Vote now: 2022 IEEE Annual Election

Balloting for the 2022 IEEE Annual Election will end at 12:00 pm ET (16:00 UTC) on 3 October 2022.

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Information about the offices up for election and the proposed Constitutional Amendment is provided within the electronic ballot and also available at:

Meet the 2023 IEEE President-Elect Candidates

2023 IEEE President-Elect Candidates











The IEEE Board of Directors has authorized a new Pilot Campaign Program that applies to IEEE President-Elect candidates for the 2022 and 2023 elections. As part of this pilot program, two "Meet the 2023 IEEE President-Elect Candidates" forums were held on 24 June and 8 July. The events were livestreamed by for IEEE members and available for viewing on

During the forums, 2022 IEEE President & CEO K. J. Ray Liu asked the candidates questions submitted by members on issues important to them and IEEE. This was an opportunity to hear from the 2023 IEEE President-Elect candidates and get informed ahead of the 2022 annual election.

The forums were sponsored by the IEEE Ad Hoc Committee for the President-Elect Candidate Campaign Pilot Program.

Member Discussion Forum to Amend the IEEE Constitution, Article XIV - Amendments

IEEE members are invited to participate in a discussion forum on the IEEE Constitution, Article XIV - Amendments. The forum is moderated by the IEEE Election Oversight Committee (EOC). The role of the moderators will be to support the discussions and to ensure a collaborative environment where members are free to discuss and share viewpoints.

At its 21-22 November 2021 meeting, the IEEE Board of Directors voted to propose an amendment to the IEEE Constitution, Article XIV - Amendments to be part of the 2022 IEEE annual election. Balloting starts on 15 August through 12:00 pm ET/16:00 UTC on 3 October 2022.

To adopt this amendment, an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds of all ballots cast is required, provided that the total number of those voting is at least 10 percent of all IEEE’s members who are eligible to vote. 

The 2021 IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Strengthening the IEEE Constitution moderated the IEEE Constitutional Amendment (Member-Initiated Petitions) Discussion Forum (now "read-only") for members to ask questions and learn more about the proposal to amend the IEEE Constitution, specifically Article XIV that addresses member-petitioned constitutional amendment proposals.

Update your contact information and communication preferences

Update your member contact information and election communication preferences.

To avoid potential delays, members are encouraged to select electronic voting preferences, if possible. 

2022 Election Deadlines at a Glance

8 April 2022
The last day for the collection of petition signatures for the office of 2023 IEEE President-Elect and member-initiated Constitutional Amendment petitions. Signatures must be received by 12:00 noon ET USA/17:00 UTC.

15 April 2022
Deadline for submitting an intention to file a petition to run for an office on the annual election ballot. 

1 May 2022
IEEE Board of Directors submits to the voting membership a list of nominees for IEEE president-elect, delegate-elect/director-elect, as applicable, and other positions to be elected by voting members for the coming term. 

13 May 2022
Signed petitions nominating an individual for placement on the annual election ballot must be received by 12:00 noon EDT USA/16:00 UTC.

June 2022
Craft the statements in favor of or in opposition to Amendments placed on the annual election ballot by the IEEE Board of Directors or member petitions.

30 June 2022
Ballots will be created for eligible voting members on record.

1 July 2022
The last day the Board of Directors may endorse or oppose a referendum to the voting members.

The last day the statements in favor of or in opposition to Amendments placed on the annual election ballot by the IEEE Board of Directors or member petition shall be received at the office of the IEEE Executive Director.

15 August 2022
Balloting for the 2022 IEEE Annual Election begins. Eligible voting members on record as of 30 June may access their ballot electronically. Print ballot packages will be provided to voters in accordance with their election communication preferences as of 30 June.

IEEE Constitutional Amendment discussion forums in "read-only" to support the ballot process.

3 October 2022 (12:00 noon EDT/USA16:00 UTC)
Balloting for the 2022 IEEE Annual Election ends.