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Below are the candidates for 2016 IEEE Technical Activities Vice President-Elect.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.


Douglas N. Zuckerman

Douglas Zuckerman

(Nominated by IEEE Technical Activities)

Telcordia Technologies (Retired)
Ocean, NJ, USA

An active volunteer for more than 30 years, Doug Zuckerman is a past IEEE Division III (Communications Technology) Director, was 2008-2009 President of the IEEE Communications Society, and previously held leadership positions in conferences, publications and membership development. He received his B.S., M.S. and Eng.Sc.D degrees from Columbia University, USA, and is an IEEE Life Fellow. His professional experience, mainly at Bell Labs and Telcordia Technologies, USA, spans the operations, management and engineering of emerging communications technologies, networks and applications. His work heavily influenced early standards for management of telecommunications networks. Presently semi-retired, he is still active in standards as a representative to the Optical Internetworking Forum. Much of his professional life has been dedicated to IEEE activities. His service resulted in the following honors: IEEE Third Millennium Medal, the IEEE Communications Society’s McLellan Award for meritorious service, its Conference Achievement Award, and the Salah Aidarous Memorial Award.

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

Doug’s constructive leadership across IEEE has responded to members, worldwide, through active service on key organizations across IEEE. He was on the IEEE Board of Directors, chaired the IEEE Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee, led the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative’s conference activities, and was on the IEEE Corporate Engagement and Career & Professional Development Committees.

As ComSoc President, he established a strategic vision and with ComSoc’s leadership:

  • Improved information sharing using social networking
  • Achieved greater global chapter and sister society teaming
  • Expanded ComSoc’s lecture programs
  • Reduced journal submission to publication time
  • Strengthened ComSoc’s standards role
  • Offered viable educational programs and industry-valued certification
  • Engaged more recent graduates and women in activities
  • Revised ComSoc’s governance to better align with global demographics

In TAB and its entities:

  • Initiated studies on “bundled” Society-IEEE membership
  • Identified improvements for specific Societies and Councils
  • Helped define new revenue distribution algorithms
  • Contributed to e-health, humanitarian technology, earth observation and cloud initiatives
  • Fostered successful cross-Society collaborations through the IEEE Cloud Communications Initiative


  • IEEE Board of Directors, 2012-13
  • IEEE Division Director, 2012-13
  • Technical Activities Board (TAB), 2008-09, 2012-13
  • Products & Services, 2007-08
  • TAB Management, 2009-11
  • Society Review, 2010-11
  • Member Engagement and Life Cycle, 2010
  • Earth Observation AdCom, 2008-10
  • Employee Benefits and Compensation, Chair, 2013-14
  • Cloud Computing Initiative Track Chair, 2013-14
  • Career and Professional Development, 2012
  • Corporate Engagement, 2012-13
  • Future Directions, 2015


  • President, 2008-09
  • Board of Governors, 1995-2015: VP (4) Technical Activities, Membership Development, Membership Services, Society Relations, 2000-07; Director Meetings and Conferences, 1996-97
  • Strategic Planning, Chair, 2006-07
  • Staff and Facilities, Chair, 2008-09
  • IEEE/ComSoc Coordinating, Chair, 2010-11, 2014-15
  • Nominations & Elections, Chair, 2011-12
  • Governance, Chair, 2007


  • GLOBECOM General Chair, 2009
  • NOMS/IM General Chair, 1990, 2014
  • GLOBECOM/ICC Coordination, 1998-99


  • JOCN Steering, 2013-15
  • TNSM Advisory, 2012-15


  • Aidarous, 2006
  • Sobol Conference, 2002
  • McLellan Service, 2000
  • IEEE Third Millennium Medal, 2000
  • IEEE Fellow, 1996

Changes in industry structure and the world economy, together with "open access" to information, present major challenges and opportunities. The IEEE responds with the value generated by our member-based technical Societies and Councils. As VP-TA, I will advocate greater recognition, structurally and financially, of our unique role as IEEE’s primary intellectual property source. As TAB chair, I will call on my 30 years of IEEE experience and proven skills to lead TAB in defining and achieving our goals, addressing the needs of all our Societies/Councils. Important areas include:

  • Budget Reform – Clarify and improve TAB and IEEE financial transparency to allow informed decisions.
  • Simplify Rules – Simplify complex conference and publication rules to ease participation.
  • Openness/Inclusiveness – Improve openness and inclusiveness, for emerging disciplines and new people, in all our activities.
  • Leadership Demographics – Engage volunteers globally in top leadership roles using nomination and balloting strategies.
  • Industry Engagement – Establish “industry affinity groups” within TAB and the Societies/Councils to engage specific industry sectors.
  • Standards Activities – Create a TAB “standards committee” to foster and coordinate cross-Society/Council involvement with IEEE-Standards Association.
  • Education – Apply TAB’s competences to grow its Education initiatives into a major activity, comparable to Publications and Conferences.

With your vote, I look forward to serving.


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Marina Ruggieri

Marina Ruggieri

(Nominated by IEEE Technical Activities)

Full Professor
University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
Rome, Italy

Marina Ruggieri is Full Professor in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Roma “Tor Vergata” (Italy) and therein member of the Board of Directors. She is Steering Board Chair of CTIF, an Interdisciplinary Research Center on ICT that belongs to an international network with nodes in Europe, Asia and USA.

She is arbitrator of the Italian Industries Federation for Aerospace, Defence and Security; member of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Center for Aeronautical Military Studies; Principal Investigator of the 40/50 GHz Communications Experiment on-board the Alphasat satellite, launched in 2013, and Vice President of the AFCEA Rome Chapter.

She was with ITT as a microwave circuit designer.

She received: 1990 Piero Fanti International Prize; 2009 Pisa Donna Award as women in engineering; 2013 Excellent Women in Roma Award; Excellent and Best Paper Awards at international conferences.

Marina authored 330 papers, 1 patent and 12 books.


IEEE Accomplishments and Activities




  • Board of Directors (2014-2015)
  • Technical Activities Board (2014-2015; 2010-2011)
  • Governance Committee (2015)
  • Fellow Committee (2015)
  • Public Visibility Committee (2015)
  • TAB Strategic Planning Committee (2011-2014)
  • TAB Representative, IEEE Awards Board (2014-2015)
  • BoD Coordinator, History Committee (2014)
  • Code of Conduct and Policy Review Adhoc (2014)
  • DDF Adhoc on Division Directors Role (2014)
  • TAB Representative, Women in Engineering Committee (2011)


  • President, Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (2010-2011)
  • Chair, AESS N&A Committee (2012-2013)
  • AESS Fellow Search Committee (2014-2015)
  • Chair, AESS Constitution, Organization & Bylaws (2012-2013)
  • AESS Representative,  WIE Committee (2012-2013)
  • Executive Vice-President, AESS (2008-2009)
  • AESS Representative, Nanotechnology Council (2008-2009)
  • AESS International Director - Italy & Western Europe (2005-2014)
  • AESS Board of Governors (2000-2002; 2003-2005 2007-2009)
  • AESS Space Systems Panel (Chair, 2002-2009; Vice-Chair, 2010-present)
  • AESS Representative, Aerospace Conference (2002-present)
  • Systems Magazine (Assistant Editor, 2007-2009; Associate/Sector Editor, 2005-2006)
  • Editor, Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems (2001-present)


  • Track Chair, IEEE AESS Aerospace Conference (2001-present)
  • Various positions on IEEE technically-cosponsored conferences 


  • 2011 AESS Service Award

Major Accomplishments:

  • As Division IX Director I proposed a common technical activity for Quality of Life among the Division’s seven Societies. In this frame Division IX has started a Research Group on “Synthesizing Environmental Information” within IEEE CollabratecTM pilot version.
  • As Division IX Director I proposed an activity at DDF- level to improve the role of the Division Director in the technical and strategic life of the Societies.
  • As AESS President I led the Society to new Constitution & Bylaws, the first written Strategic Plan, a new logo, new initiatives in Education and Technical Operations and for Young Professionals, Transactions in electronic format.
  • As member of the TAB Strategic Planning Committee and BoD strategic activities I have been and I am involved in vision and innovation at TAB and IEEE levels.




One of my deepest dreams is to make technology the most effective enabler for the Quality of Life for Human Beings.

The Technical Activities Board (TAB) is the natural place to be for a dreaming engineer.

TAB is the natural place for pushing technology towards the most effective usefulness for the needs of worldwide citizens.

TAB is the vibrating core of IEEE.

I would like to consolidate the relationship between TAB and all IEEE Societies; to improve their participation and contribution to TAB activities; to increase their awareness of TAB potential and perspectives; to make them feel TAB is the place where they can find a positive energy for conceiving ideas, developing projects, shaping strategies and paving the way to everlasting standards.

I would like to make interdisciplinarity be the keyword of IEEE for the next decades through an extensive and challenging effort at the TAB level.

I would like to strengthen the cooperation between TAB and the other IEEE units.

I would like to make TAB the key contributor to a timely technological awareness of IEEE and, hence, to a dynamic, strong and lasting impact of IEEE in “Advancing Technology for Humanity.”


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