Below are candidates for 2024 IEEE Division VI Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect. 

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

  • Russell D. Meier (Nominated by IEEE Division VI)
  • Stefan G. Mozar (Nominated by IEEE Division VI)
  • Ren-Chyuan Luo (Nominated by IEEE Division VI)


Division VI Societies:

  • IEEE Education Society
  • IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
  • IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society
  • IEEE Professional Communication Society
  • IEEE Reliability Society
  • IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology
  • IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society


Balloting for the 2023 IEEE Annual Election ended at 12:00 pm EDT (16:00 UTC) on 2 October 2023. The unofficial election results will be announced on 6 October 2023.

Russell D. Meier

Headshot of Russell D. Meier

(Nominated by IEEE Division VI)

Computer Engineering Program Director, and
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Milwaukee School of Engineering
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Dr. Russ Meier teaches computer architecture at Milwaukee School of Engineering and serves as its Program Director for the undergraduate Computer Engineering degree. His NSF funded research explores how first year students develop computational thinking. He received the Iowa State University Teaching Excellence Award, the Iowa State University Warren B. Boast Award for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence, and the MSOE Oscar Werwath Distinguished Teacher Award.

He belongs to IEEE and IEEE-HKN, Computer, Education, and Professional Communication Societies, as well as the American Society for Engineering Education and its Electrical and Computer Engineering and Educational Research and Methods Divisions. In these groups, he helps deliver engineering education conferences, webinars, and certificate programs. He leads ABET teams accrediting engineering degrees.

IEEE elevated him to Fellow for contributions to global online engineering education. And, the International Society for Engineering Education bestowed International Engineering Educator Honoris Causa for outstanding contributions in engineering education.



Two areas are critical to keeping IEEE relevant to young professionals. First, collaboration between Societies and Boards must result in development and support of the types of cross-area platforms and products demanded by digitally native members. Our curated technical content, continuing education platforms, and servant-leadership experiences must combine into an IEEE serving its members in a digitally responsive way based on their daily needs. I will continue my documented history of bridging OUs within IEEE and work to brainstorm and implement products appealing to young professionals living the modern digital reality. Second, the membership cost structure must be realigned to reflect the new value surface created by freely available on-line information. Discounted multi-year dues, traditional annual dues, and even month-to-month dues provide flexible membership models that appeal to different types of professional members and their budgets. And tiered membership models allow members to elect a higher-priced option if it adds value to their professional development. As Division Director, I will work to encourage and develop a continuous improvement process for the IEEE membership cost structure. 


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities 

I have a two-decade history of volunteer service and executive leadership within IEEE. I am well-known in TAB, EAB, HKN, MGA, and IEEE-USA. I have delivered multiple cross-OU projects. 

IEEE Education Society President: I led and managed a twelve-member board, four vice-presidents, and four additional executive officers. I represented the Society on the Technical Activities Board. My major deliverables include:

  • Transitioned Society from volunteer to paid operational management.
  • Launched modern operation plan.
  • Launched new master brand for consistent look-and-feel.
  • Launched new website and social media channels.
  • Launched quarterly newsletter.
  • Developed membership brochures in five languages.
  • Launched Remote Learning Webinar Series in response to COVID-19.
  • Launched Engineering Education 2.0 Webinar Series.
  • Launched IEEE-Access Education Society Section.
  • Launched table-of-contents service.
  • Published IEEE Standard 1876-2019.
  • Initiated IEEE Standard P2834.
  • Year-to-year membership increase in nine IEEE Regions during the COVID pandemic.

IEEE Education Society Vice President of Conferences: Over nine years, I grew the Society’s conference portfolio from one flagship conference to four by working with regional leaders to plan, develop, and execute new events in Europe, Asia, and South America. I also chaired steering committees, negotiated with vendors, oversaw budgeting, and implemented policies and procedures.

  • EDUCON – Europe
  • TALE – Asia
  • EDUNINE – South America

Engineering Accreditation:  As an ABET member society, IEEE trains and assigns program evaluators to teams evaluating institutions offering degrees in the IEEE fields of interest. It also nominates its program evaluators to serve as ABET commissioners and delegates. I have served for eight years on the IEEE Committee on Engineering Accreditation Activities. My deliverables include:

  • Mentoring and performance assessment of program evaluators.
  • Development of Mechatronic Engineering Program Criteria currently out for public comment.
  • Representing IEEE as a global Computer Engineering Program Evaluator.
  • Representing IEEE as an ABET EAC Commissioner leading global accreditation teams.
  • Representing IEEE on the ABET EAC Curriculum Committee.

Stefan G. Mozar

Headshot of Stefan G. Mozar

(Nominated by IEEE Division VI)
Director, CCM Consulting
Part Time Academic, Sydney Institute of Technology
Sydney, NSW, Australia


Stefan obtained his engineering degrees (BE, M.Eng.Sc.) from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia. He studied for his doctorate at UNSW and Okayama University in Japan. He was awarded an MBA from the University of Technology, Sydney. He is an Australian Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).

Stefan has extensive experience in industry and academia. He has worked in Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, and Industrial Electronics. He has held senior leadership roles as CEO, General Manager, and CTO.

He has taught for Australian, Asian, and British Universities. His work has resulted in inventions, patents, and publications. He has worked on projects that won about 28 design awards globally. He received many other awards from IEEE and Engineers Australia. 



I have been an IEEE volunteer for over 30 years and served as a volunteer in many capacities from grassroots positions (Chapter Activities) to serving at TAB, MGA, and EAB. I know how the IEEE works and I am well known within the IEEE. I have been recognized for my commitment to serve the IEEE and its members. If elected to the Division VI Director position, I will represent the interests of the IEEE as is required of a Director.

IEEE’s motto is “Advancing Technology for Humanity". I will promote this through diversity and inclusion. Being from industry, I understand the needs of practitioners, and my work in universities provides me with an understanding of the needs of academics. There are many global issues which influence Members’ careers. Having lived and worked on four continents I bring an international view to the board that supports the IEEE in helping members navigate the challenging environment they are working in, and to be a resource throughout their career.  


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities 

  • Chair IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on IEEE's Response to Multimedia (2023)
  • President IEEE PSES (2020-2021)
  • Chair of LSTC (2018-2019)
  • President IEEE CE-Soc (2013-2014)

Selected Awards

  • 2021 IEEE MGA Achievement Award
  • 2017 David Robinson Award, Engineers Australia
  • 2015 IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific) Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • 2009 + 2015 IEEE Consumer Electronics Society Outstanding Service Award
  • 2015-2016 IEEE CE Society Distinguished Lecturer
  • 2000 IEEE Millennium Medal


  • Sections Congress 2017 Sydney Australia
  • Local Arrangements Chair
  • Region-10 Sections Congress Chair
  • Member of CCCBP Committee (EAB)
  • Member Conferences Publications Committee (2016)
  • Chaired Ad Hoc on “Conference Finances” (2013)
  • Chaired Ad Hoc on “Conference Naming” (2012)

TAB Global Initiatives Committee

  • Committee Member (2013-2014)

TAB Life Sciences Technical Community

  • General Chair First IEEE Life Sciences Conference 2017
  • Education Chair (2014-2017)

Service on Section committees:

  • Innovations Committee Chair Region-10
  • NSW, Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore

Society Activities:

Consumer Electronics Society (CE Soc):

  • VP Conferences (2010-2013)
  • VP International Affairs & Chapter Relations (1998-2009)
  • Founder of the CE Magazine
  • Associate Editor CE Magazine
  • Associate Editor CE Newsletter
  • Associate Editor Transactions on CE
  • Chair LTSC Committee

Product Safety Engineering Society (PSES):

  • VP Conferences (2015-2016)
  • Director-at-Large (BOG) (2011-2016)

Broadcast Technology Society:

  • Board Member-at-Large (2015-2017)

Circuit and Systems Society:

  • Member of the Finance Committee (2017)
  • Board Member - Industry Representative (2017-2019)

Reliability Society (Rel Soc):

  • Chair Maintenance Technical Group (2001-2008)

Chapter Experience:

  • Founder of the Consumer Electronics Chapter in Singapore
  • Co-founder of the Engineering Management Chapter Singapore
  • Founder of the Engineering Management Chapter in NSW, Australia
  • Chapter Chair of the Hong Kong Consumer Electronics Chapter
  • Held various chapter positions: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer


  • Started 7 conferences in R-10, and 4 outside R-10
  • Served as the inaugural General Chair of Region 10 Tencon-Spring in 2013 (renamed to TENSYMP)
  • Served on over 100 conference committees in leadership roles

Ren-Chyuan Luo

Headshot of Ren-Chyuan Luo

(Nominated by IEEE Division VI)

Irving T. Ho Chair Professor
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan 


Prof. Ren Luo, IEEE Fellow, Ph.D. of TU Berlin, Germany, holds Irving T. Ho Chair Professor at National Taiwan University; held Toshiba Chair Professor at University of Tokyo. Over 15 years, was Professor in North Carolina State University, USA. Published over 550 international refereed papers on AI enhanced intelligent control and robotics systems. He has made significant impact on best practices from Lab to Market in transferring technologies to industrial companies with over USD $5 Million contributions to University.  His academic contributions with career-long citation ranked in the 2020-2022 Stanford University’s Top 2% of the Most-Cited Scientists of the world. He was President of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, President and Dean of National Chung Cheng University, CTOs of multinational major companies, ASUS, Inc. and FFG, Inc. He received numerous major international outstanding achievement awards including the IEEE Eugene Mittelmann Outstanding Research Achievement Award and the IEEE IROS Harashima Innovative Technologies Award.



I clearly understand the commitment for the role as Division VI Director.

  1. I do advocate the importance of IEEE operations to always properly align with strong support to its Societies/Councils activities and needs especially the common essential problems/issues/needs of small and medium sized societies/councils.
  2. I do support the IEEE policies on equality, diversity and inclusion to ensure fair treatment in levels of leadership and opportunities for all.
  3. I do advocate the needs to promote educational and industrial focused events as well as training opportunities to younger generation members from academia and industry.
  4. I do advocate in promoting the collaborations and joint ventures through sharing ideas and best practices, among Division VI member societies.

If elected as Division VI Director, I do commit on leveraging my experiences as academic professor, university president, dean of engineering, CTO of major corporations, in addition to my 30 years services in a number of various IEEE leadership positions to foster and enhance our core added member value proposition throughout the IEEE-TAB and IEEE Board of Directors.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities 

  1. Ren has been an active IEEE volunteer for over three decades mainly in IEEE-IES as AdCom member and served as VP Publication, VP Technical Activities, VP Administration, President-Elect and President of IES (2000-2001), led successful IEEE five-year Society review; has taken several new initiatives to enhance IES, a vibrant evolving Society, e.g. taking cross societal collaborations in conferences/publications and signed MOU with IEEE sister societies, IEEE-PES, IEEE-PELS, IEEE-IAS; strengthen the quality of IECON, the IES flagship conference which is now a world class major IEEE-sponsored conference.
  2. Took initiative to write draft proposal for a new journal on Mechatronics within IEEE and joint sponsored with ASME as IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics; served as Editor-in-Chief (2004-2008), increased to 6 issues/year, drastically increased paper submissions and quality, led successful IEEE five-year PRAC periodic publication review and become one of major journals in IEEE.
  3. Was appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics (TII) in the middle of 2016 during the time that TII encountered a serious episode (sactioned impact factor for a year) in 2014. He took on the crisis/risk management role and refurbished the IEEE-TII Transactions. Since then, TII paper submissions drastically increased from 1,500 (2015) to 6,000 (2022). The Impact Factor increased from 4.708 (2015) to 11.648 (2021), ranked 14 among 176 IEEE Journals. The TII YoY usage has steadily increased (January 2015 - March 2022, total usage reached 5,106,676) and annual revenue income increased to USD $1,034,025 (2022).
  4. In addition to actively serving as Technical Program Chair and member for over 100 IES-sponsored conferences, he also served as General Chair for over 15 successful IEEE-sponsored major international conferences.
  5. Served on IEEE-level Committees, namely, IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal Committee (2010-2013) and Steering/Advisory Committee for the IEEE/RSJ IROS conference series (1990-2023).