In an effort to provide the full background and transparency into the work of the IEEEin2030, the Ad Hoc Committee has undertaken the strategic objective "Create a nimble, flexible, forward-looking organization," and the following repository has been created for your information. All documents contained in this repository were either authored by or informed the work of the Ad Hoc on this topic, which emerged from the efforts undertaken at the January Board Retreat.
Some of these documents were reclassified on 1 September 2015 from a more restricted distribution. At this time they are considered IEEE Proprietary and are available to IEEE members and IEEE staff only.

TABin2030 Webcasts

The 13 April 2016 Webcast is posted on the TABin2030 web page.

IEEEin2030 Question and Answer Sessions October 2015

October 2015 Board Teleconference

  • IEEEin2030 Presentation to the BoD 4 Oct 2015 (PDF, 527 KB)