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The following petition process is in accordance with the procedures outlined in IEEE Bylaw I-203.1b, Elections of Officers (PDF, 551 KB).

Petition candidates must be nominated no later than ten days (10) prior to the Assembly meeting. Any petition nominations received after that time will not be accepted. The 2014 deadline for petition nominations is 10 November.

A petition requires the endorsement of five (5) Assembly Delegates.

Candidates may only seek nomination for one of the positions for which they have been considered by either the IEEE Nominations and Appointments Committee or the MGA Nominations and Appointments Committee, using these committees' established review processes and candidate documentation on file.

Nominations, which shall remain confidential, along with endorsements by Assembly members, shall be submitted via an electronic process. The IEEE Assembly will be promptly informed of qualified nominees.

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Description of IEEE Officer Positions

 Learn more about the qualifications, roles and responsibilities of the IEEE Officers, and other members of the IEEE Board of Directors.