About the competition

The IEEE Student Ethics Competition is sponsored by the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee. It was developed for use at IEEE Regional student events to encourage the study and awareness of professional ethics by IEEE Student Members.The contest includes a presentation and defense of a case analysis by teams of students.Specific objectives of the contest program are:

1) to foster familiarity with the IEEE Code of Ethics and ethical concepts;
2) to promote a model for discussing and analyzing ethical questions;
3) to provide experience in applying ethical concepts to typical professional situations.

Request for competition materials

The Ethics and Member Conduct Committee will need the following information in order to process your request for competition materials:

1)  proposed date;
2)  proposed location;
3)  type of event the competition will be held at;
4)  names of competition participants including their IEEE member number;
5)  names of the judges.

Please note: requests must be submitted at least 45 days in advance of the proposed competition date.