Below are the candidates for 2021 IEEE Technical Activities Vice President-Elect.

The sequence of candidates was determined by lottery and indicates no preference.

F. D. “Don” Tan

Headshot of Don Tan


F. D. “Don” Tan
(Nominated by IEEE Technical Activities)

Distinguished Engineer and Senior Staff Manager
Northrop Grumman Space Systems
Irvine, California, USA


Don is a Distinguished Engineer/Senior Staff Manager with Northrop Grumman Space Systems. He earned his PhD from Caltech, and is an IEEE fellow. He is a chief technologist, a researcher in electronics and energy systems, and a recognized authority in space power management.

He has delivered about 60 keynotes and invited talks, and served on many national and international funding review and prestigious position selection committees. His Adiabatic Point-of-Load Technology attracted US$15M customer funding in 5 years and his 4 power product lines value at greater than US$200M. His double forward and electric propulsion technologies were licensed to major companies.

His major awards and recognitions include IEEE PELS Harry A. Owen, Jr. Distinguished Service Award (2017), Engineering Choice Award (2014), Distinguished Engineer (2011), CIE-USA Asian American Engineer-of-the-Year (2010), AIAA Space System Award (2008), JANNAF Outstanding Achievement in Spacecraft Propulsion (2007), TRW Distinguished Patent Award and President’s Award for Innovation (2002).

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities

BOARD/COMMITTEE: IEEE BoD Ad-Hoc: Next-Gen Finance, 2020; New Membership Model, 2019.  IEEE/TAB Ad-Hoc on Financial Transparency, 2016-present; IEEE Transportation Technologies Award, TFA Committee Member/Chair, 2017-present; IEEE Board of Directors, 2017-2018. TAB/PSPB Products Committee, 2016. TAB Awards and Recognition Committee (TABARC), 2015, and Technical Activities Board (TAB), 2013-2014.  

COUNCIL/SECTION/CHAPTER: LA Council Chapter Chair/Vice-Chair, 1996-2001. PELS Regional Distinguished Lecturer, 2001-2004.

SOCIETY: IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS): Long Range Planning Committee Chair, 2017-2018; Nomination Committee Chair, 2015-2016; President, 2013-2014; EiC (founding), IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics (JESTPE), 2013-2018; Vice President for Operations, 2009-2012; Vice President for Meetings, 2000-2004.

IEEE CONFERENCES: APEC, Steering Committee/General/Program/Assistant Chairs, 1996-2001; ECCE, Steering Committee, 2009-2018; EPE, 2010-2018; ECCE Asia Series (IPEC, IPEMC, ICPE), 2011-2018; PEDG, Steering Committee, 2009-present; Inaugural WiPDA, Honorary General Chair, 2013; PwrSoC, Founding Steering Committee Member, 2012; WoW, Steering Committee Chair, 2014-present; eGrid (eT&D), Steering Committee Chair, 2015-present.

STANDARDS: DoD/IEEE Joint Working Group on Open Systems, Chair, 1997-2004. IEEE Standards Association Balloting Groups for IEEE stds 1515/1573.


  1. As PELS President, launched three publications and four conferences/workshops, ensuring PELS growth and leadership in emerging technologies.
  2. As the founding EiC, launched IEEE JESTPE with unprecedented speed and success (Launch in July 2013, indexed in January 2015, and achieved impact factor of 5,972 in 2019).
  3. As Director/Past Director, chaired TAB and IEEE BoD Ad Hoc Committees on Financial Transparency and on New Membership Models. Efforts have enhanced transparency and reduced cost.
  4. As PELS VP Operations, revitalized technical activities by strategically positioning PELS for robust growth (one of the fastest growing societies).
  5. As president from industry, established PELS Inaugural Industry Advisory Board. Also transitioned TAB Transportation Electrification Initiative, under Future Directions, to Transportation Electrification Community (TEC has 7 societies as regular members and 15 societies as associate members).


It is an honor and a privilege to be a candidate for VP Technical Activities.

Technical Activities is crucial to IEEE. We will adhere to the principle of “Member-focused, volunteer-driven, and staff-supported organization.” Having volunteered for 20+ years, I know that members and volunteers are the life blood of the IEEE. They deliver conferences and publications that distinguish IEEE as a global power house in membership engagement, technical innovations and technical prestige.

If elected, we will strive to be more efficient, more effective and more inclusive to maintain our leadership as a professional organization and as a leading technical information curator. We can accomplish these by communication, transparency and openness and by enhancing diversity and international participation, particularly in leadership positions.

If elected, we will work to address new challenges facing our technical societies by exploring more effective, cross-cutting technologies, and new products/services. We will engage TAB Division Directors to work more effectively within TAB and to better represent TAB interest in the IEEE Board of Directors. We will continue to be the thought leader in future technology, to streamline bureaucracy and enhance transparency, and to control infrastructure and indirect expenses. Together, we will keep IEEE/TAB grow with technical excellence and prestige.



Bruno Meyer

Headshot of Bruno Meyer

Bruno Meyer
(Nominated by IEEE Technical Activities)

Consultant in Energy and Telecommunications, and
Senior Executive Officer RTE (Retired 2020)
RTE is the French Power Grid Operator
Paris, France



Bruno Meyer, now a consultant, is a retired Senior executive officer at RTE, the French Power Grid Operator (2016-2019) and former CEO of ARTERIA, a telecommunications company (2011-2015).

At EDF, one the world’s major power utilities (1985-2010), he served as Senior executive (1995-2010). Other EDF leadership positions included: VP R&D Transmission & Distribution; Director Power Systems, Grid Technology, Markets & Economics; Director Market Research & Customer Satisfaction; Director Power Systems Economics & Planning.

Board member and then president of Joint Venture between EDF, Schneider Electric and Grenoble Institute of Technology IDEA (Future of Power Distribution) (2001-2003).

Author or co-author of over 50 papers/conference presentations including a book, “Power System Simulation.”

International experience includes: Consulting and industrial partnership in over 10 countries in Europe, North and South America, Japan, China and Africa.

He received Ph.D. Edinburgh University (UK), M.Sc. University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), and B.Sc. University of Campinas (Unicamp) (Brazil).

IEEE Accomplishments and Activities


  • IEEE Board of Directors (2018-19)
  • Division VII Director (2018-19) and Director-Elect (2017)
  • Technical Activities Board (2018-19)
  • Technical Activities Management Board (2019-20)
  • MGA/TAB/SA Ad Hoc Committee on Sustainable Development Co-Chair (2020)
  • Employee Benefits and Compensation Committee (2019-20)
  • Publications and Services Committee (2019-20)
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity, Inclusion and Professional Ethics (2019-20)
  • European Public Policy Committee (2019-20)
  • TAB Financial Transparency Committee (2018-19)
  • Entrepreneurship Ad Hoc Committee (2017)
  • Member of the Jury for IEEE N3XT Entrepreneurship Events (2017-18)

SOCIETY: IEEE Power & Energy (PES)

  • PES Governing Board (2017-19 and 2005-08)
  • PES Women in Power Committee (2013-present)
  • Distinguished Lecturer for PES on Smart Grids (since 2007)


  • PES Representative, Region 8 (2005-08)
  • PES Representative, Western Europe Chapters (2001-04)
  • PES Chapter Chair, France (1996-00)


Active in bringing forward industry realization within IEEE. I have encouraged industry participation in IEEE activities.

The new generation, students, Young Professionals are the future of IEEE. I have been present in several initiatives to increase their participation.

A strong believer of diversity and inclusion, I was an active supporter in this area.
I have organized workshops, given keynote speeches worldwide and published in IEEE journals and magazines.

From a technical perspective, as a young researcher and group leader, my work to develop new types of simulators for power industry was recognized 15 years later with the elevation to the grade of IEEE Fellow “for leadership in power system simulation, modeling and analysis.”


IEEE will undergo major changes. The 2020 pandemic will change the way organizations, industry, universities and people interact. I want TAB and IEEE to find new global ways of cooperation.

IEEE revenue will drop with Open Access. New sources of revenue are needed.

New technology is coming up fast. I want TAB to track them, and attract its main players.

I will intensify TAB initiatives on Sustainable Development following up the 2020 Joint Ad Hoc Committee on this crucial topic.

I will be proactive to attract new members coming from different fields and continents.

  • Be inclusive. In terms of diversity and professional backgrounds.
  • Ensure industry participation. Keep the right balance between industry, academics and governmental bodies.
  • Make sure IEEE members have a good view of TAB’s activity.
  • Make our conferences more attractive and enlarge their global impact.
  • Push major new transverse technological issues. Make priorities within TAB. Drop some topics when resources are scarce.
  • Develop new revenue sources. This is key to survival of IEEE.

My personal way of working has always been collective and inclusive. In a volunteer organization, this is even more the case. A “VP” is chosen to serve its members. If elected, I certainly will.