Bob G. Becnel

Headshot of Bob G. Becnel

(Nominated by IEEE Region 5)

Electrical Engineer
The Boeing Company
Autonomous Systems
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Bob Becnel is a Electrical Engineer with a focus on airborne communications with The Boeing Company in Saint Louis on an autonomous systems program for the United States Navy. Since joining Boeing in 2005, Bob has been active in a broad range of communication and sensor systems. Previously, he was a Member of the Technical Staff at Lucent Technologies, where he was engaged in the design of large communication networks and has nearly 30 years of professional experience. Currently, Bob is incoming President for Missouri Society of Professional Engineers and a Professional Engineer. Bob holds a B.S.Co.E. and B.S.E.E. from The University of Missouri and a M.S.E.E. from Washington University in St. Louis. Bob has been an adjunct instructor for several years at Washington University. Bob is married and has two daughters currently in college. He and wife Verla live in Imperial, MO.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • MGA Training Committee (2019-present)
  • IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference, Exhibits Chair (2009)
  • IEEE Globecom Saint Louis, Exhibits Chair (2005)


  • Region 5 Treasurer, Term 2 (2016-2017)
  • Region 5 Treasurer, Term 1 (2014-2015)


  • Past Chair, Saint Louis Section (2012)
  • Chair, Saint Louis Section (2011)
  • Vice Chair, Saint Louis Section (2010)
  • Treasurer, Saint Louis Section (2009)
  • Secretary, Saint Louis Section (2008)
  • IEEE Sections Congress Delegate, Saint Louis Section (2008)

Student Branch

  • Counselor, Washington University in St. Louis (2014-present)


  • Director’s Special Service Award (2017)
  • Outstanding Section Member for Saint Louis Section (2011)


  • Internal Boeing IEEE Committee, (2008-present)
  • Internal Boeing IEEE Committee, Newsletter Editor (2008-2017)

Major Accomplishments

  • As Treasurer, consistently kept 100% financial reporting compliance and rebate among all Sections.
  • Fiscal responsibility and quality audits.
  • Establishment of Region Finance Committee chaired by the Treasurer to more efficiently handle financial decisions.
  • Professional and prompt rapport with Section Treasurers on an ongoing basis.
  • Awarded nearly 40 cash awards to student competition winners on an annual basis.
  • As Section Chair, re-engaged Branches and Chapters with the Section Executive Committee.



I appreciate the breadth and depth of the position of Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect and Delegate/Director.  After serving two terms in the role of Region Treasurer, I am day one ready to step into the position.  If elected, the following are some examples of my priorities that I am passionate about. 

  • Develop affiliate membership opportunities that can expose and attract more women and minority engineers to IEEE.  
  • Industry Outreach utilizing Society publications, tutorials and training materials that leverage membership value and non-dues revenue from professionals.  
  • Vigorously market the Region to IEEE Societies in order to promote Conference opportunities throughout Region 5.
  • Support Sections and Young Professionals through additional training and leadership opportunities.  Develop a pro-active rejuvenation plan for Sections and Chapters showing signs of inactivity and financial strain to mitigate membership losses.
  • Assist full time faculty Branch Counselors through the establishment of a mentorship program among industry and retired members to coach students and keep Branches active. 

I look forward to serving you as Region 5 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect in 2020-2021.

Ken Stuerke

Headshot of Ken Stuerke

(Nominated by IEEE Region 5)

Senior Electrical Engineer (Retired)
MKEC Engineering Consultants
Wichita, Kansas, USA

Ken recently retired from a position as Senior Electrical Engineer at MKEC Engineering Consultants in Wichita where his primary duties included industrial power design and arc flash analysis.  He is a Professional Engineer registered in seven states.  Early in his career, Ken was employed as an electrical design engineer in the aviation industry.  He worked at Cessna Aircraft, Beech Aircraft, Douglas Aircraft, Raytheon Aircraft and Hawker-Beech Aircraft. He did design work on the electrical system on the Beech Starship, Raytheon Premier I, Beechjet and Hawker.  He also did a two year stint in aircraft accident investigation, working closely with the NTSB to determine the cause of Beech Aircraft accidents.

Ken's hobbies include playing piano.  Starting as a teenager, he worked as a professional musician for 15 years, putting himself through college.  He still occasionally plays professionally, accompanying Jenny Wood, a well known Wichita vocalist. 
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Ken Stuerke joined IEEE while at Western Kentucky University as a Student Member in 1982.  After graduation and a move to Wichita, KS, he began his association with the Wichita Section in 1984, where he has served as Treasurer, Vice-Chair, Awards and Recognition Chair, Educational Activities Chair, and Student Activities Chair.  He is currently a life senior member and Chair of the Wichita Section. Ken is a member of the IEEE Industrial Applications Society. 

At the Region 5 level, Ken has served on the Audit Committee from 2016 through 2019, most recently as Chair.  In 2019, he accepted the appointment as Career and Employment Activities Coordinator.  He has attended two Sections Congress events as the Wichita Section Representative.



My vision for IEEE is for all members to make it their professional home, both technical and practical.  To that end I would promote programs to provide assistance for members to enter a technical society at a reduced cost for the first year.  I would also promote programs to help members with career and employment issues, such as a resume archive and resume assistance.

Because of my lack of experience at the Region level, I would count on assistance from the current Director and Director-Elect in learning the job.