The candidates for 2022-2023 IEEE Region 9 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect are listed below. Please note that the candidate listing order indicates no preference. 



Jorge E. Monzon

Headshot of Jorge E Monzon

(Nominated by IEEE Region 9)
Professor, Engineering Department
School of Exact and Natural Sciences
Universidad Nacional del Nordeste
Corrientes, Argentina

Jorge E. Monzón received his Ph.D. from Northeastern National University (UNNE) and his Electronics Engineer degree from the University of Tucuman, in Argentina. He received two M.S. degrees, in EE, and in Biomedical Engineering, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At UNNE, he works on biomedical digital signal processing and on professional issues. He was the head of the Engineering Department at the Corrientes Institute of Cardiology, and CEO of Systole SRL. He has lectured in several countries. He is co-editor of Cardiac Fibrillation-Defibrillation (Intermedica) and contributing author to Interfacing Sensors to the IBM PC (Prentice-Hall), to Bioinstrumentation (Wiley) and to Biomedical Engineering Education (IGI), and associate editor of the EMB Magazine. He has been president of Latin American Regional Council on Biomedical Engineering (CORAL), and founding president of the Argentine Society of Bioengineering. He is listed in Who's Who in the World, in America and in Science and Engineering.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities



  • IEEE Life Members Committee, 2020-2021.
  • IEEE Conferences Committee, 2018-2019.
  • IEEE TPIC-CQC, 2018-2021.
  • IEEE TAB N&A, 2008-2009.
  • IEEE Membership Development Community, 2007.


  • LMAG Secretary, Argentina, 2021-2022.
  • Founding member, IEEE EMBS Chapter, Argentina, 1992.


  • Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society: 1981-present.
  • Vice President for Member and Student Activities, 2006-2009.
  • Member Elevation Committee, Chair, 2021.
  • Associate Editor, IEEE EMB Magazine, 2006-2009.
  • Awards Committee, 2000, 2006-2008.
  • Regional Conferences Committee, Chair, 2005.
  • Region 9 Representative, 1998-2001.
  • Conference Committee, 2000-2004, 2007-2010.
  • C&B Committee, 2003-2005.
  • EMB Magazine Editor Search Committee, 2000.


  • General Conference Chair, 25th Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS, Cancun, 2003.
  • Program Chair, 32nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE EMBS, Buenos Aires, 2010.
  • EMBS Conference Editorial Board member, 2008-2019.
  • International Conference Committee, IEEE-EMBS 20th Annual Conference, 1998.
  • International Committee, World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering and 22nd IEEE-EMBC, 2000.
  • International Scientific Committee, IEEE TENCON 2001, Singapore.
  • President, Second Latin American Congress on Biomedical Engineering, Havana, 2001.
  • Program Committee of IEEE-EMBS Annual Conferences EMBC’2001, EMBC’2002, EMBC’2004-2009, EMBC’2011-2012.


Current member:

  • IEEE Biometrics Council.
  • IEEE Council on RFID.
  • IEEE Life Sciences Community.
  • IEEE TechEthics Community.

Former member

  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.
  • IEEE Computer Society.
  • IEEE Education Society.
  • IEEE Signal Processing Society.

Founding member of the Latin American Council on BME (IEEE sponsorship).

As Conference Chair for the 2003 EMBC in Cancun, he recruited IEEE members from the Americas, to successfully organize the first EMB conference in Latin America. As Program Chair of EMBC 2010, he transformed its organization into a Latin American regional endeavor, key to the large attendance to this first EMB Conference in the southern hemisphere.

His initiative as EMBS Vice President for Members led to 300 new SM in 3 years. He designed new student activities for EMB conferences.


IEEE faces a wide range of issues, challenges and opportunities, especially in Latin America. I believe that member recruitment and recognition are essential to a larger and stronger society. We need to project IEEE to a higher level, enhancing the public visibility of member and volunteer achievements and the benefits to the community that results from its activities. We should work with industry leaders to identify and launch new IEEE services that could benefit practicing engineers and managers in the region, while consolidating our members from academia. My goal is to meet the demands of our members. We must identify and cultivate new partners who will join us in better serving our regional communities. We have to harmonize the national identities and common roots of our membership, and to promote IEEE activities across the Americas, especially in areas where long distances and low membership are key issues. I commit myself to coordinating -- with the help of Sections and Chapters -- the initiatives of enthusiastic IEEE members in every country of Latin America. 

Jenifer P. Castillo Rodriguez

Headshot of Jenifer Castillo Rodriguez

(Nominated by IEEE Region 9)

Project Specifications Manager – Latin America
Parker Hannifin, Instrumentation Group
Vega Alta, Puerto Rico


Mechatronics Engineer, graduated from Universidad de San Buenaventura, Colombia (2006). M.B.A. – International Enterprises from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.

In 2007, Jenifer started her career as Marketing and Technical Support for Parker Hannifin’s representative in the Automation and Filtration divisions. In 2011, she joined Ingersoll Rand as an Applications Engineer, and by 2012 was promoted to Sales Coordinator of the Caribbean, being in charge of the Business Development in that Area.

In 2014, she joined Parker Hannifin Corporation (Parker’s headquarters: Cleveland, Ohio, USA), as the Territory Manager for the Caribbean. In this role, she was responsible of the Business Development of different Parker groups, in the different markets of all the countries in the Caribbean (except Cuba), including the Guyanas. Recently, she started a new position in Parker, in charge of the Instrumentation Group’s projects specifications for Latin America.

Jenifer speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese fluently.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


COMMITTEES/BOARDS: Women in Engineering Committee (WIEC) Chair 2021; Industry Engagement Global Committee Member 2021; WIEC Member-at-Large, 2019-2020; HAC Disaster Response AdHoc Committee Member, 2020;

REGIONS: R9 Secretary, 2020-2021; R9 Governance Committee Chair, 2020-2021; R9 Industry Engagement AdHoc Committee Chair 2019.

SECTIONS/CHAPTERS: Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section (PRCS) Chair 2018-2019; PRCS Technical Activities Chair 2020; PRC IAS Chair 2018, 2019; PRCS YP Coordinator 2018, PRCS SAC, 2017; PRC and Colombia WIE Sections Chair and Founder; Colombia IAS Chapter Chair, Colombia YP Chair, 2016 and before.

STUDENT BRANCHES: University of San Buenaventura SB Chair, 2005-2006; and WIE AG Chair, 2004.

OTHERS: Red Cross Volunteer, leading MOVE initiative in PRCS. IES Member. Former member of IAS and ComSoc.

GOVERNANCE DOCUMENTS UPDATE REGION 9: Documentation outdated for 10+ years. With the governance committee:

  • Led the update of the Region’s Bylaws. Approved on 2020.
  • Led the translation of the Region’s Operations Manual. Approved on 2020.
  • Is leading the update of the Region’s Operations Manual.



  • Global assessment of AG’s status, identification of members and volunteers needs for the sustainability of the groups.
  • Creation of Women in Industry Subcommittee.


  • Event Chair. 25% of content in English as an inclusion tool.


  • Led the first 3 editions of the Section Student Branch Meeting.
  • Co-organizer of the first YP Summit.

PROJECT TOGETHER WE CAN - BRIGHT: Co-led the project as a response to Hurricane Maria outcome, with IEEE Foundation, HAC, and PR&C Section. Our Section won R9 Best Achievement Award, 2018.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • MGA Achievement Award 2020
  • R9 Outstanding Volunteer Award “Oscar C. Fernandez”, 2020.
  • R9 Regional Director Discretionary Award R9, 2019.
  • R9 Theodore Hissey award 2017.
  • MGA GOLD Achievement Award in 2010.



Although I’ve had the opportunity to understand current the needs, as director elect I would focus on doing a Members and Volunteers assessment to establish their needs in future years, and best practices in different sections, leading to serve better our members and enhance their experience.

-  Technical and Educational Content: Hybrid model for the main Regional events, reaching a larger audience and granting sustainability. In addition to keep up an online platform with content in different languages for the members.

-  Inclusion: Give continuity to successful programs YP and WIE are running and support new initiatives. Reignite the Consultants Network in the Region with the support of the AG’s.

-  Industry and Entrepreneurship:

  • Content focused on the main markets, with transversal technical information for members
  • Strategy for Target accounts to associate with to achieve sponsorships, leading to lower registrations fees and Industry Distinguished Lecturers for events.

-  Understand IEEE’s global strategy and Regionalize the most suitable initiatives for the benefit of our members and the growth of the Region.