Jose David Cely

Headshot of Jose David Cely

(Nominated by Petition)

Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
Bogota, Colombia

Jose David Cely is professor and member of the Technology Faculty at Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas in Bogota, Colombia, since 2006. Developed his professional career mainly in the academic sector where he has been a professor in several universities in Colombia: Universidad Catolica de Colombia (2001-2006), Universidad Pedagogica de Colombia (2002-2004) and others. In 2006 he won the public merit contest for the Universidad Distrital career professor position; he has been in charge of subjects such as Wireless Networks, Microwaves, among others. Besides his teaching and research commitments, he has held several management positions including currently serving as the Electronics Laboratory Chief. In 2007 he received the Academic Excellence Recognition at same university.

In industry, his experience include Projects Engineer at “Research Telecommunications Center CINTEL” Bogota, Maintenance Chief at “Immunology Institute” Bogota, Research Engineer at “Technological Institute of Electronics and Communications ITEC-TELECOM”.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities
Side by side with wonderful volunteers, I have been part of several achievements, for instance, the foundation of first IEEE Colombia Section Office, formation of new units as six Sub Sections, one Section, several chapters and student branches not only in Colombia but also Region 9.


  • TAB Representative to Graduate of the Last Decade Committee (GOLD) (2001-2002)
  • Regional Students Activities Committee Representative (1998-1999)
  • Regional Students Activities Committee Chair RSAC (2001) 
  • IEEE Communications Society Regional Director (2010-2011)
  • Conferences Committee Adhoc on Global Perspectives member (2016-2017)


  • Andean Council Chair (2016-2017)
  • Technical Activities Chair (2012-2013) 
  • VOLT Advisor (2014-2017) 


  • Section Chair (2017-2018), (2007-2008) Nominated by Petition
  • Treasurer (2011-2014) 
  • Professional Activities Coordinator (2009-2010)  
  • Communications Society Chapter Co-Founder (2000) Chair (2016) (2005-2006) Nominated by Petition, Treasurer (2003-2004) 
  • Student Activities Coordinator (1998-2004) 


  • Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, Counselor (2010-2011), Chair (1996-1997), Treasurer (1995), Membership Development (1994) 
  • Universidad Catolica de Colombia Counselor (2002-2006)      


  • 2019 IEEE International Conference on E-health Networking, Application & Services (HealthCom) Organizing Committee
  • IEEE Latin America Conference on Communications (LATINCOM) Co-Founder 2009, Executive Director 2016, General Chair 2014, Standing Committee Member since 2009
  • IEEE PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition: Latin America, Local Committee 2008, Executive Director 2014
  • IEEE Andean Conference (ANDESCON) Publications Chair 2004, Executive Director 2010, Local Committee 2004 
  • IEEE Colombian Conference on Communications and Computing (COLCOM) Co-Founder 2007, Standing Committee Member since 2007 
  • 2011 IEEE PES Conference On Innovative Smart Grid Technologies LA, (ISGT LA) Treasurer


  • MGA Achievement Award 2010
  • Outstanding volunteer Award “Oscar C. Fernández” 2010
  • Communications Society Latin America: Distinguished Service Award 2009
  • Third Millennium Medal 2000


  • Student Branch Growth Award 1996
  • ComSoc Chapter of the Year 2006
  • ComSoc Chapter Achievement Award 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2017
  • Region 9 Best Achievement Award 2002, 2010, 2012, 2013

Based on my 23 years volunteering experience, I think Region 9 is still in its foundation stage, a young open institution to dynamic processes with a great growth potential. This is the reason why my proposal is based on the following main points:

  1. Strengthen the relationship between the Region and Sections with the Chapters and Technical Societies in order to convert our region in an interesting venue to attract the current and new world class events. 
  2. Promote continued education activities for professional development, strengthening the technological transfer to our industries. 
  3. Identify, promote and execute a regional outreach strategy to encourage the undergraduate students to choose engineering as a career path.
  4. Supporting activities that privilege the interaction among member all grades, enabling the dialogue between generations, spreading our valued professional network and volunteers.
  5. Promote the Region 9 financial health and their Sections
  6. These goals will be reached with volunteers committed, experts on IEEE tools and skills to communicate to our members the plans, updates, and achievements.

Let’s work together!

Lorena Garcia

Headshot of Lorena Garcia

(Nominated by IEEE Region 9)
Director of Laboratories and Facilities
Faculty of Engineering and Basic Sciences
Universidad Central (Central University)
Bogota, Colombia


Lorena Garcia received her Electronic Engineering degree from Universidad del Norte (2006) and the M.Sc. in Electronic and Computer Engineering from Universidad de los Andes (2008). She has more than 10 years of experience in academic administration, teaching and research in important institutions in Colombia like Universidad de los Andes, Universidad Militar Nueva Granada and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Prof. Garcia has been Associate Dean of Electronic Engineering and Systems and Telecommunications Engineering programs at Universidad Sergio Arboleda, and Business Director of the Center of Excellence and Adoption on Internet of Things. She has also been consultant on design and certification of internal telecommunications networks. Currently, she is Professor and Director of Laboratories and Facilities of the Faculty of Engineering and Basic Sciences of Universidad Central.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities



  • Educational Activities Board (EAB) Awards and Recognition Committee Chair, 2017-19
  • Awards Board Policy and Portfolio Review Committee Member, 2019 
  • EAB Pre-University Coordinating Committee Member, 2019
  • IEEE-HKN Globalization Committee Member, 2019
  • Women In Engineering (WIE) Awards Liaison and WIE Awards Subcommittee Chair, 2019
  • MGA Representative to EAB, 2016
  • EPICS in IEEE Committee Member, 2016
  • EAB Continuing Education Committee Member, 2016
  • EAB Section Education Outreach Committee Member, 2016
  • EAB University Resources Committee Member, 2016
  • MGA Geographic Unit Operation Support Committee Member, 2016-17


  • Circuits and Systems Society Board of Governors Member, 2015-17


  • Region 9 Secretary, 2018-19


  • Colombia Section: Past Chair, 2017-18; Chair, 2015-17; Vice Chair, 2013-14
  • Circuits and Systems Society Colombia Chapter: Chair, 2011-14; Secretary/Treasurer, 2007-11 
  • Colombian Caribbean Subsection Chair, 2006


  • Universidad Sergio Arboleda, Counselor, 2016-18
  • Universidad de los Andes, Circuits and Systems Chapter, Advisor, 2009-10
  • Universidad del Norte Student Branch Chair, 2004


  • IEEE Latin American Symposium on Circuits and Systems (LASCAS): Steering Committee Member, 2013-present; Treasurer, 2019; Publication Chair, 2012-2017; Local Arrangements Chair, 2011 
  • IEEE Colombian Conference on Robotics and Automation (CCRA): Treasurer, 2016, 2018
  • IEEE Colombian Conference on Communications and Computing (COLCOM): Publication Chair, 2016
  • IEEE International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI-SoC) Publication Chair, 2014
  • IEEE Ibero-American Congress on Sensors (IBERSENSOR) Publication Chair, 2014
  • IEEE Colombian Workshop on Circuits and Systems (CWCAS): Local Arrangements Chair, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012. 


  • Eta Kappa Nu Member
  • EAB TISP (Teacher-In-Service Program) Champion
  • IEEE Colombia Section Outstanding Volunteer Award, 2011


In my 16 years of continuous volunteering, I have gained a deep understanding of IEEE. If elected, I will put all my energy and commitment to contribute to grow and strengthen our Region. My work will be based on the following principles: 

  • For generating a real value for our membership, we need to improve our communication channels, listen to the members’ needs and enhance the benefits for people in academia, industry and entrepreneurs, giving specific attention to young professionals and women in engineering.
  • IEEE is a volunteer-led organization. Therefore, it’s important to motivate, recognize, train and support our volunteers. Region 9 must act as a real supporter of sections, focusing on better understanding of their specific needs.
  • Promote high-quality technical events at the regional level, tightening the collaboration with IEEE societies and other associations.
  • IEEE is committed to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity, thus motivating new projects for humanitarian and educational activities, with real impact in our community, is imperative.
Irene Pazos Viana

Headshot of Irene Pazos Viana

(Nominated by IEEE Region 9)
Senior Information Technology Consultant
BROU, Bank of the Republic of Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay

Irene Pazos Viana is Senior Information Technology Consultant at Bank of Republic of Uruguay. She received her Engineering Diploma from University of the Republic, an MBA from University of Saint Paul –Spain– and is an expert consulting in Information Technology. She has significant experience as Senior IT Consultant and quality appraiser in the region at Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia. Has cross-field project experience, advancing from communications to software engineering and information security. With broad practice in project management, developed within global companies such as Citibank, Ford Credit and Tata Consultancy Services. Her work also includes government organizations like Mexican Secretary of Communications, and Uruguay Chamber of Senators of the Parliament among others. Outside of consulting, her experience includes the academia, as Professor in Universidad Catholic del Uruguay, and a recently launched startup entrepreneurship project.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • Member of MGA – Joint Awards with National Societies (JANS) Committee 2019 and MGA Geographic Operations Support Committee(GUOS) Committee in the position of Region Vitality Coordinator, 2018.
  • Founding member of Region 9 Cono Sur Council.
  • Founding member of Uruguay Section, where served as Uruguay Section Chair, Section Secretary, Academic Coordinator. 
  • Current Uruguay Section Treasurer and Computer Chapter Chair.
  • Created WIE and SIGHT Uruguay affinity groups.
  • Worked for Uruguay Section in EPICS, TISPs and e-Scientia projects.
  • Board member of Joint IEEE/AIU Award, a joint award with the Association of Engineers of Uruguay, serving on its Board since the award’s establishment in 2013
  • Collaborated with Region 9 NoticIEEEro as interview columnist.
  • Latin America Transactions and Standards Society reviewer.
  • Standards review working group member for IEEE P1760, IEEE P1074, IEEE P1175.5.
  • Launched URUCON conference in 2017, served as its inaugural conference general chair.
  • Member of Conference Technical Program Committees: ANDESCON-2016, ARGENCON-2016, TEMSCON 2017, 2018, 2019.
  • Conference Treasurer for 9th Conference of Energy, Power, Instrumentation and Measures, "Renewable Energies for Sustainable Development" (IEEE EPIM 2018)
  • Conference Treasurer for International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (I2MTC 2014). 
  • Conference Treasurer for 2020 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Latin America (T&D LA).
  • Member of program committee for conferences held by IEEE in Uruguay (PES-T&D, LASCAS and others).

My service as an IEEE volunteer started after graduation. My work included collaboration across societies, chapters and multiple IEEE initiatives, local IEEE milestone projects, awards, technical and educational activities. I also served as an IEEE liaison to industry and the community.


IEEE needs to enforce institutional flexibility to stay aligned with evolving members interests and volunteer’s capabilities. The classical “IEEE experience”, targeted members dumping high-quality technical information hardly available elsewhere. But today information is almost public, and members are very selective using their time to navigate information. 

I believe that networking spaces should be promoted where volunteers can engage members, link industry and academia, facilitating strong interchange across disciplines. 

Set the focus in developing activities appropriately tailored to serve different membership profiles is the kind of flexibility I would like to empower at R9, where we are all quite particular. As active volunteer, I am convinced that technology is the path to this new scenario where we all feel comfortable and safe, with total visibility on process and results.

At Region 9 we have the opportunity to demonstrate that is possible to facilitate changes, and move forward in a clear and visible path to keep IEEE as a strong future performing leader organization.


Enrique A. Tejera

Headshot of Enrique A. Tejera

(Nominated by IEEE Region 9)
Section Manager
Panama Canal Authority


During most of his 40 years as an IEEE member, Enrique has served as a volunteer in the Panama Section, CAPANA Council, Region 9, IEEE Committees, PES and IAS. 

In the Panama Section served as Treasurer, Secretary, SSAC, ARC, Vice-Chair, Section Chair, and other committee positions. At the CAPANA Council he held positions as Secretary/Treasurer and Awards Chair.

In Region 9 he served as RSAC, Technical Activities Chair and Awards Chair.

In PES he served as Chapter Chair, R9 Chapter Representative, VP Membership/Chapters Activities and Division VII Director.  Since 2014 he serves as Distinguished Lecturer for IAS and PES DL programs.

Throughout the years served in many committees and boards including IEEE-HKN, N&A, MGA, TAB, BoD, Audit, History, SAC.

He is a recipient of numerous awards at the Section and Region level, including outstanding volunteer for the Region, Council and Section and recently recognized with the CAPANA “Freddy Villalta” award.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


COMMITTEE/BOARD: IEEE-HKN Governor Regions 7-10, 2017-2019; TAB N&A, 2018-2019; IEEE History Committee, 2017, 2019; TAB Representative at MGA 2013-2015; Division VII Director, 2010-2011; Audit Committee, 2010-2012; GUOS Committee, 2011-2012; IEEE N&A Committee 2005-2007, 2013-2014. 

REGION: TA, 2018-2019, 2016-2007; Awards, 2012-2013; RSAC, 2004-2005. 

CAPANA COUNCIL: Awards, 2016-2017; Treasurer/Secretary, 1994-1995.  

SECTION: Awards, 2015; SSAC, 2013-1014; Secretary, 1998; Chair, 1992; Vice-Chair, 1991; Treasurer, 1989. 

CHAPTERS: PES Chapter Chair, 1985, 1997-2000; UTP Student Branch PES Chapter Counselor, 1997-2014; USMA SB Counselor, 1988-1989.  

SOCIETIES: Editor in Chief P&E Magazine Spanish version, 2015-Present; Division VII Director, 2010-2011; PES DL 2014-Present; IAS DL, 2014-2016; PES Chapters VP, 2008; PES Membership and Chapters Activities VP, 2004-2007; R9 PES Chapter North Area Representative, 2000-2003.  

CONFERENCES: Member of all CONCAPAN OC since 1981, Chair in 1996/2020. 

AWARDS: CAPANA “Freddy Villata Award” 2018; R9 Meritorious Service, 2017; R9 Eminent Engineer, 2014; CAPANA Outstanding Volunteer, 2013; CAPANA “Ingeniero Eminente”, 2006; R9 Theodore W. Hissey Award, 2006; R9 Outstanding Volunteer, 2005; PES R9 Outstanding Engineer, 2001; Panama PES Chapter OEA, 2000; IEEE Panama Section Most Active Member, 1996; PES Chapter Rep Runner-Up for Outstanding Chapter, Panama Chapter in 2002 and 2003; Puerto Rico & Caribbean Chapter, 2000.

IEEE Accomplishments  


Established new awards and chapters resources programs during 2004-2008, achieving a constant membership growth. PES and IAS DL. P&E Magazine Chief-in-Editor Spanish version.

Panama Section 

Member/volunteer for 40 years in the Panama Section serving almost all Section positions including Chair 1992. Involved in organization of CONCAPAN in all OC including Chairman 1996&2020.

Region 9 

As RSAC, 2004-2005, implemented new ways of managing SAC, created valuable documentation for student activities. Founded the Theodore Hissey Award.

As Technical Activities, a new approach to reach out for Societies activities and improved relations. 

As Region Awards Chair implemented new awards. Existing awards were enhanced improving the recognition..


Community. Bring to the community through our Sections what IEEE offers as a global organization: valuable information, knowledge and innovation. 

Membership. Work on Membership Issues including satisfaction, retention and growth. Without members IEEE would not exist.  It is required then to establish new strategies to maintain our members active and satisfied, to gain new members and to take advantage of all IEEE benefits to achieve these goals. 

Public Relations. Establish cooperative relations with local entities Academia/Industry/Private/Government. Everyone involved in technology advancements should be connected with IEEE and use IEEE as their main sources of knowledge and information. 

Growth. Consolidate Region growth providing solid basis of support and continuity. Revise our Region’s ways of doing things, re-invent and innovate ourselves by improving our operations, communications, finances and cooperation between geographical units. 

Strategies. Align Region 9 strategies and plans to those established at the IEEE major boards taking advantage of new and existing benefits for our members. 

Volunteers. Form a Regional Committee with committed and experienced volunteers willing to serve and give the best for the Region.