Candidates for 2022 IEEE Standards Association President-Elect are listed below. Please note that the candidate listing order indicates no preference. 


Robby Robson

Headshot of Robby Robson

(Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)

Co-Founder and CEO
Eduworks Corporation
Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Meet Robby by watching this brief video. 

Robby received his Ph.D. from Stanford in 1981, joined the mathematics faculty at Oregon State University in 1984, was an Alexander von Humboldt fellow, and received tenure in 1989. In 1995 he co-created one of the first online learning systems and moved to industry as Saba Software’s “standards evangelist” in 2000. In 2001 he co-founded Eduworks Corporation, a company that applies AI to education, training, and workforce development, where he is CEO. Since 2000, Robby has chaired Working Groups and two standards committees and served on multiple IEEE-SA boards and standing committees. Within the Computer Society, he helped launch new standards committees in AI, Blockchain, Smart Manufacturing, and Data Compression. As a member of the IEEE-SA Standards Board and Board of Governors, he was instrumental in launching IEEE-SA OPEN. Robby has worked on standards in the W3C, CEN/ISSS, and ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 and has over 100 publications and three patents.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Computer Society Standards: Robby joined the IEEE in 1999 and has been active in standards since 2000. As Chair and Vice Chair of the Learning Technology (C/LT) Standards Committee he developed standards critical to the global ELearning industry. As Vice Chair of the Computer Society Standards Activity Board, Robby worked with leaders from 802, Software Engineering, Design Automation, and other Computer Society standards committees. He chairs the C/SAB standards committee that mentors and manages work not covered elsewhere in the Computer Society. This committee generated five new IEEE standards committees in emerging technology areas since 2019 and as of 2021 had 31 projects with working group chairs from the US, Italy, Korea, China, and India.

IEEE-SA and IEEE Governance: Robby has served on the IEEE SA Standards Board (SASB), SA Board of Governors (BoG), NesCom, RevCom, ICCom, and PatCom, the Corporate Advisory Group (CAG), the Education Activity Board (EAB) Continuing Education Committee, TAB Committee on Standards, and the IEEE Future Directions Committee. Robby oversaw the development of Open Source for the BoG and has chaired the Open-Source Committee (OSCom) since its inception. He now chairs the Market Incubation and Business Acceleration SMDC, responsible for overseeing business aspects of IEEE SA Open. In 2019, Robby was appointed chair of the EAB/SA Standards Education Committee. He revitalized the committee, strengthened connections with TAB, and facilitated development of Working Group Chair Fundamentals, the number one title on the IEEE Learning Network in 2020. Robby has published articles on standards and open source in Computer magazine and has presented at IEEE conferences. He was a founder and the first conference chair for the IEEE Industry Connections Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE), which attracted 600 members its first year, and is a founding board member of the IEEE ISTO Adaptive Instructional System consortium.


IEEE-SA members are the leading producers of market-driven open consensus standards that impact every aspect of our lives. We have helped launch entire industries and contribute significantly to the IEEE mission. To sustain and build on this success, the IEEE-SA must serve a greater number of IEEE societies, geographies, industries, and communities while increasing support for members and working groups with tools and staff. In the aftermath of a pandemic and in the face of rapid social, economic, and technological change, this will require agility, invention, collaboration, and hard work.

I am passionate about the IEEE-SA and honored by the opportunity to lead it. I bring standards experience, business and leadership skills, and a record of successfully launching and managing initiatives within the Computer Society and IEEE-SA. As IEEE-SA President-Elect, I will collaborate with industry, IEEE OUs, and global stakeholders to ensure our value is recognized and promoted. I will advocate for volunteers, increase openness and transparency, support new and existing technical areas, and strive to create high-quality market-relevant products and services that expand our reach, support our work, and secure the future of IEEE-SA. I ask for your vote so that I may have the privilege of doing this.


Yatin Trivedi

Headshot of Yatin Trivedi

(Nominated by IEEE Standards Association)

Semiconductor Solutions Architect
San Jose, California, USA
Meet Yatin by watching this brief video. 

Yatin has been a governance volunteer with IEEE SA for the past 14 years and a standards developer in the electronic design automation (EDA) industry for 31 years. He served as SA Treasurer and member of its Board of Governors for three consecutive terms (2015-2020), during which SA made greater strategic investments in long-term initiatives without undue risk. Through SA outreach activities, he initiated and strengthened industry partnerships internationally.

Yatin co-founded IEEE Standards University with IEEE NIC support and served as editor-in-chief for IEEE’s Standards Education eZine (2011-2019).

A seasoned semiconductor solutions architect, Yatin leads designs of complex system-on-chip (SoC) at Altran. He published two Verilog HDL books and 100+ technical papers, tutorials, and articles through industry conferences and trade journals.

Yatin serves as the board chair for IEEE-ISTO, an industry alliance federation. He was inducted into IEEE-HKN and also received the prestigious Ron Waxman DASC Meritorious Service Award.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

2021 Positions:

  • Member, Board of Governors, IEEE-SA
  • Vice President, Financial Sustainability SMDC, IEEE-SA
  • Member, Industry Connections Committee
  • Member, Strategic and Emerging Standards Committee
  • Vice chair, Design Automation Standards Committee (DASC)
  • Chair, Board of Directors, IEEE-ISTO

Past Governance Positions in IEEE-SA:

  • IEEE-SA Board of Governors (BoG, 2015-2020)
  • IEEE-SA Treasurer (2015-2020)
  • IEEE-SA Finance Committee (2015-2020)
  • IEEE-SA BoG Vice Chair for Appeals (2020)
  • IEEE-SA BoG Strategic and Emerging Standards Committee (2020)
  • IEEE-SA BoG Corporate Advisory Group (CAG, 2012-2016)
  • IEEE-SA Standards Board (SASB, 2012-2015)
  • IEEE-SA SASB Audit Committee (2011-2014)
  • IEEE-SA SASB New Standards Committee (2011-2014)
  • IEEE-SA SASB Administrative Committee (2015)
  • IEEE-SA SASB Appeals Pool (2013-2015)
  • IEEE-SA Industry Connections Committee (2012-2015, Chair 2015)
  • IEEE-SA Nominations and Appointments Committee (2016-2018)
  • EEE-SA Awards and Recognition Committee (2014)

Other IEEE OUs:

  • IEEE Fincom Nextgen Implementation Oversight Committee (2020)
  • IEEE Public Visibility Committee (2016)
  • IEEE Standards University (NIC Funding, 2016-2018)
  • IEEE Standards Education eZine (Editor-in-Chief, 2011-2019)
  • IEEE MGA Region 1-6 representative to Education Activities Board (EAB, 2017)
  • IEEE-SA Representative to IEEE Finance Committee (IEEE Fincom, 2015-2020)
  • IEEE-SA Representative to Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB, 2017-2018)
  • IEEE-SA Representative to PSPB/TAB Products and Services Committee (2017-2018)
  • IEEE-SA Representative to IoT Multi-Society Technical Group Activities Board (2018)
  • IEEE-SA representative to Education Activities Board (EAB, 2012-2016)
  • IEEE-SA/EAB Standards Education Committee (2009-2019, Chair 2013)
  • IEEE EAB Continuing Education Committee (2013-2016)
  • IEEE EAB Section Education Outreach Committee (2017)
  • IEEE EAB Educational Products Editorial Committee (2015)
  • IEEE EAB Nominations and Appointments Committee (2015-2017, 2020)
  • IEEE EAB Awards & Recognition Committee (2012-2016)
  • IEEE Get Program, Accellera Liaison (Free DASC standards) (2012-2017)
  • IEEE Computer Society/DASC Working Groups (Many, 1991-2016)

Technology standards help build interoperable solutions that improve lives independent of geographical, political, language, and cultural barriers. Worldwide volunteer participation in IEEE SA standards development groups clearly demonstrates this.

SA provides the basis of operational excellence for our global, open, and transparent organization. We need to keep SA in sync with rapid advances in technology use, changes in legal and business systems, and our goal of serving humanity to maintain this excellence.

For the past 14 years, I’ve had the good fortune of working globally with some of the best SA volunteers and awesome staff. Guiding its financial management as Treasurer, I ensured SA grew by investing strategically in long-term initiatives without undue risks.

As SA President, my key focus areas will be to:

  • Expand SA beyond its traditional technology focus into standards’ impact on society through initiatives like ethical challenges in AI or open-source collaborative development
  • Grow SA’s flagship Corporate Program in emerging technologies to benefit the next generation of solution developers
  • Improve the financial sustainability of SA through innovative products and services

I need your help to achieve these goals as SA President, and I seek your support to serve the standards community. Thank you.

Mark Epstein

Headshot of Mark Epstein

(Nominated by Petition)

Senior Vice President – Consultant
Qualcomm Incorporated
San Diego, California, USA

Meet Mark by watching this brief video.

Mark received a Ph.D. from Stanford, M.S. and B.S. degrees from M.I.T., and was a Harvard Fellow. He is a Senior Vice President consultant at Qualcomm, where he supports standards activities for Wi-Fi, cellular, power line and personal area networks. Mark has been at Qualcomm from the beginning providing key leadership in helping it grow into the successful business it is today. Previously, Mark was Deputy for Communications (C3I) for the Secretary of the Army, where he guided the Army’s electronics research. Earlier, he was at CSC and Northrop. Mark has five publications and a patent on communications by polarization rotation.

Mark is on the Boards of ATIS, TIA, and the US ITU Association. He is a trustee at MIT and a board member of the Shakespeare and Studio Theaters. He plays piano and violin.

Mark brings broad industry standardization experience and a successful inclusive management style to the IEEE.
IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

I am a member of the IEEE Power and Energy, Computer, and Communications Societies.

I joined IEEE at MIT and was elected President of the Student Branch. My long involvement in standards began with proposing wideband solutions for a new wireless band in Canada, and then an advanced wide area wireless technology in IEEE 802. Then I served on the Standards Board and its committees, where I encouraged minimizing bureaucratic obstacles and keeping the standards process as easy and as fast as possible.

I then served on the BOG and CAG and their governance committees:

  • VP and Chair, Financial Sustainability SMDC
  • VP and Chair, Product and Services SMDC
  • Chair, Awards and Recognition Committee
  • Chair, Ad Hoc on Member Retention
  • Chair, Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management Committee
  • Ad Hoc Council
  • Fellows Committee
  • Industry Connections Committee
  • Appeals Pool
  • Nominations and Appointments Committee
  • SA Representative to ISTO
  • ICAP Steering Committee
  • Standards Conduct Committee
  • Strategic Planning Advisory Group
  • Global Coordinating Committee
  • International SDO Advisory Group

I also have served on IEEE New Initiatives Committee and Awards Board.

I proposed incentives to grow our Corporate Membership, including specialized collateral material; integration of promotions with ISTO; webinars; and educational material. The number of members has grown dramatically.

I proposed expanding the scope of SA Awards to monetarily incentivize our awards; recognizing IEEE fellows active in standards; and expanding awareness by engaging WG chairs, Societies and Councils.

I proposed and succeeded in getting the IEEE to be a member of the Global Standards Collaboration, a key recognition for the SA.

My objective is to ensure that the IEEE Standards Association is the best place for standardization of new ideas and technologies, and to work hard and be dedicated to its success.


I have worked for many years to ensure that the IEEE Standards Association is the internationally recognized premier venue for creation and development of technically excellent and market-relevant standards. I am running to continue the success of the IEEE Standards Association and make it even better.

I pledge as your President to work hard to:

  • Provide greater value to you by increasing investment in modern state-of-the-art standards development platform tools and staff support. This will reduce the time you spend on the mechanics of drafting documents and on doing document and meeting management so you can focus on producing higher quality content
  • Improve standards management processes to make them much more open and allow for more consensus in developing or changing the rules under which standards are developed
  • Improve our standards products by improving the quality of standards processes so that all IEEE standards better meet market needs
  • Attract more technologies by demonstrating the added value of using the IEEE to prepare standards
  • Make our work more valuable by enhancing the international reputation of IEEE standards
  • Advocate for openness, fairness and diversity of our volunteer leadership

Yu Yuan

Headshot of Yu Yuan

(Nominated by Petition)

President & CEO
0xSenses Corporation
Marina del Rey, California, USA


Meet Yu by watching this brief video.

Dr. Yu Yuan is a visionary researcher, inventor, practitioner, and entrepreneur in the areas of Consumer Technology, Multimedia/VR/AR, Connected/Automated Vehicles, IoT, and Digital Transformation. He founded 0xSenses Corporation, a multinational technology company specializing in Virtual Reality. Dedicated to "Creating Better Worlds" as its long-term vision, the company is developing technologies, infrastructures, ecosystems, and resources needed for massively multiplayer ultra-realistic virtual experiences. Prior to this he worked for IBM Research as a research scientist and was a key contributor to IBM's Cell Broadband Engine, Smarter Planet, and IoT initiative. He has been a passionate volunteer in various leadership positions at IEEE and other professional communities. His outstanding service in IEEE standards activities at different levels (working groups, standards committees, and governance at higher levels) has been widely appreciated by standards developers, individual members, and corporate members. He has a Ph.D., an M.S., and a B.S. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

IEEE Standards Association

  • Board of Governors (BOG) (2018-2019)
  • Standards Board (SASB) (2012-2017)
  • SCC Coordinator (2015-2016)
  • Industry Connections Committee (ICCom) (2012-2017, 2019)
  • New Standards Committee (NesCom) (2012-2014)
  • Standards Review Committee (RevCom) (2016-2017, 2019)
  • Patent Committee (PatCom) (2017)

IEEE Technical Activities Board

  • Committee on Standards (2018-2021)
  • Co-Chair, Digital Reality Initiative (2018)
  • Chair, Digital Senses Initiative (2015-2017)
  • Steering Committee, Brain Initiative (2015-2021)
  • Standards Committee, Blockchain Initiative (2018-2021)

IEEE Consumer Technology Society (formerly IEEE Consumer Electronics Society)

  • Chair, Standards Committee (CTS/SC) (2015-2021)
  • Secretary, Blockchain Standards Committee (CTS/BSC) (2018-2021)
  • Chair, VR/AR Standards Committee (CTS/VRARSC) (2019-2021)
  • Associate Editor, IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine (2011-2021)
  • Steering Committee, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles (2015-2018

IEEE Photonics Society

  • Vice Chair, Standards Committee (PHO/SC) (2019-2021)

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society:

  • 11073 Standards Committee (EMB/11073) (2019-2021)

IEEE Computer Society:

  • Artificial Intelligence Standards Committee (C/AISC) (2021-)

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society

  • Co-Chair, Technical Committee on Software Infrastructure (2010-2017)

IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

  • Publicity Chair, Land Transportation Division (2010-2015)

IEEE Transportation Electrification Community

  • Secretary (2015-2016)
  • Standards Chair (2015-2016)
  • Steering Committee (2015-2019)

Dr. Yu Yuan has been engaged in extending IEEE and IEEE SA's influences:

  • He led the IEEE Consumer Technology Society Standards Committee to grow the Society's standards activities from zero to a top level among IEEE Societies and Councils. The committee received the IEEE SA Standards Committee Award in 2019.
  • He initiated IEEE’s first Blockchain Standards Committee (CTS/BSC) and led its rapid growth. Two thirds of IEEE’s blockchain standards projects are now under this committee, making it the world’s largest community dedicated to standardization in blockchain technology and applications.
  • He helped IEEE SA establish partnerships and collaborations with important organizations (ISO/TC 204, C-ITS, TRB, APEC, CIC, etc.) in strategic areas (transportation, communications, etc.).
  • He helped IEEE SA recruit a significant number of members from big companies, SMBs, and individual standards developers.


Being an active volunteer in IEEE and IEEE SA for 10+ years, I believe that IEEE SA has the opportunity for a significant growth and a much stronger global influence, and our members deserve better services and recognitions. IEEE SA could/should:

  • Strive to make the efforts of IEEE standards developers better recognized internally within IEEE (e.g., fellow elevation) and externally throughout the world.
  • Significantly improve membership benefits and satisfaction.
  • Better address and satisfy the different needs/expectations from all kinds of stakeholders: big companies/institutions, small/medium-sized businesses, individual developers/consultants, etc. in various industries/markets.
  • Find more and better ways for individuals to participate in entity-based standards projects while maintaining and developing the unique features of the entity program.
  • More fairly encourage, support, and protect innovation in standards and standards development processes.
  • More positively and constructively support standards developers and volunteers, Working Groups, Standards Committees, and TA Societies/Councils (less judging, more encouraging; less politics, more openness). 

Please visit for my detailed plan. With an open mind and an open heart, I look forward to listening to you and working closely with you to make IEEE SA a better home and a better platform for all of us. Thank you for your kind consideration.