Below are the candidates for 2017-2018 IEEE-USA Member-at-Large.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

Wole Akpose

Headshot of Wole Akpose

(Nominated by IEEE-USA)

Founder & CEO
6igma Group
Seattle, Washington, USA

Wole Akpose is the Founder & CEO of 6igma Group, a cybersecurity design and management consulting firm helping organizations design and implement effective protection solutions. A cyber security architecture and metrics expert, Wole helps organizations design, measure and deploy robust, efficient and cost effective cyber strategies focused on value delivery and risk optimization.
Wole spends his spare time volunteering for IEEE and other organizations and has served in various leadership roles over the last 15 years. He has the distinction of volunteering in Regions 2 and 6. He is the current chair of IEEE vTools Committee.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


COMMITTEES/BOARDS: VTools Committee Chair (2015), VTools Committee (2013-2014), Transnational Committee (2004), GOLD RAB (2004-2006), ITC&O (2009-2011), Membership Development (2008-2010), Individual Benefits & Services Committee (2010-2012), IEEE-USA Employment & Career Services (2006-2008).

REGIONS: (Region 2) GOLD Coordinator (2004-2006), Employment and Career Services (2006-2008), Membership Development (2008-2010), Information Management (2013-2014).

SECTIONS/CHAPTERS: Northern Virginia, GOLD Secretary (2001-2002); Baltimore, Founding GOLD Chair (2003-2004).

SOCIETY: Baltimore Section Computer Society Chair (2009-2014); IEEE P2030 Working Group; IEEE P1363 Working Group.

CONFERENCE: Computer Society Morgan State University National Cyber Security Awareness Workshop (October 2010).

OTHER: Consultants Network Affinity Group, Baltimore Chapter, Future of Information Participant (2009).


  • Helped create solution to adequately respond to Sections Congress recommendation (23) to enhance vTools for better usability by volunteers, and provide a training program for sections to the sections.
  • Computer Society/Morgan Student Branch Workshop on GENI (2012)
  • Baltimore-NOVA-DC Consultants Network Workshop on Patents (2011)
  • IEEE Computer Society Cyber Security Workshop - Baltimore (2010)
  • Founded the Baltimore Consultants Network (2010)
  • Founding Chair, Baltimore GOLD (2003)


As our members continue to grapple with career and life challenges, we as an organization must continue to help by providing services and opportunities that help them along the way, throughout the cycle of life and career.

There is no better time to be an engineer, as the world races to solve new problems and as advances in technology and science creates new opportunities and new frontiers. IEEE is poised to help our members seize these opportunities and make a stake for the evolving frontiers. But we must do a better job of communicating our approach and the available resources to our members and help them take advantage of, and enhance their career options.

Peter S. Winokur

Headshot of Peter Winokur

(Nominated by IEEE-USA)

Integrated Safety Solutions, LLC
Rockville, Maryland, USA

Dr. Peter Winokur was appointed by President Bush to the 2006 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board and by President Obama in 2010 to serve as its 3rd Chairman for a term expiring October 18, 2014. On his retirement from federal service in 2015, Peter formed a consulting business that provides important perspectives on balancing mission and safety, worker protections, and industrial and process safety.
Peter spent the first fourteen years of his career as a research physicist at the Harry Diamond Laboratories. In 1983, he joined Sandia National Laboratories where he led efforts to develop radiation-hardened technology for use in military and space systems. From 2001-2004, he served as an IEEE Congressional Fellow.

Peter received his B.S. in Physics from The Cooper Union and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Maryland. He received numerous awards and recognitions, most recently as the Chairman Emeritus, Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

COMMITTEES/BOARDS: Member-at-Large, Nuclear and Plasma Sciences (NPSS) Radiation Effects Technical Committee (1985-1986); Vice-Chairman (1991-1994), Chairman (1994-1997), Past Chairman (1997-2000), Radiation Effects Technical Committee; NPSS Finance Committee (1994-1997); IEEE-USA Aerospace Policy Committee (1996-1999); IEEE New Technologies Directions Committee (1998-1999); IEEE Fellow Committee (1998-2000); IEEE-USA R&D Policy Committee (1999-2005); TAB Products Committee (2001-2002); IEEE Future Directions Committee (2001); Member (1999-2003), Vice-President (2000), President (2001-2002), and Past President (2003-2006), NPSS; Chairman, NPSS Fellow Evaluation Committee (2007-2010); Chairman, NPSS N&A Committee (2003-2006); Chairman, NPSS Awards Committee (2007-2008); IEEE Awards Planning and Policy Committee (2009); IEEE Awards Board (2009); Chairman, TAB Awards & Recognition Committee (2009-2011); TAB Representative to IEEE-USA Board of Directors (2009); TAB Representative to IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Committee (2009-2010); TAB Representative to IEEE-USA WISE Program (2009-2010); IEEE-USA Government Fellows Committee (2007-2008); IEEE Global Public Policy Ad Hoc Committee (2015); IEEE Global Public Policy Committee (2016).

TECHNICAL COMMITTEES AND CONFERENCES: Guest Editor, December Issue of IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (1983-1984); General Chairman (1985), Technical Program Chairman (1984), and Local Arrangements Chairman (1983), IEEE Semiconductor Interface Specialists Conference; Technical Program Chairman, IEEE Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects Conference (1989); Organizer/Lecturer of IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Short Course on “Radiation Effects in Accelerator Electronics and Detectors” (1991); Editor (US), Proceedings of Third European Conference on Radiation and its Effects on Components and Systems (1995).

AWARDS/HONORS: IEEE Fellow (1991); IEEE Millennium Medal (2000); Outstanding Paper, IEEE Nuclear & Space Radiation Effects Conference (1976, 1984, 1985, 1988, 1995, 2002, 2001); IEEE Congressional Science Fellow (2001-2004).


I have been a dedicated volunteer in IEEE/IEEE-USA throughout my 46-year career in government and contractor organizations.

As an IEEE-USA Congressional Fellow, I learned first-hand the legislative and political processes that are so important to advancing the interests of IEEE-USA Members.

I fully understand the important role that technology plays in the well being of our nation and the extremely difficult job of educating the public about the critical role that engineers play in providing technology solutions to the nation’s problems. If elected Member-at-Large (MAL), I will work with IEEE-USA policy committees to support major U.S initiatives in homeland security, cyber security, energy, water, and transportation.

Although I am an IEEE Life Fellow, I am familiar with the challenges faced by young engineers seeking employment and sustaining challenging careers. If elected MAL, I will support efforts to remove obstacles that hinder women and minorities from contributing to the engineering profession.