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Below are the candidates for IEEE Region 8 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2015-2016; Delegate/Director, 2017-2018.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.


Margaretha A.K. Eriksson

Margaretha Eriksson

(Nominated by IEEE Region 8)

Senior Engineering Management Consultant, Irbis Konsult AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Lecturer, Information Security, Halmstad University, Halmstad, Sweden

Margaretha Eriksson received her M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, in 1988. In 1989 she founded Irbis Konsult AB, a consulting company involved in engineering management, information security, and cyber security. Margaretha has consulted with such international corporations as IBM, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Ericsson, Saab, ABB, Bombardier, Tetra Pak, and Volvo. She is specialized in change management of complex products and organizations.

Since 2010, she has also been lecturing on risk analysis and information security at Halmstad University. Furthermore, she is a part-time Ph.D. student in Information Security at Stockholm University/KTH.

Since 1983, Margaretha is an accomplished international leader and inspiring trainer in JCI (, a global NGO working with leadership and entrepreneurial development. She served as European President of JCI Senators 2012-2013, and as President of EUREL 2012-2013. She lives by the Baltic Sea near Stockholm, Sweden.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


As Sweden Section Chair, I established new technical chapters, created WIE groups, and conducted successful Senior member elevations.

In R8 I was member of the Baltic support team, which established IEEE sections in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. As R8 Membership Development Chair 2003, I established a forum for collaboration and sharing of best practice for all Section MD officers and was the R8 Chapter Coordinator for EM and PCS chapters.

On a global level, I have been a board member of EM Society (now TMC), and newsletter editor of the WIE Board.

My key achievements in R8:

  • introduced a continuing-education program for project management and leadership training, participating in training in Atlanta, GA, USA, and then introducing the program in R8;
  • set up a trainer's training program with the aim to develop future trainers for the project management and leadership training programs, and conducted more than 80 training events at international conferences, SB events, and Sections Congresses;
  • established the R8 Industrial Relations Committee in R8 to present IEEE to industry management. Member of the committee 2002-2003;
  • ensured there is an appointed female WIE representative in the R8 board;
  • organized the R8 meeting in Stockholm, 2004;
  • selected as speaker in the R8 PACE program, 2014.

I am proud to have received:

  • IEEE EAB Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education 2012 ”For exceptional leadership in organizing and delivering practical leadership and management training to young entrepreneurs, IEEE students and Graduates Of the Last Decade”;
  • IEEE R8 Presidential Award 2007 ”For leadership and outstanding service in pioneering workshops on the development of Leadership Skills and Project Management 2001-2005”;
  • IEEE MGA Leadership Award 2002 “For stimulating and promoting the formation of technical chapters and promoting the value of the IEEE membership at regional conferences within IEEE Region 8.”


As IEEE members, we need to:

  • strengthen the collaboration between academia, business, and industry in order to be relevant in our profession and in society;
  • make IEEE visible and known as a reliable source of technological knowledge, “fostering technological innovation and excellence”;
  • be actively involved in policy making related to support of R&D, and issues on energy and cybersecurity;
  • involve professors, students, and business professionals to achieve this.

Engineers and engineering are keys to develop sustainable global wealth and prosperity.

As Director-Elect, I want to support you, listen to your professional needs, and work with the R8 board and committees and Section representatives to bring all R8 members' needs and ideas forward in a global IEEE. We need an active exchange of ideas and demands between our Sections in R8, and with other IEEE regions in the world, as well as with supporting IEEE staff.

Being a member of IEEE must pay off professionally, whether you are an engineering student, professor, or business professional.

I kindly ask you for your vote!


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Magdalena Salazar-Palma

Magdalena Salazar-Palma

(Nominated by IEEE Region 8)

Professor, Department of Signal Theory and Communications, Charles the Third University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Magdalena Salazar-Palma received E.E., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Polytechnic University, Madrid, Spain, where she has been Associate Professor. In 2004 she joined the Department of Signal Theory and Communications, Charles the Third University of Madrid, where she is Full Professor and Co-Director of the Radiofrequency, Electromagnetics, Microwave and Antennas Research Group, and she has served as Department Head. Her research deals with numerical methods for microwave components and antennas as well as passive devices advanced synthesis methods. She co-authored two European/USA patents and 630 publications, including seven books, 25 book contributions, 96 journal papers, and 320 international conference papers. She has delivered numerous invited presentations, seminars, and short courses. She participated in 88 projects and contracts financed by USA, European, and Spanish institutions and companies. She served in evaluation panels of USA, EU, and Spanish institutions, and as board member, associate editor, and reviewer of several journals. She received several awards and recognitions.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities



  • As Spain AP/MTT Chapter Chair, successfully revitalized the Chapter.
  • As Section Chair, stimulated formation of new Chapters, Student Branches, and first WIE affinity group worldwide. Strengthened links between units. Stimulated member recognition and increase in volunteers. Improved Section visibility.
  • As WIEC Chair, stimulated increase of WIE membership, affinity groups, and activities worldwide.
  • As Antennas and Propagation Society President, recognized national and regional differences (e.g., Eastern European countries, Asia, and Latin America), to better serve members. Worked to harmonize AP with related Societies.


  • WIEC: Chair, 2003-2004; member, 2000-2007
  • Ethics and Member Conduct: 2002
  • History: 2007-2008
  • MGAB Geographic Unit Operations Support: 2008-2009
  • TAB: 2011
  • Service Awards: 2012-present. Honorary Membership: 2013-present
  • Sections Congress: 2014 Chair, 2012-present; participant: past five editions
  • TAB Society Review: 2013-present


  • R8 Committee: 1997-2001; meeting host, organizer, 2001 (Seville, Spain)
  • N&A: 2001-2002
  • Conference Coordination: Chair, 2003-2004


  • Spain AP/MTT Chapter: Vice Chair, 1989-1991; Chair, 1992-1996
  • Spain Section: Chair, 1997-2001; Officer, 2002-2011, 2014; BoD meeting host, 1997
  • Spain WIE AG (first one worldwide), founding member, 1999


  • Member: AP, Communications, Education, Magnetics, MTT, WIE
  • Numerous Journals: Review Panel/Associate Editor: 1993-present
  • MTT: Technical Committee 15: 2006-present. Education: 2013-present
  • AP:
    • AdCom: 2004-2006, 2010-present
    • President-Elect, 2010; President, 2011; Past President, 2012-present
    • Nomination: Chair, 2012; member, 2012-present
    • Transnational: 2007-2010
    • Distinguished Lecturer Program: 2010-present
    • History: Chair, 2013-present


  • SB National Congress, 2001 (Málaga, Spain)
  • Speaker: R9 SB Symposium, 2002 (Bogotá, Colombia). Ecuador SB National Meeting, 2006 (Guayaquil, Ecuador). R8 SB/GOLD Symposium, 2006 (Paris, France)


  • Numerous IEEE, co-sponsored:
    • Author: 1988-present
    • Member, Technical Program/Steering/Organizing Committees/Session organizer: 1990-present
  • European Microwave Conference: TPC Secretary, 1993 (Madrid, Spain)
  • MELECON, Organizing Committee, 2004 (Málaga, Spain)
  • Finite Element Workshop, Co-Chair, 2004 (Madrid, Spain)
  • 2018 European Microwave Week, General Chair, 2012-present (Madrid, Spain)


IEEE is a successful organization founded on a technological innovation spirit and a collaboration culture. As new challenges arise in this world, I pledge to work with you to improve IEEE, globally and locally, and to increase value for each member. I will devote to the best of my ability to:

  • utilize Region 8 geographic and cultural diversity to create a fruitful environment for exchanging ideas, practices, and experiences, leading to innovation and rejuvenation;
  • support the initiatives of Chapters, Student Branches, Young Professionals and other affinity groups;
  • establish wider and closer cooperation with national and regional organizations throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East;
  • introduce initiatives for closer cooperation with industry, listening to their needs, catering for career advancement, professional training, and undertaking steps to contribute to unemployment lessening;
  • organize regional events where members from neighboring countries will meet and collaborate;
  • create a collaborative atmosphere within and between countries, recognizing cultural and income-level differences, knowledge, social and professional networking needs;
  • promote transparent procedures to ensure fair opportunities for everybody to be heard and be equal.

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