Vote in the 2018 IEEE Annual Election
Balloting for the 2018 IEEE Annual Election has begun. Please take the time to exercise your vote and help choose the future direction of IEEE as an organization.
IEEE Annual Election Candidates

The IEEE annual election begins on 15 August. The three candidates running for IEEE President-Elect are Life Fellow Toshio Fukuda, Fellow Vincenzo Piuri, and Life Fellow Jacek M. Zurada.

IEEE PES Constitutional Amendment

The IEEE PES Governing Board proposed changes to the IEEE Power & Energy Society Constitution. Eligible voting members will receive ballot instructions on how to vote on the proposed PES Constitutional Amendment.

2018 Election deadlines
  • 15 March
    Deadline for organizational units to submit slates of candidates to the IEEE Board of Directors for inclusion on the annual election ballot.
  • 15 April
    Deadline for submitting an intention to file a petition to run for an office on the annual election ballot.
  • 1 May
    IEEE Board of Directors submits to the voting membership a list of nominees for IEEE president-elect, delegate-elect/director-elect, as applicable, and other positions to be elected by voting members for the coming term. The Board also announces whether it intends to put forward any constitutional amendments.
  • 11 May
    Signed petitions nominating an individual for placement on the annual election ballot must be received by noon EDT USA/16:00 UTC.
  • 15 August
    Annual election ballots are sent to all voting members on record as of 30 June. Voters also may begin accessing their ballots electronically.
  • 1 October
    Ballots must be received by 1 p.m. EDT USA/17:00 UTC.