Below are the candidates for 2019 IEEE-USA President-Elect.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

James M. Conrad

Headshot of Jim Conrad

James M. Conrad
(Nominated by IEEE-USA)

University of North Carolina Charlotte
Department of Electrical and Computing Engineering
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

James Conrad has spent an equal amount of time working in industry and academia.  He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the University of Illinois, Urbana, and his master’s and doctorate degrees in computer engineering from North Carolina State University. He is currently a professor at the UNC Charlotte and Associate Department Chair.  He has served as an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas and as an instructor at North Carolina State University.  He has worked for IBM, Ericsson/Sony Ericsson, and two start-up companies.

He teaches and conducts research in the areas of embedded systems, robotics, parallel processing, artificial intelligence, and engineering education.  He has published eight books in the field of embedded systems and robotics.

Dr. Conrad also serves IEEE as an ABET Program Evaluator, and serves the community on the Board of Directors for FIRST North Carolina, the state organization supporting the FIRST Robotics program.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • IEEE-HKN Board of Governors 2018.
  • IEEE Board of Directors, Region 3 Director/Delegate 2016-2017 (IEEE Director-Elect 2014-2015).
  • IEEE-USA Board of Directors 2016-2017.
  • IEEE Board of Directors Liaison to the IEEE Foundation, 2016-2017.
  • IEEE MGA FinCom 2016.
  • IEEE MGA OpCom 2017.


  • IEEE MOVE Project Charter Volunteer, 2014-present.
  • IEEE Region 3, Conferences Committee Vice-Chair, 2011-2013.
  • IEEE, NC Council, Chair 2008-2009


  • IEEE Education Society, Charlotte Chapter, Chair 2007-present.
  • IEEE, Charlotte Section, Chair, 2006-2007.
  • IEEE Eastern NC Section Volunteer, 2001-2003.
  • IEEE Computer Society, Charlotte Chapter, Chair 2005.


  • Advisor, UNC Charlotte Robotics and Automation Society Student Branch, 2008-present.
  • Counselor, UNC Charlotte IEEE Student Chapter, 2004-2009.


  • IEEE Computer Society, Press Operations Committee, 2002-2009.
  • IEEE Computer Society, Membership Activities Board, Student Activities Committee, 1993–1995.
  • Associate Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Computing Futures Magazine, 1990-1991.


  • General Chair, 2010 IEEE SoutheastCon.
  • Co-Program Chair, 2009 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems.
  • Technical Program Committee member for many IEEE sponsored conferences.


  • I led Region 3 to concentrate on member engagement, Senior Member Elevation, and service to the community.  In 2016, Region 3 was the US leader in membership retention rate and Senior Member Recognition rate.
  • I provided leadership for the IEEE MOVE project through active participation in all aspect of the development/operations of vehicle and outreach activities.  Have included students in the development and maintenance of the vehicle.
  • I organized the Region 3 SoutheastCon 2010 conference to include extensive industry participation and opportunities for professional development.  Expanded the offerings available to students in technical and professional development topics.  The conference included the most number of open tutorials and workshops, as well as the largest industry exhibition (including a job-fair for students) in recent SoutheastCon history.


I’m a proud member of the IEEE, but I also belong to another professional organization that is growing each year.  They offer fantastic opportunities for professional development via seemingly daily webinars.  Local chapters have 100 members attend meetings.  They never talk about membership retention - it is not a problem.

Now compare this organization with the IEEE, especially in the USA.  Why must we constantly convince our members to renew each year?  Are we REALLY providing our members the opportunities they need to be successful?  Do we really encourage our member to take part in all of the professional development activities available?  Do we truly engage our members in the profession?

As a Region Director I examined these larger, systemic problems of the IEEE and worked towards revolutionary changes to better serve members.  I was able to lead our region towards the goal of better member engagement through our Senior Member recognition program, projects like the MOVE vehicle, and encouraging closer involvement between the student branches and Sections.

I would like to continue these activities on a USA-wide platform, while continuing IEEE-USA’s involvement in government relations.  IEEE-USA needs to ensure our members’ skills and knowledge stays relevant in this rapidly changing technology landscape.

Maura Kathleen Moran

Headshot of Maura Moran

Maura Kathleen Moran
(Nominated by IEEE-USA)

Cambridge Technology Law, LLC
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Maura K. Moran is a partner at Cambridge Technology Law, Cambridge, MA, advising start-ups, global corporations, individuals, and universities on Intellectual Property, technology transfer, licensing, and strategic alliances. She conducts patent prosecution for technologies ranging from software, robotics and other electro-mechanical systems to sporting goods, and consults in technology-related litigation. Maura’s career focuses on helping clients achieve business objectives by providing targeted legal and strategic advice. She is an affiliate of Proper Orange, a Cambridge-based organization that delivers Company Building as a Service (CBaaS).

Maura is a graduate of Boston University School of Law and University of Dayton (B.S. Mathematics), and has completed MSEE coursework at Northeastern University. She is active with several organizations including the IEEE, the Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts, and the Venture Café, which supports the innovation community through programs, mentoring, and networking.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

  • Maura is Chair of the IEEE TAB 2018 Ad Hoc Committee on Improving the Contracts Review Process; and Co-Chair of IEEE WIE Boston.
  • Maura is a member of:
    • IEEE-USA Government Relations Council, IEEE-USA Intellectual Property Policy Committee, and IEEE-USA Artificial Intelligence/Autonomous Systems Policy Committee.
    • IEEE Societies: Robotics and Automation, Computer, Computational Intelligence, Social Implications of Technology.
    • HKN
  • Maura served on the 2016–2017 IEEE-USA Board of Directors as Vice President, Government Relations.
    • She served on IEEE-USA’s 2017 Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Prioritization, which proposed updates to IEEE-USA’s strategic priorities and balanced budgets for 2017-2022. 
    • She led the Government Relations Council (GRC) initiative updating IEEE-USA’s current policy priorities and conducting a position statements audit to identify active statements available to support the updated priorities and statements in need of updating or drafting.
    • She developed specifications for an IEEE-USA position statement tracking system for its growing portfolio of projected, pending, and active position statements.
    • She was named Counsel of Record in IEEE-USA’s amicus curiae Brief in Oil States Services, LLC., v. Greene’s Energy Group, LLC., filed in the U.S. Supreme Court August 30, 2017. The brief’s significance stems from two aspects:
    • IEEE-USA conveyed a strong message about the U.S. need for a properly functioning patent system to support a successful innovation economy; and
    • IEEE-USA streamlined and followed an amicus brief drafting and review process that ensures early engagement of all interested IEEE stakeholders in drafting the brief and timely IEEE approval of the brief to strict court-imposed deadlines.
  • Maura developed a panel template, titled LIFE AFTER GRADUATION: THE STEM PROFESSIONAL’S JOURNEY, and moderated a panel based on the template for an IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) event at Northeastern University, Boston, MA (2016).


Rethink Tomorrow Together

IEEE-USA has a proud history of promoting the U.S. technology economy, speaking for U.S. members, and helping them sustain rewarding careers. This provides a solid base for the evolutions we will now make to keep IEEE-USA relevant today and in the technology economy to come.

As IEEE-USA President, I will work within IEEE-USA and with IEEE units, regions, and societies to craft a sustainable IEEE-USA for today and tomorrow. I will embrace multi-disciplinary and collaborative approaches to address IEEE-USA’s challenges and opportunities.

I am committed to making IEEE-USA indispensable:

  • To members:
    • Increase IEEE membership by recrafting value-added and benefits to fit all types of members (employees, consultants, contractors, entrepreneurs, students) and technology professionals (engineers, scientists, computer, IT).
    • Make volunteer participation easier, more rewarding.
  • To our employers:
    • Convince companies to support IEEE and employee membership.
  • To our government:
    • Honor our many perspectives; speak with one voice.
    • Increase targeted education and advocacy.
    • Collaborate with legislators, agencies, other organizations to further IEEE-USA objectives.
  • To IEEE:
    • Help IEEE bring advocacy to the rest of the world.
  • To others:
    • Share expertise.
    • Give back by doing.
    • Promote STEM!