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The IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Career Development Resources was formed in 2012. Information related to the scope, membership, activity reports and other information is provided here.

Access to Committee reports and related activity information is limited to members of the Committee, the IEEE Board of Directors, IEEE Directors-Elect, current IEEE President-Elect Candidates, members of the Management Council, and select staff.



1.      Provide a comprehensive survey of the career development and continuing technical education resources within the IEEE. This survey will be across all units of the IEEE and include a categorization of resources, the supporting organizations, the budget used to maintain and develop these resources, and the utilization of these resources by our members and the technical community.
2.      Review existing studies, both outside and inside the IEEE to determine needs of technical professionals for career development and continuing technical education. If the existing studies are stale, the ad hoc is charged with developing a new study and seeking support for this study from the NIC.
3.      Given the needs identified in 2), determine the competition for career development and continuing education in the association, private and academic communities. Outline the characteristics that differentiate IEEE’s offerings from that of the competition. Identify possible synergies and partners within the competition.
4.      Provide an interim report to the Board of Directors in June and a final report in November detailing the findings from 1), 2), and 3) and a detailed plan for:
a.     expanding the current resources;
b.      identifying new resources that need to be developed, who should develop those resources, how they should be funded, and how they should be offered to our members and the technical community;
c.      detailing how the various providers of resources within the IEEE can coordinate their offerings to provide the best service for our members;
d.     detailing how the existing and proposed offerings can best be communicated to our members;
e.     and, any insights and recommendations that are developed during the process. 


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Committee membership

  • Michael R. Lightner, Chair
  • Maja Bystrom
  • Eyla Joffe
  • Charles Rubenstein
  • Douglas N. Zuckerman
  • Scott Grayson, staff
  • Nick Lehotzky, staff
  • Steve Welch, staff


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Committee reports

There are no activity reports.


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