For IEEE Region 2 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2017-2018; Delegate/Director, 2019-2020.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

Wolfram Bettermann
Headshot of Wolfram Betterman

(Nominated by IEEE Region 2)

Graduate Faculty Member
Penn State Harrisburg
School of Science, Engineering and Technology
Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA

Wolfram Bettermann received his B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from University Duisburg, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Technical University Aachen, Germany. In 1999 he joined Wake Forest University in NC where he was involved in Research and Development of new medical technologies for a large healthcare provider in the U.S. He has over two decades experience in software engineering development and managing projects nationally and internationally in research, industry and as an entrepreneur.

In 2010, Dr. Bettermann joined the faculty of Penn State Harrisburg, where he specializes in teaching physics and electrical engineering (EE) courses. He is actively involved in nanotechnology related research. He is also a faculty advisor for EE students and is actively engaged with the mentoring of next generation IEEE members.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

At the IEEE-USA level I was a delegate for Pennsylvania and for the first time, for the Susquehanna Section, as Section volunteer (2013).  I attended from 2013-2015 the IEEE-USA sponsored Congressional Visit Day, a promotional video of the event was produced and published at the IEEE-USA website (

On a REGION level, as the Region 2 Treasurer I restructured the Region’s corporate finances. Committee funding process was streamlined and organized more efficiently to create and fund more Region 2 activities. I recovered unused funds and proposed with R2 committee Chairs new cost saving measures to increase activities for our Sections and the Student Activity Committee. I managed funding to support our practicing engineers and our young professionals.

At a SECTION level I was the Susquehanna Section Chair from 2012-2014 and Vice-Chair in 2013 and transformed the Section into a more efficient organizational unit that led to increased local and national recognition. As the Awards and Recognition Chair from 2012-2014 I initiated IEEE awards to recognize outstanding service of members to our local engineering community. I served as the chair of Membership Development (2013) and chaired the Professional Activity Committee of Engineers (PACE) (2013) initiating  and supporting Senior Membership drives, several PACE projects (South Central PA Robotics Competition,, and the Annual Signal Integrity Symposium  sponsored by Penn State Harrisburg and the IEEE Susquehanna Section and Region 2 (

In 2014 I founded the IEEE Susquehanna Section, Technical Chapter in Nanotechnology and have been serving as its chapter chair since 2014. I offer and engage local industry oriented chapter member’s events in nanotechnology related topics to inspire creating small businesses and strengthen local economic development activities. I also offer a platform to local industry involved in nanotechnology R&D to exchange ideas and form partnerships through regular monthly chapter meetings (events calendar


As a Region 2 Director of IEEE, I will work continuously:

To increase Region 2 membership
I will increase our visibility in our Region, so we will be well known for the outstanding activities we offer through our Sections and technical Chapters events/programs. Our members will realize the full value of membership if they are better engaged in Section level activities. I will work with Area and Section Chairs to develop new Section events which can be duplicated by other Sections within our Region.

To increase industry involvement for our practicing engineers
I will initiate professional development programs and webinars for practicing engineers. Emphasis will be given to practical applications of emerging technologies originated from academia and regional industries. The needs of our practitioners are as important as the needs for our young professional members.

To make Region 2 and IEEE a member centered organization
My diversified national and international leadership experience in both private industry and academia will enable me to create an environment in the Region for those leaders you lead to succeed.

Murty S. Polavarapu

Headshot of Murty Polavarapu

  (Nominated by IEEE Region 2)

  Eagle Management Group
  Oakton, Virginia, USA

Murty Polavarapu advises companies on defense microelectronics, with emphasis on radiation hardening and nanotechnology applications.  Immediately prior he spent three decades making significant contributions to advanced semiconductor logic and memory devices for companies including BAE Systems, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Micron, and Toshiba.  He holds eleven patents and received numerous awards including the BAE Systems Chairman’s Silver Award, Dominion Semiconductor President's Award and IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award. He is a Fellow of Washington Academy of Sciences.

Mr. Polavarapu earned his Masters in Electrical Engineering from Howard University and his Masters in Technology Management from University of Pennsylvania.  He is motivated to help young people learn and has a keen interest in developing future engineers through STEM activities; he served as a United States Peace Corps volunteer physics teacher in Fiji and co-founded a non-profit organization to help bring computers to schools in Ethiopia.  Murty is an avid world traveler.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • Identified ways to better serve practicing engineers and young professionals that are now incorporated into the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) plans for 2016.
  • Delivered the 2014 Sections Congress program that over 91% of attendees rated "very" or "extremely" satisfying.
  • Spearheaded a knowledge bank for geo units on the IEEE Contact Center in 2014 to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Led the Geo Unit Dashboard project that defined and implemented metrics for local units vitality in 2013.
  • Increased professional activity programming in Region 2 (Eastern USA), motivating 95% of Sections to conduct at least one professional activity in 2012.
  • Conducted volunteer training workshops all across Region 2 over the last decade to revitalize the leadership and to recruit new volunteers.



  • IEEE New Initiatives Committee, 2015-2016
  • IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Industry Engagement, 2016
  • MGA Board Vice-Chair, Strategic Management and Analysis, 2016
  • Electron Devices Society, Board of Governors, 2016
  • IEEE-USA Vice-President, Communications and Public Awareness, 2015
  • MGA Vice-Chair, Geographic Unit Operations, 2014
  • MGA Strategic Direction and Environmental Analysis: 2016 Chair; 2014 Member
  • MGA/TA/EA Cross-Organizational Unit Ad Hoc Committee on Member Development, 2015 Chair
  • MGA Ad Hoc Committee on Industry Professionals and Young Professionals, 2015 Chair
  • MGA Geographic Unit Operations Support: 2014 Chair; 2011, 2015 Member
  • Sections Congress 2014 (Amsterdam), 2013-2014 Program Chair
  • MGA Ad Hoc Committee on Dashboard Metrics for Vitality, 2013 Chair

Region 2
Various roles including Vitality Coordinator, Professional Activities Chair, ExCom Member, Area Chair, Employment and Career Services Coordinator, and Pre-College Education Coordinator.

Served as Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary for Northern Virginia Section and as Chair and Treasurer for Electron Devices Society, Society for Social Implications of Technology and Nanotechnology Council Chapters.


  • James F. Strother Meritorious Service Award, 2007
  • IEEE Regional Activities Achievement Award, 2005
  • IEEE Third Millennium Medal, 2000


To increase the value of membership and improve member retention in Region 2, I will:

  • Pioneer new, local professional, technical and community outreach programs to engage members - especially students, industry professionals and those in the early stages of their careers.  I am already championing several industry-focused initiatives, and the Geographic Unit Dashboard project I led in 2013 will measure long-term effectiveness.
  • Recharge our volunteer corps with increased outreach to members, offering greater incentives with less bureaucracy and more training.  In the last decade I coordinated several volunteer training events in Region 2 and mentored several active leaders.
  • Promote - clearly and succinctly - IEEE's purpose and contributions at the section, region, and national level to members, industries, and academia in the region.  My professional experience and extensive involvement in Member and Geographic Activities, Technical Activities and IEEE-USA organizational units enable me to generate broad support and enthusiasm for our mission and goals.

With your support, I look forward to enhancing your member experience and advancing IEEE.