For IEEE Region 2 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2021-2022; Delegate/Director, 2023-2024.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

Andrew D. Lowery, Ph.D

Headshot of Andrew Lowery


(Nominated by IEEE Region 2)

Senior Engineer

Volvo Group

Falling Waters, WV, USA


Dr. Lowery has 12 years of experience in electronic and controls systems and applications. During his career he has participated in research in the areas of design and controls, sensing and power equipment, antennas and electromagnetics, and engineering education, resulting in peer reviewed publications, including 5 patents and over 30 conference proceedings and journal or bound papers. Dr. Lowery is currently a Senior Engineer at Volvo Group.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities



  • COMMITTEES/BOARDS: MGA Student Activities Committee, 2018-Present; HKN Committee on Journey Mapping, 2019-Present; TAB Ad Hoc on Entrepreneurship, 2018.
  • REGIONS: Region 2 Executive Committee, Student Activities, 2018-Present; Region 2 Student Activities Coordinator, 2018-Present.
  • SECTIONS/CHAPTERS: Pittsburgh Section Student Activities Coordinator, 2019-Present; Pittsburgh Section Executive Committee, 2015-2018; Pittsburgh Section Immediate Past Chair, 2018; Pittsburgh Section Chair, 2017; Pittsburgh Section Vice Chair, 2016; Pittsburgh Section Treasurer, 2014.
  • CONFERENCES: 2020 IEEE Region 2 Student Activities Conference, Conference Chair; EVO2019, IEEE-USA Premier Leadership Conference, Steering Committee Member; 2019 IEEE Region 2 Student Activities Conference, Conference Chair; IEEE N3XT® Keynote & AlphaLab Gear International Hardware Cup Finals, Steering Committee Member, 2018; 2018 IEEE Region 2 Student Activities Conference, Conference Chair.
  • OTHERS: Pittsburgh Section Entrepreneurs Network, Chair, 2018-Present; Power and Energy Society, Member; Technology and Engineering Management Society, Member.


Major past contributions to IEEE:

  • Expand and update the Region 2 Student Activities Conference year-over-year between 2018-2020.
  • Enhance and grow activity, membership, and income as Chair of the Pittsburgh Section.
  • Create the first Entrepreneurs network (Pittsburgh Section) within the Region from supporting with MGA and TAB.




Through membership and time volunteering within IEEE, I have developed an understanding of how IEEE functions as an organization. If elected, I will use my knowledge and experience of organizational, administrative, and financial knowledge to advocate for members of the Region in several ways, including:


  • Support for Local Activities: The Region needs to recognize and share the best of Section activities through an initiative that helps to capture activity (meeting, guest speakers, workshops, etc.) in one section that can be used in another.


  • Financial Transparency and Growth: Regional funds support all members, and members should be easily able to see how funds are being, and planned on being, used. Due to decreased membership, the Region needs to investigate additional sources of income, including the formation of an annual regional conference.


  • Engagement of Students and Young Professionals: Regional and local units need to expand how we engage with Student Members and Young Professionals. The Region will continue to grow the successful Regional Student Activities Conference, while supporting and forming additional activities with support of higher-grade members.


Philip M. Gonski

Headshot of Phil Gonski



(Nominated by IEEE Region 2)

Project Manager

Burns Engineering

Philadelphia, PA, USA


As the grandson of two renowned inventors and IEEE members, you could say Philip’s interest in electrical engineering was predetermined. What wasn’t predetermined was how Philip would carve out his own path to become a leader and expert in his field.

After graduating from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, Philip worked for Sargent and Lundy in Chicago, designing power facilities. Projects include the largest US biodiesel plant and a 3200MW Combined Cycle Plant in the Middle East. While in Chicago, Philip received a Master’s in Energy Engineering.

Philip is a manager at Burns Engineering and a leader in the Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy fields. Projects include the Philadelphia Navy Yard Microgrid, combined heat and power plants, battery energy storage, and solar power generation.


Philip was distinguished as the Delaware Valley and IEEE Philadelphia Young Engineer of the Year and has been recognized by NPR.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • Region Treasurer
    • Successfully managed region finances in line with IEEE MGA policies
    • Ensured timely support to region conferences and outreach activities
    • Assisted with financial planning for Section’s Congress


  • East Area Chair
    • Provided guidance to four (4) Sections in the Region on event planning and PACE Activities
    • Attended Sections Congress as Regional Delegate


Section Contributions

  • Community Outreach
    • Local grammar schools, high schools, and universities: Guest Speaker & Panelist
    • Delaware Valley Science Fair: IEEE Award Judge
    • Future City Competition: Special Award Presenter (2013-2020)
    • Supported IEEE Chapter Initiatives:
      • Outreach programs for Arduino and electronics STEM activities
      • Lobbied on behalf of IEEE at the USA Congressional Visit Day


  • Continuing Education
    • Implemented CEU Accreditation at Section Meetings because previously members did not receive continuing education credit for attending educational seminars. This program directly drove value for industry members and we witnessed a strong increase in attendance at our section nights.


  • Organized Career Fairs & Networking Forums
    • Organized and hosted live and virtual job fairs for IEEE members & other professionals in the engineering community, resulting in multiple job offers


  • Section Website Overhaul & Update
    • Volunteer Forms - facilitated coordination between volunteer needs and member availability
    • Advertising and Job Board – Created website system functionality for companies to advertise and post job offerings


  • Supported Members in Reinstating Defunct Chapters/Societies
    • Signal Processing Society
    • Antennas and Propagation
    • Aerospace and Electronic Systems


  • Partnered with other Organizations for Education & Networking Events
    • Tours of facilities: Navy Yard, Amazon
    • ASME, ASCE, AIA Joint Young Professional Events


  • Leadership
    • Philadelphia Section Chair for Three (3) Years - one of the largest sections in the region
    • Treasurer and Secretary


Standards Board

  • Balloting Member
    • IEEE 1547 - IEEE Standard for Interconnection and Interoperability of Distributed Energy Resources with Associated Electric Power Systems 
    • IEEE 2030.7 - IEEE Standard for the Specification of Microgrid Controllers




“What is IEEE’s value to me?”

Value is the defining factor members consider when renewing their membership. We are losing this battle. In today’s age of information overload, organizations must adapt or become as obsolete as analog phones. As a society dedicated to innovation, we must adapt to changing trends.

Key Strategies

  • Relevance. Training makes us relevant. With less formal in-house training offered by engineering firms, IEEE can fill the gap. Companies will value employing a better-educated workforce and will sponsor IEEE memberships for employees, which we will promote, document & report.
  • Networking. Post-college, one’s peer network is their greatest resource. I will embark on a campaign to guide students, young professionals, and members to see the value in meeting one another and sharing information in-person. Furthermore, our website must become a better resource for job opportunities and events.
  • Partnerships. Several organizations have similar goals and community events.  There is great value in partnering on joint programs with our counterparts at ASME, ASCE and local universities. Together, we can learn from our set-backs and successes.