Below are the candidates for IEEE Division I Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2017; Delegate/Director, 2018-2019.

Division I:

  • Circuits and Systems Society
  • Electron Devices Society
  • Solid-State Circuits Society

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

Rakesh Kumar

Headshot of Rakesh Kumar

(Nominated by IEEE Division I)
President and CEO
TCX Technology Connexions
San Diego, California, USA
Rakesh Kumar is an industry veteran, entrepreneur, and now an educator. TCX offers consulting services in advanced micro/nano-electronics and virtual operations. Clients have been IC companies, mid-size and large Fortune 500 companies, and leading research organizations. He serves as a Business and Technology Advisor at UC San Diego’s Entrepreneurism Center. He has developed and teaches a very popular successful entrepreneurship course to engineering undergraduates. Authored “Fabless Semiconductor Implementation”, published by McGraw Hill. He is an IEEE Life Fellow and long-term active volunteer. During his semiconductor industry career Dr. Kumar has been the VP and GM of Cadence Design’s worldwide Silicon Technology Services business, and held various technical and management positions at Unisys and Motorola. He received the Ph.D. and M.S. EE from the University of Rochester (1974 and 1971 respectively). He received a BTechEE from IIT Delhi (1969), and an Executive MBA from the UC, San Diego (1989).  
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
Committees/Board: Technical Activities Board: Member 2012-13, alternate 2006-11; TAB Strategic Planning 2014-16; Management 2016; Chair, Adhoc supporting 2017/2014/2011 Sections Congress activities; Chair, SSIT Turnaround Adhoc 2012-14; Representative, MGA Ops 2011; Ethics and Conflict Resolution 2010; TAB FinCom 2007-09.

SSCS: President 2012-13; Vice-President 2010-11; Treasurer 2005-10; CICC Representative to SSCS AdCom 2000-04; Nominations Chair 2014-15; Chair, Magazine Advisory Board, 2014-present.  Keynote/Plenary Talks: ASICON 2013, ASSCC 2011-12, ICE-ID 2013. CICC Committee 1991-2004: Steering/Organizing, General Chair, Conference Chair, Program Chair, Exhibits Chair.
Major Accomplishments:
  • 46 years Member, 26 years active Volunteer
  • MGA Sections Congress – Led/leading 2017/2014/2011 SC TA efforts
  • Successfully led efforts to turnaround a Society
  • As SSCS President/President-elect, promoted outreach for global presence
    • Facilitated formation of 12 new Chapters (15% growth in 2 years)
    • Led programs that transformed declining Society membership trend to positive annual growth (~2.5%) in 2 years
    • Promoted volunteer recognition - Fellow nominations increased by 80%
    • Enhanced educational activities - >15 tutorials/short courses available online, 7 Distinguished Lecture “Tours” in Regions 8-10 (participated in 3)
    • Launched successful SSCS Webinar program Numerous Distinguished Lectures on behalf of SSCS and EDS
    • Supported GOLD/YP and WIE activities
    • Championed/promoted member value
  • Spear-headed approval and launched SSCS Magazine focused on historical, educational and newsworthy content (2005-06). Tutorials Editor for five years.
  • Used Leadership skills that drove the formulation/approval of cross-functional publications:
    • RFIC Virtual Journal – Fostered cooperation between SSC/CAS/MTT/ED/AP Societies
    • JxCDC – Journal of Exploratory Computational Devices and Circuits (sponsors SSCS/Magnetics/NanoTech C/CAS/Computer; technical co-sponsors EDS/C Superconductivity/CEDA)
  • Fostered MGA and TAB cooperation – TAB rep on MGA Ops (2011), and led/leading TAB role in 2017/2014/2011 Sections Congress
  • IEEE and TAB Financial knowhow – FinCom (2004-07), Society Treasurer (2004-10). Coached two Societies/Councils having financial difficulties.
  • SSCS premier conference Program, Conference, General Chair 1997-99
  • Supported IEEE’s ethical standards, served on TAB Ethics and Conflict Resolution (2010)


Throughout my industrial/volunteer career I have been recognized as a collaborator, and organization unifier/builder.  As Division Director I will use my inter-personal, technical and management skills to enhance communication and cooperation among our Societies/Councils, and promote our key role in the development of innovative microelectronics products.  The technical solutions for complex SoC’s used in these products, and my experience transcend the Scopes/FOIs of our Societies/Councils. Formulating cross-functional offerings for communities in these overlapping areas will increase Member Value, and generate much interest in expanding membership.

An area for increased communication and cooperation is in our Division’s globalization and outreach efforts - working together we can be more creative, efficient, and accomplish loftier goals.

These are challenging goals that will require cooperation not only from TAB volunteers but also MGA volunteers, and IEEE staff.  I will leverage my experience, demonstrated ability to collaborate, and leadership skills to bring Division I Societies and Councils closer together. We will then be able to provide enhanced value to our members and volunteers, improve community participation, and membership.

Renuka P. Jindal

Headshot of Renuka Jindal

(Nominated by IEEE Division I)
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Dr. Renuka Jindal’s research and teaching interests lie in the theory and practice of random processes applicable to a wide variety of phenomena in electronic and photonic devices and circuits, lightwave and wireless communications and biological systems.

Earlier, Dr. Jindal was with Bell Labs at Murray Hill, Princeton and Whippany, NJ as a distinguished member of technical staff for 22 years bridging both technical and administrative roles. Highlights include his pioneering work in developing a physical understanding of noise in MOS devices with few hundred nanometers regime channel lengths and ultra-low noise amplification of fiber-optic signals.

Dr. Jindal is known for his seminal work in reducing MOSFET noise by almost an order of magnitude for analog and RF applications (elected IEEE Fellow in 1991). He is also a recipient of the IEEE 3rd Millennium Medal. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the nascent IEEE Journal of Electron Devices Society.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
  • Member IEEE Technical Activities Board (2010-2011)
  • Division I EDS representative to the IEEE TAB Periodicals Committee (2002-2004, 2007)


  • Chapter Partner/Mentor/volunteer for EDS chapters in Region 10 (Asia and Pacific) (1998 to Present)
  • IEEE EDS Distinguished Lecturer (1995 to Present)

Student Branches:

  • Mentor, region 10 (South Asia) – Helped initiate 4 EDS student branches (2004-2012)
  • Mentor, University of Louisiana at Lafayette – Helped organize and participated in local events (2010-2014)

Electron Devices Society:

  • Past President (2016 to Present)
  • Senior Past President (2014-2015)
  • Junior Past President (2012-2013)
  • President (2010-2011)
  • EDS Nominations and Elections Committee: Chair (2012-2013); Member (2014, 2010-2011)
  • EDS Fellow Committee (2012-2013)
  • EDS VP Publications (2000-2008)
  • IEEE Journal of Electron Devices Society: Founding Editor-in-Chief (2013 to Present)
  • IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices: Editor-in-Chief (1990-2000); Editor, (1987-1989)


  • Co-Chair, Steering Committee, IEDST 2009 and ICEE (2012 to Present)

As a 40 year veteran of IEEE with a dual career in industry and academia, Dr. Jindal rose through the ranks as Editor, Editor-in-Chief, VP Publications, and EDS President. He formulated the vision and mission of EDS enhancing member benefits launching a plethora of initiatives reversing the decline in EDS membership.  Partial list of accomplishments is given below:

  • United six societies and 1 council to launch highly successful IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics
  • Launched EDS webinar series serving the practicing engineers; adopted by other IEEE societies
  • Launched the 1st EDS Open-Access Journal J-EDS
  • Founded QuestEDS for members to get authoritative answers to technical questions
  • Founded the EDS Celebrated Member program to honor Nobel Laureates and other luminaries
  • Mentored launch of high-school outreach program (EDS-ETC) across USA and abroad
  • Stimulated growth of EDS/Div I chapters in South Asia from 1 to over 20


To realize the IEEE Envisioned Future in serving humanity, we must leverage our technical prowess and diversity. While the five units of Division I have successfully pursued their Visions and Missions, the power of collaborative effort needs revitalization. I will build upon the mutual synergies by launching joint activities, developing a close-knit global community.

An increase in the number of active chapters across the USA and abroad with emphasis on R10 countries with a strong IEEE membership growth will be essential. Patterned on success of EDS, I intend to facilitate this thread for Division I in other parts of the world.

To serve the needs of the global technical community, with input from Division I Societies and Councils, I intend to provide actionable feedback at IEEE TAB and BOD level. Also as Division I delegate to the IEEE Assembly, I will actively voice the interests of Division I electorate. Our input will be critical in shaping the future IEEE and will need your active campaigning to make this a reality.