the scope, membership, activity reports, and other information is provided here.

Access to Committee reports and related information is limited to members of the Committee, the IEEE Board of Directors, IEEE Directors-Elect, current IEEE President-Elect Candidates, members of the Management Council, and select staff.



The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Global Public Policy is a committee of the IEEE Board of Directors charged with exploring, recommending and, as approved by the Board, implementing strategies and initiatives designed to:

  1. Enable IEEE to better serve as a global source of information to governments and to society-at-large about the social implications of technology and the roles that technology can play in enhancing quality of life and increasing prosperity
  2. Respond to governmental requests, particularly outside of the United States, for advice and assistance in evaluating the technical implications of proposed public policies, legislation or regulations
  3. Advocate public policies that are consistent with IEEE's mission of "Advancing Technology for Humanity," and which can be adopted in countries throughout the world
  4. Expand opportunities and support for IEEE members, particularly those outside of the United States, who wish to personally engage in sharing their expertise on matters related to public policy

In fulfilling this charge, the committee should, among other approaches:

  1. Propose, for Board consideration and adoption, general policy positions on topics that have global significance and upon which IEEE and its members have the opportunity and ability to influence the opinions of public policy makers worldwide
  2. Explore and pursue like-minded collaborations with other science and engineering organizations, and other non-governmental and quasi-governmental organizations worldwide
  3. Coordinate is efforts with those of IEEE-USA on issues or opportunities involving or affecting U.S. policy, and with other IEEE entities that have established policy positions or which may wish to establish such positions
  4. Ensure that IEEE's efforts in this area are conducted in compliance with any applicable national laws concerning public policy advocacy

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Committee membership

  • James A. Jefferies, Chair
  • Keith B. Brown, Region 7
  • Gordon W. Day, Region 5
  • Marko Delimar, Region 8
  • Lawrence Wong, Region 10
  • Chris Brantley, Staff consultant


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Committee reports

There are no activity reports.


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