Below are the candidates for IEEE Region 8 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2023-2024; Delegate/Director, 2025-2026

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

  • Michael G. Hinchey (Nominated by IEEE Region 8)
  • Adeel Sultan (Nominated by IEEE Region 8)

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Michael G. Hinchey

Headshot of Michael Hinchey

Michael G. Hinchey 
(Nominated by IEEE Region 8)

Professor and Head of Department
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
University of Limerick
Limerick, Ireland 

Mike Hinchey is Chair of IEEE Global Public Policy Committee, and the IEEE Conduct Review Committee.  He is serving on the 2022 IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors and on the Computer editorial board.

He chairs the IEEE R8 Membership Development committee.  He has also served as Chair of the UK & Ireland Section. 

He is President of IFIP, (International Federation for Information Processing) Emeritus Director of Lero — the Irish Software Research Centre, and Professor of Software Engineering and Department Chair at University of Limerick, Ireland.   He was SEARCC Global ICT Professional of the Year in 2018. 

Previously, Hinchey was the Director of the NASA Software Engineering Laboratory.

Hinchey holds a BSc in Computer Systems from University of Limerick, MSc in Computation from University of Oxford, and PhD in Computer Science from University of Cambridge. 

He is an Honorary Fellow of Computer Society of India. 


To IEEE Region 8 I would bring an international leadership perspective and global connections that would help sustain and expand the Region’s presence, and also improve the professional practices of engineering professionals. I’ve been the Director of an international software engineering center, I’m just completing my second term as President of the International Federation for Information Processing, have worked with the United Nations and UNESCO, and led the software engineering laboratory in NASA. In this work, I have actively supported programs that encourage girls, minorities, native communities, and under-represented parts of the world to consider STEM careers. I’ve been involved in projects that bring technology and Internet access to people in under-served regions and helped bring technological employment to those areas. I’ve mentored and supported students and young professionals worldwide, including through my own Section’s activities. In serving as Director, I would encourage the Region to be more globally connected, to embrace a new generation of engineers, and to support the work of members, no matter where they may live and work.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • Co-Founder, IEEE International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM), Co-Chair 2005-2007
  • Co-Founder, IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM), Co-Chair 2002-2004
  • Co-Founder IEEE International Conference on Engineering Complex Computer Systems (IEEE ICECCS)
  • Founder, IEEE Software Engineering Workshop and IEEE/NASA Software Engineering Workshop, Chair for SEW-26 to SEW-35
  • Co-Founder, IEEE Workshop on Engineering Autonomous and Autonomic Systems (EASe)
  • Co-Founder, IEEE International Workshop on Industrial-Strength Formal Specification Techniques (WIFT)
  • Co-Founder, IEEE/NASA Workshop on Formal Approaches to Agent-Based Systems (FAABS)
  • Established IEEE Space Mission Challenges for IT (SMC-IT) as an IEEE event
  • Chair, IEEE Engineering Computer-Based Systems 2005 (ECBS 2005)  
  • Co-Founder and Chair of several IEEE conference series
  • Member, Program Committees for dozens of IEEE conferences/workshops
  • Keynote speaker at dozens of IEEE events worldwide


  • Computer Society BoG (2022)
  • Global Public Policy Committee (2022-present)
  • Public Visibility Committee, Vice-Chair (2021-present)
  • Conduct Review Committee, Vice-Chair (2021-present)
  • Conference Approval Review Committee (2022-present)
  • Distinguished Women in Science and Engineering Committee (2022-present)
  • IEEE-CS Technical Activities Board (1996-2000; 2004-2012)
  • IEEE-CS Conference Publications Operations Committee (2006-2016)
  • Computer editorial board (2007-2016; 2019-present); guest editor of 3 special issues (NASA 50th anniversary, Software Engineering, Evolving Critical Systems)
  • Distinguished Visitor Program, 2006-2008
  • Member, IEEE-CS Conference Publications Oversight Committee (2006-present)
  • Editorial Board member, Computer and editor of Software Technologies column (2005-2015, 2019-present)


  • Vice-Chair, IEEE UK & Ireland Section (2016-2017)
  • Chair, IEEE, UK & Ireland Section (2018-2019)
  • Past Chair, IEEE UK & Ireland Section (2020-2021)
  • Keynote speaker: 2018-2020, IEEE Young Professionals events including Region 8 YP flagship event, WESYP 2019
  • Chair, Region 8 Membership Development subcommittee (2020-present)
  • Member, Region 8 Membership Development committee (2018-present)

He was 2018-2019 Chair of UK & Ireland Section which was the largest Section outside Silicon Valley, growing its membership substantially, and establishing cross-section collaborations.

He is a regular public and keynote speaker at IEEE events.  

Adeel Sultan

Headshot of Adeel Sultan

Adeel Sultan 
(Nominated by IEEE Region 8)

Emirates Telecom (Etisalat)
United Arab Emirates

Adeel Sultan (SMIEEE/HKN), a seasoned Telecommunications Engineer with specialization in microelectronics, is an Alumni of McGill University (Montreal, Canada). A long-time Dubai resident, he is currently a Director/PMO with the region’s largest Telco. Adeel has pioneered many business process/program strategies and was instrumental in developing org-management and knowledge-sharing platforms. He is a Founder/CEO of an online NFP business, and as a technology enthusiast, he frequently speaks at various events/forums. Adeel is part of a diverse group of technical/editorial boards and innovation committees, especially those involved in the development/enhancement of AI/IoT based educational technologies. As a keen advocate for providing equitable/inclusive opportunities to all, he not only participates in a wide-range of humanitarian projects, but is also a senior-member of the corporate DEI think-tank. Adeel is a dedicated IEEE Region 8 executive volunteer, served as an advisor on institutional boards, and is also an active member of various other professional organizations.


I am well versed with the needs and requirements of our global/regional members and with the overall functioning of IEEE operational/business model. We, as an organization, thrive together with our volunteers and members and engaging/appreciating them is fundamental to our philosophy. Hence, my strategy to further enhance/achieve our common objectives will be to:

  • Promote Equity/Inclusion through equitable engagement & cross-collaboration.
  • Nurture Members by providing them with optimized, flexible & customized Membership Models.
  • Facilitate Student Retention by providing extra support during transitional phases.
  • Introduce cutting-edge Professional Education and Mentorship programs by leveraging upon emerging technologies.
  • Implement agile mechanisms to engage more closely with the industrial partners.
  • Encourage more Humanitarian Initiatives to ensure equal opportunities/facilities for less privileged.
  • Augment Region’s credibility/representation on a global scale to ensure that our diversified regional needs/requirements are adequately addressed.

With my clear strategic vision & absolute passion, I’m fully committed to serve the IEEE members, our Region and our Community, to create an all-inclusive Region 8 and IEEE, where everyone is equally engaged/empowered and feel proud to call IEEE their professional home.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Adeel has held various executive positions within IEEE (UAE and Ottawa Sections, Region8, R8-Opcom & MGA). His exceptional efficiency and professionalism not only resulted in the growth of respective sections but also in the enhancement of their credibility. In UAE, he managed to raise the stature of technology in general and IEEE in particular. For his remarkable services, Adeel received the prestigious “Region 8 Outstanding Volunteer Award” and multiple accolades from UAE Section and GCC Region.

As Chair Publications & Communications R8: Adeel was instrumental in synchronizing & standardizing the region-wide communication platforms/channels and in enhancing the overall member collaborative/cooperative experience.

As Vice-Chair UAE, Vice-Chair MA R8, Chair MA/MD (UAE) & Chair MD R8: Adeel was pivotal in looking after the betterment of IEEE members. He implemented a unique 3C methodology to augment cross-functional teamwork and under his leadership, Region 8 & UAE Section witnessed consistent growth, equitable empowerment and inclusive engagement.

As Chair MEC UAE: Adeel introduced/established the “Member-Engagement-Committee” to create a smart network of ambassadors in numerous organizations which resulted in elevated member participation & increased retention.

As Treasurer UAE: Adeel seamlessly managed the section’s finances covering all aspects of budgeting/invoicing/payments, including successfully managed numerous sectional events and international conferences within R8.

As Chair PA UAE: Adeel actively worked towards the career/personal development by facilitating the DLP programs and in bringing EI/TE/TISP/STEM to R8.

As Member, MGA MBPAC & MGA AA: Adeel helped address R8’s diverse challenges and requirements while also influencing practical solutions for the Global member-base. He also suggested realistic benefit enhancements to provide greater member satisfaction, advancement & career growth.

Adeel’s well-rounded experience & activities portfolio has greatly enhanced his understanding of the diverse needs of the IEEE community, and his major accomplishments are a clear testament to his committed teamwork, consistent performance, and efficient leadership.