Below are the candidates for IEEE Division V Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2021; Delegate/Director, 2022-2023.

Division V: Computer Society

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

Elizabeth “Liz” L. Burd

Headshot of Elizabeth Burd

(Nominated by IEEE Division V)

Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor
University of Newcastle, Australia
Newcastle, Australia

Liz is Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor at the University of Newcastle, Australia, and previously Professor of IT and Dean at the University of Durham, UK. From 2005-2011, Liz was the Director of the UK’s Centre for Excellence in Computing.

Liz is globally recognized having received 5 University awards for enhancing computing education. She has held research collaborations with IBM, Microsoft, BT, BAE and Logica and received $12m in funding. Liz has produced over 80 articles and 40 keynotes.

She has represented the Computer Society BoG for 8 years including taking roles of VP for EAB and MGA, and from 2014-2015 as the Society’s 1st VP.

Liz is currently an IEEE Director and chairs the IEEE Audit Committee and is also a member of the TAB Management Committee. For additional details please visit


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


Liz has been an active IEEE volunteer since the time she was a PhD student. Her contributions have covered most areas of the IEEE, including conferences, journals, education and local engagement for sections in Region 8 and 10. Her most recent work is via her joint leadership of one of two 2020 President Ad Hoc working groups. This working group called the ‘Pipeline project’ is examining ways in which volunteers can be better recognised for their contributions and to find more effective ways of encouraging new volunteers into the organization. Liz is also chair of the IEEE Audit Committee.


A selection of Liz’s volunteer roles are below:





  • Tab Management Committee 2020-
  • IEEE Board of Directors 2019-
  • IEEE Audit Committee, Secretary 2019, Chair 2020
  • TAB representative on Student Advisory Committee 2018-2019
  • Educational Products Editorial Board Editor-in-Chief 2017-2019
  • Society and Council Review Committee (Member) 2016-2018
  • TAB Strategic Planning Committee (Member) 2017-2018
  • IEEE Awards Board (Member) 2016
  • VP CS EAB 2010-2012
  • VP CS MGA 2013-2015
  • CS 1st VP 2014-2015
  • CS 2nd VP 2013
  • IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors 2011-2015, 2019-
  • Pre-University Education Committee (Chair) 2011-2013
  • EAB Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) (Member) 2011-2012
  • Education Portals Committee (Chair) 2014-2016
  • IEEE EAB Awards Board (Member) 2013-2014
  • IEEE EAB Nominations Committee (Member) 2015



  • Region 8 and 10



  • Currently: Sydney branch, supporting various education initiatives



  • Active member (reviewer, steering Committee and program chair) of many IEEE conferences for over 20 years



As the world comes to grips with the impact of COVID-19, and for Region 10 adverse weather events including cyclone and bushfires it would be easy to question the relevance of professional organizations. It has become clear that professional associations are being disrupted; the "open" community challenges the way we present and consume information. Approaches IEEE once used to raise revenue are being replaced with new cheaper, more agile players and a host of low-quality competitors.


Yet, and perhaps because of the crises we faced in 2020, I see a strong future for professional societies. Now, more clearly that ever, we value community and technological innovation. Our scientific international and inter-disciplinary communities will help us navigate these most difficult times. The IEEE and especially the Computer Society has the power to make a difference.


If elected, I will help the IEEE transition to new modes of working, to better recognize the achievements of all members and to facilitate new networking opportunities to support multi-disciplinary and international engagement for local and global community building.

Cecilia Metra

Headshot of Cecilia Metra

(Nominated by IEEE Division V)

Professor, Deputy-President Engineering School

University of Bologna

Bologna, Italy


Cecilia Metra was the IEEE Computer Society President 2019, Vice-President for Member and Geographic Activities, Vice-President for Technical & Conference Activities, Editor-in-Chief, and General/Program Chair at numerous international conferences/symposia/workshops.

She is the IEEE Computer Society Past-President, a member of the IEEE TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee, the IEEE European Public Policy Committee, and the IEEE Smart Village Governing Board.

She is full professor at the University of Bologna, Italy, where she has worked since 1991, and from which she received a PhD in electronic engineering and computer science. In 2002, she was visiting faculty consultant for Intel Corporation.

She published 190+ papers in the areas of design for test and reliability of integrated circuits/systems. Her research received public and private funding at national and international levels (e.g., from the EU, the Italian MISE and MIUR Ministries, Intel Corporation, STMicroelectronics, Alstom Transport, etc.).

She is an IEEE Fellow, IEEE Computer Society Golden Core Member, IEEE-HKN member.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


I am an enthusiastic volunteer who has served the IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society (CS) for 29 years in various capacities, including the IEEE Computer Society President 2019. Among several other activities, in 2019 we launched: 1) the “1st IEEE Computer Society Global Chapter Summit”, that gathered together worldwide Chapter leaders; 2) a member survey to assess CS services; 3) CS conference participation grants for young women. The CS ended 2019 with an increase in reserves by 545%, thus making the CS financially healthy for future growth and investments to benefit its members. My other services include the following.

- IEEE CS Past-President (2020), President-Elect (2018)

- IEEE TAB/PSPB Products and Services Committee (2020)

- IEEE European Public Policy Committee (2020-2021)

- IEEE Smart Village Governing Board (2020)

- IEEE Systems Council Advisory Committee (2020)

- IEEE CS Nominations Committee (2016, 2018), Chair (2020)

- IEEE CS Intersociety Cooperation Committee Chair (2020)

- IEEE CS Task Force on Diversity & Inclusion (2020)

- IEEE Digital Reality Initiative (DRI) Steering Committee (2019-present)

- IEEE DRI Project on “Reliable, Safe, Secure and Time Deterministic Intelligent Systems” Co-Chair (2019-present)

- IEEE Technical Activities Board (2019)

- IEEE CS “Reliable, Safe, Secure and Time Deterministic Intelligent Systems” STC Co-Founder (2019)

- IEEE CS Board of Governors (2013-2017)

- IEEE CS Vice-President for Member and Geographic Activities (2017)

- IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation Board of Governors (2015-2017)

- IEEE CS Fellows Evaluation Committee (2015-2017)

- IEEE CS Vice-President for Technical and Conference Activities (2014)

- Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (2018, 2020), CS Computing Now (2013-2016), Associate Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Computers (2007-2012)

- 190+ peer-reviewed publications

- IEEE CS Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC) First Vice-Chair (2012-2013), Communications Group Chair (2008-2013), Educational Program Chair (2012-2013)

- General/Program Chair/Co-Chair (16 times), Vice General/Program Chair/Co-Chair (6 times), Topic/Track Chair (34 times), and Technical Program Committee member (99 times) of IEEE International Conferences/Symposia/Workshops/Summits



Today more than ever the IEEE should gather all members together in an inclusive embrace and make their voices heard at the utmost scientific, technological and social levels in support of the health, economic and social challenges that humanity is facing, due to the pandemic emergency and its aftermaths. The IEEE includes among its members: luminaries (from academia and industry) in diverse technical fields, whose collaboration and coordination could be of an unprecedented value to the current fight against epidemics and related consequences; young students and professionals, who should be mentored for their educational and professional growth; brilliant innovators, who could conceive new ideas if properly financially supported; women and underrepresented minorities, who should be helped in the struggle for equal opportunities. If elected, I will devote all my enthusiasm, energy and strength for the IEEE to hear the voice of all its members, and promote their inclusive collaboration and valorization for the benefit of humanity, now more than ever. As proven during my IEEE Computer Society presidency, together, changes are possible! For additional information, please visit