Below are the candidates for IEEE Division V Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2017; Delegate/Director, 2018-2019.

Division V:

  • Computer Society

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

John W. Walz
Headshot of John Walz

(Nominated by IEEE Division V)

Lucent Technologies (Retired)
Naperville, Illinois, USA

John Walz retired from Lucent Technologies/AT&T with more than 20 years of management/coaching experience, covering positions in hardware and software engineering, quality planning and auditing, standards development and implementation, and strategic planning. Walz has coauthored three books covering the use of IEEE Software Engineering Standards to support CMMI, ISO 9001, and Lean Six Sigma. He is also a contributor to the Computer Society ReadyNotes, industry webinar programs, and IEEE 730:2015.

An IEEE Senior Member, Walz was the 2012 Computer Society (CS) president. He was appointed to the CS Standards Activities Board and served as secretary and chair, served on the IEEE Conference Publications Committee, was a member of the CS Awards Committee, and served as the Hans Karlsson Award Chair, among other positions. 

Walz is a Golden Core member and recipient of the Distinguished Service and Meritorious Service Award. He received an MS in electrical engineering from Ohio State University.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

My principle accomplishment in the IEEE has been to build a stronger and more effective organization.  I addressed and improved the vitality of organizational units, boards, committees/sub-committees within the IEEE and in the IEEE Computer Society.  I brought contentious boards together, developed ways of recruiting new volunteers, and promoted the Society to practitioners and academics.  I have served as your society president, technical activities and conferences vice-president, standards boards, and as your current Division XIII Director.

To the IEEE, I used my 20+ years of industry leadership experience to bring volunteers together, help them make sound judgments and plans for the future, while strengthening the IEEE structure.  I have resolved contentions among different parts of the IEEE and helped operating units be successful. 

I have been particularly effective in communicating with volunteers and helping them understand IEEE’s purpose and benefits.  I have been successful in helping members understand the value of the Society and the Institute, its goals, policy, organizational design, project plans, budgets, measures, assessments, improvement plans, and leadership.


  • 2015-2016 Division VIII Director, 2014 Director-Elect
  • 2016 Chair,  Audit Committee, 2015 Member
  • 2015 Board Holistic Information Technology Ad Hoc
  • 2015 Chair, TAB Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Communities
  • 2015-2016 TAB Finance Committee
  • 2015-2016 TAB, Financial Transparency Ad Hoc
  • 2014 Board Information Technology Ad Hoc
  • 2014-2015 Secretary/Treasurer, Life Sciences Technical Community
  • 2013-2015 TAB Conference Committee
  • 2015, 2009-2010 Conference Publications Committee
  • 2013 Chair, Conference Branding Ad Hoc
  • 2012-2013 Co-Chair, TAB Ad Hoc Attracting Industry Practitioners
  • 2011-2013 Chair, Life Sciences New Initiative, Member/Roadmap/Branding Subcommittee
  • 2008 Co-Chair, TAB Ad Hoc on Standards


  • 2014-2015 Co-Chair, Board New Initiatives Seed Grant on Chapters Recordings and Distribution for R4 and R6


  • 2012 President
  • 2009-2010 VP, Technical & Conference Activities Board
  • 2007-2008 VP, Standards Activities Board, 1985-2006 Secretary
  • 2007-2016 Executive Committee


  • 2008-2011 Vice-Chair, P730 Software Quality Assurance Process Working Group


For IEEE and the Computer Society to provide benefits to you and to impact our profession and humanity, we must make tough financial decisions, set priorities for continued growth and membership support, and manage risks. These benefits include offering innovative, relevant, affordable, quality products and services to support the professional development of our diverse members, including industry professionals, students, young professional, educators, and authors/researchers.

As the majority of our members are industry practitioners, we will work to understand their and their employers’ professional needs. These global and local needs will be analyzed to design and deploy improved continuing education resources for your next project or future job.

As your current Division Director XIII (Computer) and past Computer Society president, I will continue to work with staff and volunteer leaders to improve IEEE and its many units to become more responsive, agile, collaborative, transparent, accountable, and supportive to our members and volunteers as measured by their increased engagement.

Sorel Reisman
Headshot for Sorel Reisman

(Nominated by IEEE Division V)

Managing Director MERLOT
California State University Office of the Chancellor; and
Professor of IS, California State University - Fullerton
Long Beach, California, USA

Sorel Reisman is Managing Director of the international, higher education consortium MERLOT at the California State University Office of the Chancellor, and Professor of IS at CSU Fullerton. He has held senior management positions at IBM (Canada & US), Toshiba (US), and EMI (UK). He has presented/published 90+ articles including the books Multimedia Computing: Preparing for the 21st Century, and Electronic Learning Communities – Current Issues and Best Practices. He is a Senior IEEE member, Computer Society Golden Core member, member of Eta Kappa Nu, and is serving a second term on the board of the Open Education Consortium (formerly the OCWC). He serves on a number of IEEE and non-IEEE journal editorial boards. Reisman received his EE degree, and MA, and PhD in Computer Applications from the University of Toronto.  Appointed a Fulbright Specialist in December, 2014.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

  • Computer Society President Emeritus – 2011
  • Served on 3 different IEEE Boards: TAB (2011), EAB (2014-2015), PSPB (2014-Present)
  • Decades-long Computer Society volunteer; chaired and served on countless committees, including VP, Electronic Products and Services, VP Publications, 2010 President-Elect, 2011 President, 2012 Past President
  • Launched CS’s Strategic Plan (SP 7) aligning CS activities with IEEE initiatives and initiatives critical to our profession. Created management/operational processes ensuring ongoing realization of the objectives of such strategic plans.
  • Created/negotiated innovative/proactive intersociety activities/programs/MOUs with ACM, Computer Society of India, Information Processing Society of Japan, Brazilian Computer Society, Chinese Computer Federation, and Italian Computer Society, bringing them closer to IEEE. Met IEEE sections/chapters around the world, promoting IEEE membership programs/activities.
  • “Invented” the concept and policies of/for CS Special Technical Communities (STCs), a new online, collaborative special interest group structure – now a major CS initiative.
  • Member-at-Large - CS Publications Board for many years; Chair of Magazines Operations Committee for 2, two-year terms. Chaired many EIC searches and served on the editorial boards of Software, Multimedia, and IT Pro magazines. Instrumental in launching latter two; currently chair of IT Pro Advisory Board. As CS Publications VP (2008, 2009) oversaw planning/launching of the Transaction on Affective Computing. Also initiated CS’s anti-plagiarism committee/policies/practices later adopted/incorporated by IEEE. In that position initiated CS’s exploration of incorporating CSDL into Xplore. As CS President oversaw the beginning of the evolution of CS’s print products to mobile and to digital-only.
  • EAB (2012-2016) – Continuing Education Committee, TAB representative, member-at-large; EIC of IEEE eLearning Library Board, worked towards organizing/formalizing eLearning course review processes; explored ways generate course-based, revenue-generating certification products/services
  • Elected Member-at-Large, IEEE PSPB (2016Present); member of Strategic Planning Committee (2014-2016)
  • COMPSAC Standing Committee Chair (2016Present) – General Chair (2011), launched Computer Education/Learning Technologies (CELT) Symposium
  • Education Society member – co-creator/co-chair of CS-sponsored Computing Education - TALE Conference (2015-Present)


It’s clear that melting polar ice caps will have a significant effect on society; and it is also clear that many of our future members’ current addiction to social networking will substantially affect their perception of IEEE’s value to them.  While there’s some, but not much IEEE can do about polar ice caps, there’s much we can do to address the consequences of social networking addiction.  We have the opportunity now, to take action that can result in positive future membership growth, or we can continue to develop programs/products/services appropriate for a declining membership segment of Baby Boomers and their predecessors. 

As computing professionals who invented many of the computing applications that are dramatically changing society, I believe we have another responsibility – to mentor and support lifelong learning and professional career development of our young professional colleagues.  As Division V Director, I intend to focus on strategies that address value propositions that resonate with the needs of our future members, to avoid sinking the ship rather than moving around deck chairs to avoid a disaster.