Below are the candidates for IEEE Division VII Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2019; Delegate/Director, 2020-2021.

Division VII:

  • Power & Energy Society

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

Miriam P. Sanders

Headshot of Miriam Sanders

Miriam P. Sanders, pe
(Nominated by IEEE Division VII)

Senior Communications Applications Engineer
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Miriam P. Sanders (Student Member 1978, Member 1980, Sr. Member 1991) received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 1980.  She is a registered Professional Engineer in Florida and North Carolina.   Her career has concentrated on protective relay with emphasis in teleprotection and communications.  The most recent position is with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. as senior communications applications engineer.  Her previous experience includes 5 years as a senior instructor with SEL University teaching protection and communication fundamentals, and 30 plus years with Westinghouse, ABB, Pulsar Technologies and Ametek Power Instruments as product manager for the Power Line Carrier products. She has also done consulting work with Quanta Technology.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Miriam is a 40-year member of IEEE (Sr. Member).  She has held many positions in the technical activities of the Power and Energy Society (PES).  From 2013 to 2018 Miriam served as an officer of the PES Technical Council, progressing from secretary, to vice chair and then to chair. Concurrent with her position as Chair Vice President of Technical Activities. As Chair of TC, Miriam facilitated the reorganization of the technical committees to be aligned with today’s technology.  She also organized efforts to have tutorials created on popular IEEE standards for presentation around the world in order to promote the great works the technical committees accomplish. She has served as committee chair, vice chair and secretary for the Power Systems Relaying and Control Committee (PSRC) (2005 through 2010), as well as standards liaison for both the PSRC and the Power Systems Communications and Cybersecurity Committee.  She has chaired several working groups in these committees as well. Miriam became a member of IEEE/PES as a student in 1978, and chaired the local student chapter.  She also received the local PES’s chapter’s scholarship during her time as a student.


As a volunteer with PES, I have served the society for thirty-five plus years participating in the technical committee work.  I will endeavor to bring value to our younger engineers as well as those experienced engineers on technical and educational levels.  PES is one of the largest societies in the IEEE and as such we bring great value to the society.  I will strive to ensure that our desires are known and validated at the IEEE level, to strengthen both PES and IEEE.   In order to continue to grow we need to continue to attract younger and diverse members with meaningful projects and opportunities for volunteers at all levels to the betterment of society.  The power and energy industry is going through a dynamic evolution with renewables, energy storage and digital technologies and PES needs to stay at the forefront to help guide this evolution.   I will also continue my predecessors’ great work to curtail cost and keep the budget in check to benefit the volunteers. 

Miroslav M. Begovic

Headshot of Miroslav Begovic

Miroslav M. Begovic
(Nominated by IEEE Division VII)

Department Head
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas, USA

Miroslav M. Begovic (F’04) is Department Head of ECE, and Carolyn E. & Tommie S. Lohman '59 Professor at Texas A&M University. Prior to that, he served as Professor and Chair of the Electric Energy Research Group in the School of ECE, Georgia Institute of Technology, and affiliated faculty member of the Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems and University Center of Excellence in Photovoltaic Research. His research activities are in monitoring, analysis, and control of power systems, as well as development and applications of renewable and sustainable energy systems. Prof. Begovic was Editor of the section on Transmission Systems and Smart Grids in Springer Encyclopedia on Sustainability (2012), guest editor of IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution Special Issue on Wide Area Monitoring and Control, authored nearly 200 journals, conference papers and IEEE standards and technical reports, and has contributed over 100 keynote and invited presentations in all IEEE Regions.

IEEE Activities and Accomplishments

  • Nominated in 2018 for the elected position of IEEE Division VII Director-Elect (2019) and IEEE Division VII Director (2020-2021) by the IEEE PES Nominations and Appointments Committee
  • IEEE Nominations & Appointments Committee (2017-2018) and IEEE Fellows Committee member (2017)
  • IEEE PES President and Chair, IEEE PES Governing Board and PES Executive Committee, (2014-2015) and IEEE PES Past President (2016-2017). As President, strongly supported membership and Chapter growth by supporting Chapter Chair orientation trainings in all regions every year (Student Chapters grew 40 percent year-on-year during the period); global outreach (especially in R10 and R8, strengthening relations with sister associations, such as CIGRÉ and Chinese Society of Electrical Engineers (CSEE); coordinating first major reorganization of the PES Technical Committees, and strongly supporting close coordination of strategic relations of PES with IEEE sister societies, IEEE Standards Association, and ISO
  • IEEE PSPB Committee member (2015)
  • IEEE PES President-Elect, member of the Governing Board and its Executive and Finance Committees, and Chair of the IEEE PES Long Range Planning (LRP) Committee (2012-2013), which developed the current IEEE PES Strategic Plan for 2014-2019
  • IEEE PES Governing Board, Society Treasurer, member of its Executive Committee, and Chairman, Financial Committee (2010-2011)
  • Chair, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, IEEE PES Governing Board (2006-2010)
  • Vice-Chair and Chair, Student Activities Subcommittee, IEEE PES Power Engineering Education Committee (2004–2006); organized student travel to PES GM for hundreds of students
  • Secretary (2002-2003), Vice-Chair (2004-2005), and Chair (2005-2009), IEEE PES Coordinating Committee for Emerging Technologies; coordinated development of the Emerging Technologies Review, and introduced a popular series of Late Breaking News sessions at GM about innovations, standards, and emerging technologies
  • IEEE PES Relaying Committee member for over twenty years, chairing a number of its Working Groups which developed standards and reports
  • IEEE PES Atlanta Chapter and Section, various leadership positions (1989-1999).


I have served IEEE for over 30 years, as a member of its Power and Energy, Computer, and Circuits & Systems Societies, leading Working Groups in its Technical Committees, and engaging in leadership positions within the IEEE PES and IEEE TAB as well as a number of IEEE committees.

During that time and especially within the past 7 years, I have been actively involved in advancing IEEE PES and its solid revenue supported business model, building close relationships with sister societies, developing external relations with other professional associations, and building global outreach for the benefit of IEEE members.

As an academic researcher closely aligned with industry (NEETRAC consortium at Georgia Tech) and agile university administrator (Texas A&M University), I am attuned to attracting and promoting talent, identifying and nurturing innovation, and judiciously managing budgets, all useful experiences for the IEEE Board of Directors position for which I am nominated.

It would be my honor to support IEEE in its stable progression of influence, outreach and continued growth to half a million global members.