Below are the candidates for 2024 IEEE-USA President-Elect.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

  • James R. Look (Nominated by IEEE-USA)
  • Timothy T. Lee (Nominated by IEEE-USA)

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Balloting for the 2023 IEEE Annual Election has begun. The deadline to cast your vote is 12:00 pm EDT (16:00 UTC) on 2 October 2023.

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James R. Look

Headshot of James R. Look

(Nominated by IEEE-USA)

Self Employed
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Meet Jim by watching a brief video.

James Look (BSEE, MBA) completed a 30+ year career in the electric utility and the international oil and gas industries. Over 28 years of his engineering career were spent in Houston and the Middle East with Saudi Aramco, the largest international oil production company. Over that time frame he was involved in a wide range of engineering and management positions. The assignments progressed from power system engineering to refinery engineering, then to project management, followed by leadership of a multidisciplinary engineering division, and finally to advising Aramco's corporate management. Jim’s time and efforts are currently dedicated to IEEE and IEEE-USA, but also included Habitat for Humanity and the City of Boulder (Advisory Committees). As a past-Director he continues to be actively engaged in enhancing governance policy and financial vitality.



It is vitally important that IEEE members in the USA have a voice in Washington, D.C. As president of IEEE-USA, my goal will be to promote programs which continue to address the membership and financial challenges, while preserving the voice of the member in Washington.

Effectively using the resources of IEEE-USA to provide member benefits, not provided by other IEEE organizations, is a prime objective. This includes relevant programs in the areas of career resources and especially U.S. technology policy. The policy domain is important. IEEE-USA is uniquely situated to provide unbiased technical analysis, in addition to routinely interacting with Federal government policy makers to shape workforce and technology policies. These benefits and programs must be refocused over time depending upon the needs of our members.

Enhancing professional growth and career development are also important aspects of the IEEE-USA member support package. This includes coordinating with IEEE-MGA to support students and designing programs to reinforce engagement with Life Members.

I will do my uttermost to plan, initiate and promote the most effective and relevant mix of opportunities, services and activities for the benefit of all IEEE-USA members, while preserving the members’ voice in Washington, D.C.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


Jim served on the IEEE Audit Committee, three IEEE Board level Ad Hoc committees and several special study committees while he was Regional Director.

In 2020 he served on the IEEE Board Ad Hoc committee which looked at options to improve the IEEE membership dues structure. This committee analyzed a variety of options to increase membership by making member dues more affordable. One of the notable outcomes of this committee was the program which reduced all student dues by 50% (Future50 Program).

In the area of IEEE-USA, he worked on committees which addressed the issues of Regional realignment and the long-term financial viability of IEEE-USA.

In 2021, he was appointed by 2021 IEEE President Ray Liu as Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Strengthening the IEEE Constitution. This Ad Hoc Committee generated recommendations which were implemented to improve the governance at the IEEE bylaw and constitutional levels. Subsequently, he led the team which expedited the successful 2022 amendment referendum to the IEEE Constitution.


IEEE COMMITTEES and BOARDS:              

  • IEEE and IEEE-USA Boards of Directors (2020-2021)
  • IEEE Audit Committee (Member, 2020-2021)
  • IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Strengthening the IEEE Constitution (Chair, 2021)
  • IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Potential Changes to Membership Dues (Co-Chair, 2020)
  • IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on New Membership Models (Member, 2019)
  • IEEE MGA Committee on Regional Realignment (Member, 2021)
  • IEEE-USA Committee on Financial Restructuring (Member, 2021-2022)
  • IEEE-USA Professional Activities (Vice President, 2010-2012)
  • IEEE MGA Member Benefits Portfolio Advisory Committee (Chair, 2014-2016)
  • IEEE-USA Energy Policy Committee (Corresponding Member, 2007-2021)

REGION and SECTION:                                 

  • R5 Director (2020-2021)
  • R5 Area Chair (2010-2017)
  • R5 PACE Coordinator (2008-2009)
  • Denver Section Chair (2009)


  • Jim has been a continuous IEEE Member, since 1970

Timothy T. Lee

Headshot of Timothy T. Lee

(Nominated by IEEE-USA)

Boeing Technical Fellow
The Boeing Company
Boeing Research and Technology
Los Angeles, California, USA

Meet Tim by watching a brief video.

Timothy Lee is a Boeing Technical Fellow based in Southern California. He leads the development of disruptive microelectronics technologies for advanced communications networks and sensor systems for airborne and space applications. His research interests include 3D Heterogenous Integration (3DHI) technologies for chiplet/wafer stacking of digital/analog/RF silicon/III-V devices for high-performance, and low-power microelectronics for aerospace and defense application. He is principal investigator for the transition of IRAD, CRAD and university Lab to Fab research into technologies for defense systems. During his over 40 years of experience, he has held technical/managerial positions at research facilities, aerospace companies, and semiconductor foundries. He has led development of hardware for satellite communications and has built phased-array antenna electronics for commercial and US government customers. Lee has authored over 30 journal and conference papers.  He holds SMEE and SBEE degrees from MIT and a master’s degree in system engineering from University of Southern California. 



The top challenge for IEEE-USA is the continued decline of higher-grade membership, which has resulted in the recent Regions realignments and financial hardships.  The $52B US CHIPS and Science Act, signed into law in 2022, represents a generational opportunity for the country to re-establish technical and economic leadership, to benefit economic growth, job creation, US-based supply-chains and most importantly to strengthen national security. IEEE-USA, working with other OUs, should be the trusted partner supporting the semiconductors engineering ecosystem. As a recognized microelectronics expert with exceptional relationships with the relevant stakeholders in industry, academia, and government, my goal is to make IEEE relevant for next-generation of US-based students, YPs and professionals.

As change-agent, I will:     

  • Achieve through innovation IEEE-USA’s mission and vision to be the voice of members, technical professionals, and the public in the U.S.
  • Establish a one IEEE CHIPS Act strategy with representation across all major OUs.
  • Direct IEEE-USA’s three divisions to develop CHIPS Act initiatives.
  • Engage with microelectronics stakeholders in industry, academia, and government to offer opportunities toward satisfying career paths in microelectronics design, fabrication, test, and packaging in under-served communities.
  • Direct MGA US Directors to develop connections with Regional hubs, organize job fairs and YP/WIE events with local employers.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • Guided IEEE organization through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Collective efforts led to successful MGA Region Realignment proposal.
  • Launched Region 6 IEEE MOVE West and DEI initiatives.
  • Co-Chaired FDC IEEE Future Networks Technical Initiative (FNI) and transitioned to a Technical Community.
  • Co-Chaired Roadmaps for IEEE HIR and FNTC INGR.
  • Led IEEE 3I, HAC, SIGHT programs for a sustainable future.

IEEE Activities

  • IEEE-USA Board of Directors, 2021-2022
  • IEEE Industry Engagement Committee, 2021-Present
  • IEEE-USA CHIPS Industry Roundtable
  • IEEE Foundation 50th Anniversary Committee
  • IEEE-USA MOVE Program Leadership Team, 2021-Present
  • IEEE App Working Group, 2021-Present
  • IEEE New initiatives Committee, 2021-2022
  • IEEE Humanitarian Committee, Projects, 2018
  • IEEE SIGHT Chair, 2017
  • IEEE Internet Initiative (3I) Adhoc Committee, of Internet Inclusion Chair, 2015-2017


  • IEEE Future Networks Technical Community, Vice-Chair, 2022-Present
  • IEEE Future Networks Initiative, Co-Chair, 2017-2022
  • TAB Adhoc on Data Product Strategy, 2022-Present
  • IEEE Technical Activities Board, 2015


  • MTT-S
    • President, 2015
    • AdCom, 2006-2017
    • Chair: IMSEC, Strategic Planning, Budget, SIGHT, Electronics Communications, FDC-5G
    • Journal Reviewer, T-MTT, MWTL
    • Technical Committees: Millimeter-wave Circuits, Microwave Packaging, Microwave Aerospace Systems
    • Walter N. Cox Award, 2006
  • EP-S
    • Co-Chair: Heterogenous Integration Roadmap (HIR) TWGs for Aerospace & Defense and 5G, 2017-Present
    • Co-Chair: International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR) TWG, 2018-Present


  • MGA Operations Committee, 2021
  • MGA Strategic Planning Committee, 2019


  • Region 6 Director, 2021-2022
  • IEEE Region 6 Industrial Engagement Chair, 2023
  • IEEE-USA MOVE West Coordinator, 2022-Present
  • R6 Secretary and Electronics Communications, 2018
  • IEEE R6 Conference Keynote Speaker: Rising Stars and GHTC


  • Los Angeles Coastal LA Section
    • MTT-S Chapter Chair, 2003-2005
    • Student Activities Chair, 2009-2015


  • IEEE MILCOM Technical Program Committee, 2023
  • IEEE Future Networks World Forum, 2018-Present
  • IEEE 2020 International Microwave Symposium General Chair
  • IMS Steering Committee and TPC, 2000-Present
  • IEEE HIR Symposium, 2017-Present