The voting membership of the IEEE elects annually officers that serve on the top-tier IEEE governing bodies.

When will I receive my ballot?

IEEE annual election ballots will be mailed to all eligible voting members on 15 August.  All eligible voting members can also access their ballot electronically on 15 August.

How do I access my ballot electronically?

Ballots can be accessed electronically at To authenticate access, use your IEEE Account or the election vendor assigned Control Number and E-signature located on the paper ballot.

What is the ballot deadline?

All annual election ballots (print or electronic) must be received by the election vendor by 12:00 noon Central Time USA (17:00 UTC) on 3 October 2011 to be counted. 

What am I eligible to vote for?

The election categories on the annual election ballot reflect what the voting member is eligible to vote for on record on 30 June. The absence of a category for Region Delegate/Director or Division Delegate/Director on the ballot indicates that no election is being conducted in the organizational unit(s).

I mailed in my paper ballot. Am I supposed to also return it electronically?

If you have mailed in your paper ballot and it was received by the election vendor, you do not need to return it electronically.

Can I get a replacement ballot?

Election ballot packages will be mailed on 15 August to all eligible voting members on record on 30 June. If you have not received yours, please email for a replacement ballot or access your ballot electronically at

My colleagues who are students received a ballot in the mail but I did not receive one. Why?

Student members that meet the Member grade requirements but are still students are considered Graduate Student Members (GSM) are eligible to vote in the annual election. 

A Graduate Student Member (GSM) must qualify for Member grade and carry at least 50% of a normal full-time academic program as a registered graduate student in a regular course of study in IEEE-designated fields. The total cumulative period for a member to hold the Student Member grade and/or the Graduate Student Member grade is limited to 8 years. GSMs, upon graduation or upon reaching the total cumulative 8-year limit as a Student Member and/or GSM (whichever occurs first), is transferred to Member grade.

What is my IEEE Account login?

All IEEE members and Society members have an IEEE Account.

Need immediate access? Contact IEEE Contact Center.

Follow the links below to the log-in screen, from which you can retrieve your account information by clicking the "forgot username" or "forgot password" links.