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The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Affiliates was formed in 2011.  Information related to the scope, membership, activity reports, and other information is provided here.

Access to Committee reports and related activity information is limited to members of the Committee, the IEEE Board of Directors, IEEE Directors-Elect, current IEEE President-Elect Candidates, members of the Management Council, and select staff.



The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Affiliates shall:

  1. Review the current rules concerning the affiliate designation.
  2. Look at the statistics of affiliates over the years.
  3. Discuss the role and purpose of affiliates with the relevant groups (most notably, the IEEE Computer Society).
  4. Provide recommendations on how affiliates will be managed (and priced and budgeted) in the future.  As a part of this, consider the basis for the Affiliate Fee, and present a recommendation regarding an appropriate process for setting the fee.

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Committee membership

  • Jennifer Truman Bernhard
  • Rangachar Kasturi
  • Mini Thomas
  • Harold Flescher
  • Laura Creighton, staff
  • John Day, staff
  • Violet Doan, staff


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Committee reports

There are no activity reports.


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