Jason Jianjun Gu

Headshot of jason Gu

(Nominated by IEEE Region 7)

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Jason Gu received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2001) from University of Alberta and is Professor and Director of the Robotics Laboratory at Dalhousie University. He published over 250 Journal, book chapters and conference papers in biomedical engineering, robotics, systems and control. He was editor-in-chief of International Journal of Automation and Logistics (2012) and editor of Journal of Control and Intelligent Systems (2007).

He was associate editor for many IEEE periodicals, Program/General Chair for over a dozen IEEE conferences and was the IEEE Canada Atlantic Section (CAS) Vice Chair and Chair. He is currently the IEEE Canada Conference Editorial Board Chair and Awards Committee Vice Chair.

Jason received the Outstanding IEEE Student Branch Counselor  Award (2004), the IEEE CAS Murugan Memorial Award (2014), and the IEEE J. J. Eastern Canada Merit Service Award (2016). He is a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada and Canadian Academy of Engineering.

 IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • Award and Recognition Committee Vice Chair, 2016-present
  • Canada Conference Editorial Board Co-Chair, 2014-2017
  • Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, General Chair, 2015
  • Electrical Power and Energy Conference, Program Chair, 2010/2013


  • Award and Recognition Committee Chair, 2016
  • Nominations and Appointments Chair, 2012-2015
  • Student Activities, 2013-present
  • WIE Affinity Advisor, 2003-present
  • Past Chair, 2012-2013
  • Chair, 2011-2012
  • Vice Chair, 2010-2011


  • Counselor, 2001-present


  • Robotics and Automation Society
  • Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society
  • Industrial Electronics Society


  • Registration Chair, IROS 2017
  • Award Committee Chair, ICIA 2016
  • General Chair, CCECE 2015
  • Program Co-Chair, CSE 2014
  • Program Chair, ROBIO 2013; Program Chair, EPEC2013
  • General Chair, ICAL 2012
  • Program Co-Chair, ICIA 2011
  • Program Chair, EPEC 2010
  • Panel Organizing Chair, ICAL 2009
  • Program Chair, ICAL 2008
  • Publication Co-Chair, ICAL 2007
  • Publication Co-Chair, ICIA 2006
  • Program Chair, ICMA 2005
  • Publications Chair, CIRA 2001


  • IEEE Transactions on Mechatronics, Editor 2009-2013
  • IEEE SMC Magazine, Editor (2017-)
  • IEEE Access, Editor, 2013-present


  • IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor Award, 2004
  • IEEE Transaction on Mechatronics Associate Editor Award, 2013
  • IEEE ICIA/ICAL Best Conference Paper Award, 2014
  • IEEE CAS Murugan Memorial Award, 2014
  • IEEE CAS Distinguished Service Award, 2015
  • IEEE J. J. Eastern Canada Merit Service Award, 2016


 As the Region 7 Director-Elect, I will utilize my extensive volunteer and academic experience to grow membership in Region 7. I have become familiar with the present needs of our members, my focus will be to:
  • Strengthen our connections with Canadian IEEE Sections, MGA, TAB, and industry to enhance the profession and support member activities. Promote/attract/increase/retain membership.
  • Increase IEEE Canada’s visibility to government, and non-government organizations, the general public, particularly for enhancing the study of engineering among young students and professionals.
  • Assure that IEEE Canada forums, flagship conferences and publications are of high quality.
  • Enhance and/or expand partnerships with academia, government, industry, other not-for-profit organizations and professional societies who share our interests to better address the future needs of our profession.
  • Tighten the collaboration among Region 7 Sections while, respecting cultural, economic and social diversity, and recognizing professional networking needs.

I will devote myself to enhance the value of IEEE within Region 7 and seek new opportunities within and beyond the global IEEE community.

Adam Skorek

Headshot of Adam Skorek

(Nominated by IEEE Region 7)

University of Québec at Trois-Rivières
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Québec, Canada

Adam SKOREK, was born in Krzczonów, Poland, December 24, 1956. He completed the Master of Electrical Engineering Program at Bia?ystok University of Technology (Poland) receiving both Master and Engineer degrees. He obtained Doctor of Technical Sciences Degree in Electrical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology.  In 1987, he joined the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières, where he is currently a Full Professor and former Head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Former Director and current Member of the UQTR’s Research Group on Industrial Electronics, he was a Member of the Board of Directors of the University of Québec at Trois-Rivières and the Board of Governors of the University of Québec.  He was a Chair of Canadian Heads of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, he is a recipient of the IEEE RAB/MGA Leadership Award and the IEEE Canada W.S. Read Outstanding Service Award.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

COMMITTEE/BOARD: IEEE Fellow Committee Member (2017); IEEE MGA Awards and Recognition Committee: Past-Chair (2016-2015), Chair (2014-2013), and Member (2016, 2015, 2014, 2013); IEEE Medal of Honor Committee Member (2008-2009); IEEE Awards Board Member (2014-2013, 2009-2008).

REGION: IEEE CANADA/R7 President-elect/Director-elect Candidate nominated by IEEE Region 7 (2017, 2011); IEEE CANADA/R7 Board of Directors (2003-2004 and 1992-1997); IEEE Canadian Foundation Board of Directors Member (2002-2007); Translation Committee Chair (2001); Eastern Canada Council Chair (1996-1997); Education Activities Committee Chair (1994-1996).
SECTION/CHAPTER: IEEE St-Maurice Section Annual Elections President (2008-2017); IEEE St-Maurice Section: Chair (2003-2004 and 1992-1994), Vice-Chair (2001-2002 and 1990-1991).

SOCIETIES: IEEE Electron Device Society Distinguished Lecturer (2010-2017); IEEE Industry Applications Society Fellow Committee Member (2016-2015, 2011-2010); IEEE Industry Applications Society Awards Committee Chair (2005-2009); IEEE IAS, Manufacturing Systems and Applications Department Chair (2001-2003) and Vice-Chair Papers (1997-2001); IEEE Education Society Chapters Coordinator (1996-2001).

CONFERENCES: IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exhibition (ECCE, 2009-2017) Technical Program Committee and Reviews Committees. Founder of PARELEC, the IEEE International Conference on Parallel Computing in Electrical Engineering, contributor to the IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE, 1989-2007); Co-chair and organizer of the IEEE Power Electronics Society Forth Workshop on Computers in Power Electronics (UQTR, 1992); contributor, sessions organizer and sessions chair at the IEEE Industry Applications Annuals Meetings (1994-2009); contributor to the COMPUMAG, the IEEE Magnetics Society sponsored conference (2017, 1993-1997).


  • Recognized contributions to the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Awards and Recognition Committee (2013-2016).
  • Recognized contributions to the IEEE Awards Board (2013-2014, 2008-2009) and to the IEEE Medal of Honor Committee (2008-2009).
  • Creation and implementation of new approaches to the IEEE Industry Applications Society – Awards Department (2005-2009).
  • Foundation and contributions to the IEEE Canada Translation Committee (1996-present).
  • Contributions to the Saint-Maurice Section’s outstanding IEEE volunteer’s recruitment (1988-present).



Based on historical values and with respect to all IEEE R7 volunteers, I’d like to introduce a new generation of contributors. The keywords of this action will be enthusiasm and creativity assuming professional excellence as a common base.

I consider extremely important an appropriate collaboration with government agencies, industry, and academia. High standard of the IEEE Canada sponsored publications and conferences are for me a must. A continuing search of new contributors and ideas in these fields, as well their implementation, is what I’d like to do.
Contributions of R7 to the IEEE worldwide activities and its Canadian obligations are very important issues. I’d be an active and proud representative of the IEEE Canada to the IEEE and to the Engineering Institute of Canada.

Experienced in social media and electronic communications, my objective is to increase our membership’s implication in this area.

In member’s services and IEEE governance, the Canadian Sections are essentials - I would act according to their needs and indications.

I’m ready to serve the IEEE R7 in both Canada’s official languages.