Timothy R. Weil

Headshot of Tim Weil

(Nominated by IEEE Region 5)

Network Project Manager
Alcohol Monitoring Systems
Littleton, Colorado, USA

Tim Weil is a Network Project Manager with Alcohol Monitoring Systems in Littleton, CO.  Previously he worked for twenty-five years in the Washington DC area providing network engineering, program management and information security compliance for federal agencies and international companies. Since returning to Colorado he worked as an Information Security Manager for the US Antarctic Program and US Department of Interior. Recently he established an ISO 27001 line of business for Coalfire and has provided ISO 27001 consultancy services to commercial clients.

He earned a BA in Sociology from Immaculate Heart College (1976) and taught in Los Angeles public schools.  He later completed undergraduate studies in Computer Science from California State University Chico (1986) and earned MSc in Computer Science from John Hopkins University (1990).  He is actively involved in Information Security related research and enjoys mentoring next generation IEEE members. His industry certifications include CISSP, CCSP, PMP and CISA.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

IEEE Accomplishments


  • General Chair – IEEE Region 5 and GREENTECH Conferences (2013)
  • Advisor - IEEE Region 5 and GREENTECH Conferences (2017)
  • South Area Chair – IEEE Region 2


  • Chair – IEEE Washington DC Section (2009), IEEE Denver Section (2013)
  • Chair – IEEE Denver Communications Society Chapter (2014-2016)
  • Website administrator for multiple section, chapter and conferences


  • IEEE Communications Society (member since 1993)
  • IEEE Computer Society (member since 1993)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (member since 2010)


  • General Chair – IEEE GREENTECH (2013), IEEE Region 5 Annual Conference
  • Executive Committee - IEEE GREENTECH (2017), IEEE Region 5 Conference
  • Patron Chair and Advisor – IEEE GLOBECOM (COMSOC) – 2007-2016 (multiple conferences)


  • IEEE 1609 Standards Working Group – Wireless Access for Vehicular Environments (2008-2010)
  • Contributor and co-editor of the ANSI Role-Based Access Control Standards (updated in 2011)


  • IEEE-USA Professional Achievement Service Award for Individuals (2015) in supporting conference development for the GREENTECH and GLOBECOM programs
  • Service Award (2009) for promoting the 125th IEEE History Program (Washington DC and Northern Virginia Sections)


  • Editor – IT Professional (Securing IT department) 2015-present (appointment)
  • Author – IEEE Computer (2010), IEEE Security and Privacy (2008), IT Professional (2011-2017), Communications Surveys and Tutorials (2011), IEEE Scanner (IEEE DC Section newspaper), IEEE Denver Section Mile High Spark (2011-2015)
  • Technical Reviewer (multiple IEEE publications since 1998)


  • Educator on Intelligent Transportation Systems – Seminars at IEEE GLOBECOM 2007-2015
  • Section Coordinator for IEEE Milestone History Recognition – Virginia Smith HVDC Substation
  • Author / Editor Engineering and Technology History Wiki (ETHW) – 50 Year History of the Washington DC Section
  • Provided significant financial growth to two Sections and multiple conferences
As Director, I will focus on:
Increasing Region 5 membership and Young Professional Activities
I will actively promote membership development programs for our 26 Sections and young professional programs and emphasize early career development activities and value-added services for our members.

Strengthening industry partnership across Region 5 programs
I will work to expand professional development programs across Region 5 to include professional webinars and leverage local Section events. I will leverage our Region’s network and my own contacts from leading successful patron committee programs across IEEE conferences.

Keeping Region 5 and IEEE a member-centered organization
I will work to carry your voice to various IEEE and IEEE-USA forums. My work will emphasize the benefits of IEEE volunteer activities which has always been the beating heart of our area programs.

Expanding educational outreach across Region 5 programs
I will work to build out our Region’s IEEE University programs through networking with Area Chairs, Faculty Advisors and Student Chapters and promote our successful annual conference.
James R. Look

Headshot of James Look

(Nominated by IEEE Region 5)

Self Employed
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Jim Look has made the IEEE the major focus of his activities since leaving full time employment in 2003.  After completing a 28 year career in the international oil and gas industry, Jim has dedicated time to non-profit organizations including, Habitat for Humanity, the Colorado Engineering Council, the City of Boulder (advisory committees) and many levels of the IEEE. He graduated with a BSEE in 1972, achieved his PE license in 1976 and added an MBA in 1981. The majority of his professional career was spent with Saudi Aramco, a very large international oil company. Over that period he was involved with a wide variety of engineering and management assignments. He progressed from a refinery utility engineer, to project manager, to the leadership of a 140-person multidisciplinary, multi-national engineering group and finally, advisor to corporate management. He has been a continuous member of the IEEE for over 45 years (StM-1970, M-1972, SM-2005, LS-2016).

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities



  • MGA - Chair, Member Benefits Portfolio Advisory Committee (2014-2016)
  • MGA - Past-Chair, Member Benefits Portfolio Advisory Committee (2017-date)
  • IEEE-USA - Nominations & Appointments Committee (2010-2013)
  • IEEE-USA - Vice President, Professional Activities (8/2010-12/31/2012)
  • IEEE-USA - Energy Policy Committee (2008-date)

REGION 5:            

  • West Area Chair – Region 5 (2010–date)
  • Secretary - Region 5 (10/25/2006-2007)
  • PACE Coordinator – Region 5 (2008-2009)


  • Treasurer - NE Wisconsin Section (1975)
  • Secretary - Denver Section (2004-2006)
  • Treasurer - Denver Section (8/2013-1/2014)
  • Webmaster - Denver Section (2007)
  • Vice Chair – Denver Section (2008)
  • Chair – Denver Section (2009)
  • Chair – Nominations Committee – Denver Section (2010-2012)
  • Committee member - 2013 IEEE Green Technologies Conference and Region 5 Annual Meeting
  • Registration Chair - 2017 IEEE Green Technologies Conference and Region 5 Annual Meeting


  • Michigan Technological University Student Branch (1970-1972)


  • IEEE Power and Energy Society (1973-date)
  • IEEE Consumer Electronics Society (2015-date)


  • Region 5 Individual Outstanding Achievement Award (2007)
  • Region 5 Special Director’s Award (2008)


As Chair of the re-organized MGA (Member and Geographic Activities), Member Benefits Portfolio Advisory Committee (MBPAC) he guided the development of the committee's new operating philosophy, policies and procedures. With input from committee members, IEEE staff and outside experts, the MGA charter statement was implemented as  a functioning committee with processes to evaluate and rate all IEEE member benefit programs on the characteristics of member satisfaction, financial impact on IEEE and alignment of the benefit with IEEE core values.


Service to members must be the highest priority of the Region. If elected,I would work tirelessly to insure that all programs are conducted for the benefit of all IEEE members including:

  • Supporting the Sections: The Region must ensure that every Section has the expertise, resources and tools necessary to conduct outreach programs for future members along with worthwhile technical and career related programs for current IEEE members.
  • Continuing Our Focus on Delivering Value to the Members: It is our responsibility to ensure that IEEE money is spent effectively and wisely on programs that deliver increasing value to the member.
  • Enhancing Exchanges with Student Branches: Most of our student members do not think they are getting a good value for their IEEE dues, especially after graduation. Additional resources must be allocated to improving the relevance of IEEE and increasing engagement with students who are our future members and leaders.

I ask for your vote because I have the vision, experience and leadership skills necessary to implement improvements in Region 5 for the benefit of all members.