Below are the candidates for the 2022 IEEE President-Elect. The 2022 President-Elect will become President in 2023.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.


Saifur Rahman

Headshot of Saifur Rahman


(Nominated by Petition)

Joseph R. Loring Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech
Arlington, Virginia, USA

Meet Saifur by watching this brief video.

I am the founding director of the Advanced Research Institute at Virginia Tech. I have served as the chair of the US National Science Foundation Advisory Committee for International Science and Engineering. I am the founder of BEM Controls, LLC, a software company which provides building energy efficiency solutions.

I have trained over forty doctoral/postdoctoral students. I am a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE Power & Energy Society, and have lectured in over 30 countries on Smart Grid, IoT, and Sustainable Energy in six continents.

I was awarded the IEEE Millennium Medal in 2000 for outstanding achievements and contributions to IEEE. I am a 2014 Honoree of the IEEE Technical Activities Board Hall of Honor. I received the Outstanding Power Engineering Educator Award from PES in 2013. I received the Meritorious Service Award in 2012, the highest award bestowed by PES. I received the IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Award in 2011.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

IEEE Board/Committees

  • Chair, TAB/PSPB Products & Services Committee (2007-2010)
  • Vice President, IEEE Publications Board and member, IEEE Board of Directors (2006)
  • Chair, TAB Periodicals Committee (2004-2005)
  • Vice Chair, IEEE Publications Board (2004-2005)
  • Chair, IEEE PSPB N&A Committee (2009)
  • Member, Proceedings of the IEEE Editorial Board (2004-2009)
  • Chair, EAB Continuing Education Committee (2002)
  • Member, TAB (2004-2005, 2007-2010, 2018-2019)


  • Member-at-large, Energy Policy Committee (2004-present)

Power & Energy Society

  • Past President (2020-2021)
  • President (2018-2019)
  • General Chair, IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conf. (2013, 2014 & 2015)
  • EiC, IEEE Trans on Sustainable Energy (2011-2012)
  • EiC, IEEE Electrifications Magazine (2013-2015)
  • Vice President, PES Publications (2001-2003 and 2012-2013)
  • Vice President, New Initiatives & Outreach (2008-2011)

Society on Social Implications of Technology

  • Division VII Representative (2014-2019)

IEEE Accomplishments – During my PES presidency, I started the IEEE Power & Energy Society Corporate Engagement Program. This program allows employers to pay dues of their employees and engage the organization more closely with IEEE, resulting in robust IEEE membership growth. During the two years of my PES presidency, PES industry membership in China grew by over 100%.

In order to provide a direct link between our chapter leaders - who are our foot soldiers at the local level - and the PES governing board, I set up PES Chapters’ Councils in China, India, Africa, and Latin America with budget to support local programs. These councils are empowering local PES leaders to initiate local programs for member development and offer a platform for industry engagement.

I led the efforts to set up the online PES University. This “university” is a leader in the field of power engineering, providing access to knowledge and educational products that have credit-earning potential for PES members and non-members. This “university” offers tutorials, webinars, plain-talk courses – some online, some face-to-face – in the field of interest of PES.



Over the past 40+ years, IEEE has been an integral part of my pursuit of excellence in professional life. While speaking at 200+ IEEE events, I have come across academics, young professionals, and mid-career industry engineers including women and under-represented minorities. Engagements with members and volunteers globally at grassroots level has given me better insights to understand the community needs in developing relevant programs to advance their professional careers.

I pledge to:

Global Community Building:

  • Highlight networking opportunities at IEEE events.
  • Proactive outreach for women and underrepresented minorities.
  • Ensure financial transparency, stability, and broader member benefits.

Career and Leadership Development:

  • Encourage technology professionals without a college degree to join IEEE.
  • Volunteers who contribute to Guides and Standards, should have access for personal use.
  • Paper reviewers to earn points which they can redeem to download published papers.

Growth and Nurturing:

  • Provide access to IEEE resources for up-skilling worldwide.
  • Evolve PES University best practices as IEEE University Online.
  • Focus on Industry Certification courses.

Service to Humanity and Smart Engineering: 

  • Develop closer and purposeful ties with Industry.
  • Engage Sustainable Development thought leaders to address global challenges.
  • Work with policymakers to help with Smart Engineering.

Integrity in Action – Intangibles:

  • IP Rights awareness
  • IEEE IP Rights skills development
  • KPIs for IEEE Sections on local IP Rights activities

Partnership to support Entrepreneurship:

  • Work with local Startup Incubators to harness Entrepreneurial potentials.
  • Incubate Innovation Centers to nurture Maker competencies.
  • IEEE Startup Show to highlight regional/local Innovations.

Together we will make IEEE a more successful and resilient global technical  organization.

Thomas M. Coughlin

Headshot of Tom Coughlin

(Nominated by Petition)

Coughlin Associates, Inc.
San Jose, California, USA

Meet Tom by watching this brief video.

Tom has worked over 40 years in the digital storage industry as an engineer, engineering manager, and senior executive. His company creates reports on digital storage and applications and provides industry consulting services. He founded and organized major storage and memory industry events and is a frequent invited speaker. He writes about storage and memory for Tom published >500 articles, book chapters, reports, and a book. He is an inventor in 6 patents. He has a B.S. in Physics, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering (from UMN) and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Shinshu University, Japan). Tom is an IEEE Life Fellow, has three years on the IEEE Board and is a member of HKN. He has a long history of IEEE leadership and is also active in SNIA and SMPTE. He received an MGA Leadership Award in 2020. He is past chair of the Silicon Valley section. 

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • 2021 Chair, IEC Careers WG
  • 2017-21 Chair/Member, New Initiatives
  • 2018-20 President/Elect/Past IEEE-USA
  • 2019 Chair, Membership Price
  • 2016-17 VP, IEEE-USA Professional Activities
  • 2014-16 Chair/Member, Public Visibility
  • 2015-16 Chair, MGA Global Opportunity


  • 2020-21 Lifelong Learning
  • 2020-21 Sustainability
  • 2020-21 CS Industry Activities Board
  • 2019-21 Digital Reality
  • 2019-20 HKN Strategic Planning
  • 2020 Strategy/Alignment
  • 2017-18 Industry Engagement
  • 2014-16 Cloud Computing
  • 2011-15 TAB Future Directions
  • 2014-15 Infrastructure
  • 2012-14 Transportation Electrification


  • 2013-18 Director/Elect/Past, Region 6
  • 2013-14 Region 6 Vitality
  • 2008-09 Region 6 Central Area Chair


  • 2021 Chair SCV Technology History
  • 2016-21 Board, Consultants Network (CNSV)
  • 2020 Founder and Chair, SCV SSIT
  • 2009-16 CNSV Marketing
  • 2007-21 Faculty, San Francisco BAC Leadership Training
  • 2007 SCV Section and IEEE SF BAC Chair
  • 2006 SCV Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc) Chair
  • 2005-06 SCV Treasurer/Vice-Chair
  • 2004 SCV PACE Chair
  • 1992/2002 SCV MagSoc Chair


  • 2020-21 Vice-Chair, Standards, CTSoc
  • 2013-19 Chair, CTSoc Future Directions
  • 2010-12 VP Operations and Planning, Chair Strategic Plan and Finance, CTSoc
  • 2010-21 Senior Editor, Transactions on CE
  • 2008-21 Editor CTSoc Newsletter/Magazine
  • 2008-12 and 2015-16 Distinguished Lecturer, CTSoc
  • 2007-12 and 2014-19 Elected CTSoc AdCom
  • 2010 Membership Chair, CTSoc
  • Member MagSoc, CS, ComSoc, BT, SSIT, CTSoc


  • 2019-21 2021 Sections Congress
  • 2015-21 Co-Founder/organizer, IEEE Rising Stars Conference
  • 2007-20 Member of CTSoc TPC
  • 2014-18 Technology Time Machine
  • 2014-16 Organizer, Mobile Power Workshops, US and Europe
  • 2014 Sections Congress
  • 2013-14 Local Chair, GHTC
  • 1995-13 Reviewer MagSoc Intermag and TMRC Conferences
  • 2011 General Chair Sections Congress
  • 2011 IGIC Conference Publicity Chair
  • 1992-2004 Publicity Chair for MagSoc TMRC
  • 2004 Local Chair of International Ferrite Conference


  • 2020 MGA Leadership Award
  • 2018 IEEE Fellow
  • 2015 IEEE HKN
  • 2014 IEEE CESoc Outstanding Volunteer Award
  • 2012 SCV Section Special Leadership Award


  • 2013-20 IEEE VoLT Faculty
  • 2011-21 Regular column, IEEE CE Magazine/Newsletter



The COVID pandemic impacted our members and IEEE operations. The lessons learned from COVID can help us improve IEEE’s reach, relevance, and value. I believe that IEEE is a community that must engage our members. This should start at the section level, but the idea of community should pervade the IEEE, helping us be inclusive, efficient, and effective. 

I feel strongly that IEEE should advance and promote its members; increasing student membership and Young Professional retention, making senior member advancement easier and finding more ways to recognize our heroes.  

As IEEE President,

  • I will work to increase our value to industry, encourage STEM careers and sustainable technologies, support lifelong learning, improve diversity, and promote IEEE membership. 
  • I will encourage collaboration and innovation across the organization, while working to increase our external impact and general public awareness, and while advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. 
  • I support a member-led organization, open discussion and transparency within the IEEE and believe that we must be a representative global organization
  • I believe that IEEE should be open to all technologists and that we should create a safe environment that supports our members to be their best selves.
  • My leadership experience inside and outside of the IEEE and my connections with multiple IEEE organizational units enable me to facilitate linking, partnering, and communicating across boundaries.

I feel that IEEE should be foremost in advancing new technologies, creating timely standards, and influencing public policies that demonstrate the value of technology professionals to the world.

S. K. Ramesh

Headshot of SK Ramesh

(Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)

Director AIMS2 Program
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
California State University (CSU), Northridge
Northridge, California, USA

Meet Ramesh by watching this brief video.

S. K. Ramesh is an experienced engineering educator with 35 years of service as a dean, department chair, and faculty member. As dean, he established innovative programs to serve industry in renewable energy, assistive technology, and advanced manufacturing. The IEEE Learning Network (ILN) that he championed as Vice President of Educational Activities is a model for collaboration across IEEE.

Ramesh is an IEEE Fellow recognized for “contributions to entrepreneurship in engineering education”, and founding Director of CSU Northridge’s internationally recognized AIMS2 program that supports minority student success in engineering. He is the 2021-22 President-Elect of ABET. His recognitions include the John Guarrera Engineering Educator of the Year, William Johnson International award for “leadership and contributions to the profession”, and Region 6 Community Service award. Ramesh has served on the Boards of IEEE, HKN, and ABET, strengthening diversity, inclusion, and collaboration between volunteers and staff, with financial transparency and measurable outcomes.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Ramesh has served IEEE in several leadership roles for over 39 years. His efforts have strengthened collaboration and member engagement, resulting in innovative programs that span the gamut from continuing education to pre-university education, and products and services that support members across the continuum of their careers:

  • Restructured IEEE Educational Activities with a diverse team of volunteer leaders and staff, emphasizing collaboration, accountability, financial transparency, and inclusive excellence with measurable outcomes (2016-17)
  • Championed the IEEE Learning Network (ILN) in collaboration with all OU’s as a one-stop shop for all IEEE continuing education products and services (launched 2019)
  • Championed and implemented the Try Engineering Summer Camps and Try Engineering Together e-mentoring program (2017)
  • Enhanced EPICS in IEEE program with an MOU with Purdue University and implemented the EPICS in IEEE India Pilot to promote project based learning and faculty professional development (2016-18)
  • Expanded IEEE-HKN globally to serve all 10 Regions in IEEE, and increased industry support (2016)
  • Promoted and Improved the quality of technical education worldwide through leadership on the ABET Board of Directors

IEEE Activities (select leadership positions)

IEEE Board of Directors (2016-17)

Vice-President Educational Activities, (EAB Chair – 2016-17, Past – 2018-19)

President, IEEE-HKN, 2016 (Elect – 2015, Past – 2017)

Chair, IEEE-HKN Development Committee (2018-present)

Fellows Committee (2018, 2021)

Publication Services and Products Board (2020-present)

Treasurer and Trustee, IEEE-HKN Board of Governors (2012-14)

IEEE Awards Board (2010-13), APPRC (Vice Chair – 2020, Member – 2021)

ABET Board of Directors (2013-15, 2019-present), President-Elect (2021)

ABET Board of Delegates (2015-19)

Associate Editor-in-Chief IEEE e-Learning Library Editorial Board (2012-13)

IEEE Educational Activities Board (Pre-University Education, Chair, 2014-15, Awards and Recognition, Chair, 2010-13)

IEEE Exhibits Program Strategic Summit, Chair (2015)

Region 6 Central Area, Chair, (2001-04), Student Activities, Chair (1994-95, 1998-2000)

Sacramento Section, Chair (1992-93)

Photonics Society, Sacramento Chapter, Chair (1989-93, 2004-07)

Student Branch Counselor, CSU Sacramento (1990-2006)


IEEE has been an integral part of my life for almost four decades - from student member, to an engaged volunteer today. My IEEE experiences have taught me some timeless values: To be Inclusive, Collaborative, Accountable, Resilient, and Ethical. Simply put, “I CARE”.  These values and IEEE’s mission are especially relevant today, as we adapt and change to serve our members globally, and overcome the challenges from the pandemic.

My top priority is to deliver an exceptional experience to every member.

If elected, I will focus on three strategic areas:

Member Engagement:

  • Expand and offer affordable and accessible continuing education programs through the IEEE Learning Network (ILN), and the IEEE Academy.
  • Strengthen participation of Women in Engineering (WIE), Young Professionals (YPs), Students, Life Members, and Entrepreneurs.

Volunteer Engagement:

  • Nurture and support IEEE’s volunteer leaders to transform IEEE globally through a volunteer academy program that strengthens collaboration, and inclusion.
  • Establish strong relationships between IEEE volunteers and key industry sector leaders to increase awareness of IEEE.

Industry Engagement:

  • Increase the value of conferences, publications, and standards, to make them more relevant to practicing engineers.
  • Focus on innovation and sustainable development as we look ahead to hybrid/virtual conferences, and open access publications.

Empower the IEEE leadership team to lower overhead costs and increase the value of membership.

Our members create enormous value for IEEE through their contributions. Let us “Engineer the Future”, and create an IEEE “Of the Members”, “By the Members” and “For the Members”. Thank you for your vote and support.

Francis B. Grosz

Headshot of Francis Grosz

(Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)

Omni Technologies, Inc.
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Meet Francis by watching this brief video

Francis Grosz received B.S. degrees in Physics and Engineering Sciences and an M.S. in Engineering from Louisiana State University in New Orleans, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  He is a registered Professional Engineer, served on two NCEES committees, and Eta Kappa Nu member. His career has mainly been in industry, primarily defense, and he taught for several years as regular or adjunct faculty at the University of New Orleans and Tulane University. Francis was a co-founder of Omni Technologies, an advanced technology/R&D consulting engineering firm.  He was named a 2001 Outstanding Engineering Alumnus of UNO, and received an IEEE Third Millennium Medal, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the New Orleans Section, the 2008 Region 5 Outstanding Member Award and a NASA Space Act Award. He holds two U.S. patents, a General Radiotelephone License with Radar Endorsement, and Amateur Radio Extra license K5FBG.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Francis is a Life Senior member of IEEE. He joined IEEE as a sophomore in college and has been an IEEE volunteer for 40 years. He has served in all Section Offices except Treasurer and was a member of the Region 5 ExCom for about 20 years. He is a past Region 5 Director and past IEEE Vice-President for Member & Geographic Activities and served on the IEEE Board of Directors for three years. He was the UNO Student Branch Counselor, the Region 5 Student Activities Coordinator, and a member of the Young Professionals Committee. He was a member and then Chair of the IEEE Audit Committee, a member of the IEEE Governance committee, and a member of the MGA Geographic Unit Operations Support, Nominations & Appointments, Operations, and Strategic Planning committees. He was Co-Chair of the 2019 IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on New Engagement Models.  In 2019 he co-founded with then Technical Activities Vice-President Ray Liu a joint TA/MGA Committee on Section/Chapter Support, which has become the current joint TA/MGA Ad Hoc Committee on Chapter Support and which is seeking to become a standing committee. He has served on Awards & Recognition Committees at both the Section and Region level.  He was the Region 5 East Area Chair for several years. On the Society side, he has served on numerous Technical conference committees, including serving as Vice-Chair of the 1990 International Symposium on Circuits and Systems and as Technical Program Co-Chair of the 2008 ComSoc GlobeCom conference and the 2010 PES Transmission & Distribution Conference and Exposition. He has served on the committees of five T&D Conferences and is currently a member of the local organizing committee for the 2022 PES T&D Conference in New Orleans.


IEEE does many things well and we must continue to support them. Should I become a Board member and President, I would focus on increasing support for local Organizational Units – Sections, Chapters, Affinity Groups, and Student Branches – and on increasing industry engagement. I think that there is a natural synergy here and our greatest opportunity.

I believe that the current Local Groups pilot offers an opportunity for Sections and Chapters to simultaneously provide increased service and value to members, prospective members, and the public while further engaging local industry, especially smaller and mid-sized companies. The TA/MGA Ad Hoc on Chapter Support is looking at ways in which to increase support for Chapters, which is where many of our members find their value in IEEE, and we should support this. We also need to provide better tools to help local OUs provide more service and value to their members with less work. One particular need, especially for the smaller OUs, is a way to help them arrange interesting meetings with engaging speakers more efficiently.

We have been working on industry engagement for some time. We have made progress with things like Collabratec and the IEEE App, and Local Groups should really help, but we need to do more. We must convince industry to value their engineers and their work more highly, and show them that partnering with IEEE can help both the companies and their employees.  Finally, we must make the public more aware of the contributions of engineering to society.