Once again this year, IEEE was represented with the category “IEEE Standards”: Research dedicated to ethernet and independent standards at the Austrian Standards International Living Standards Awards.

The 2021 winner of the award: TTTech Group.

TTTech Group is the technology leader in the fields of safety controllers and real-time networks for industrial IoT, mobile machinery, autonomous driving, and aerospace applications.

Since 2003, the high-tech company has been involved in standardization activities and joined the working group IEEE 802.1 enabling automotive and industrial networks to use fast Ethernet technology in 2012.

Benefits: TTTech has input its know-how into the development of interoperable and vendor-independent technology standards. TTTech's collaboration in IEEE standardization activities is stronger than ever and contributes to key projects (IEEE P802.1Qcw, IEEE / IEC 60802, IEEE802.1DG).

Recent activities

Upcoming Policy Webinar Looking at Grid Stability Challenges Associated With the EU “Fit for 55” Package

On 1 December (16:00 CET), the IEEE European Public Policy Committee (EPPC) is hosting a policy webinar exploring how recent EU energy and climate proposals may affect the stability of the electric power grid and what the policy and technology challenges and solutions to address this issue can be.

Speakers include representatives from the European Commission’s DG Energy, electricity transmission system operators (TSOs), as well as IEEE EPPC and SA.

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IEEE Authorship and Open Access Symposium for Europe and the Middle East: Best Practices to Get Published to Increase the Exposure and Impact of Your Research

This live webinar will provide authors with best practices in preparing a manuscript, navigating the journal submission process, and important tips to help an author get published. It will also review the opportunities authors and academic institutions have to enhance the visibility and impact of their research by publishing in the many open access options available from IEEE.

This session will feature the perspective of distinguished author, editor, and professor Dr. Saifur Rahman from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA, who will provide critical insights on IEEE’s peer review and submission processes and tips on what editors look for in submissions. In addition, presenters from IEEE will be on hand to cover topics such as IEEE open access programs for institutions, research strategies using IEEE Xplore, author tools from IEEE, and other important resources for authors.

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Invitation for IEEE to contribute to the European AI Alliance Assembly on the topic of ‘Conformity assessment, standards, and high-risk AI applications’ on 9 October 2020. This event also offered the opportunity to have exchanges of view on the joint EPPC/IEEE-SA response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the White Paper on AI.

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Italy Authorship Webinar

Attend this informative on-demand online webinar in Italian and English, which will review the opportunities authors have to enhance the visibility and impact of their research by publishing in the many open access options available from IEEE and earn a certificate.

The course will feature the perspective of Massimo Mischi of Eindhoven University of Technology and the associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control. Additional insights will be given by Eszter Lukács, IEEE Client Services Manager on authorship tools available from IEEE. The presenters will provide guidance to help navigate IEEE’s peer review and submission processes, discuss some of the top reasons why papers get rejected, and provide tips and best practices to increase an author’s chances of getting published.

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An official report on AI and ethics from an engineering point of view

Participation on Hackathon on “Ethical dilemmas in AI - engineering the way out” (1-2 September 2020) In collaboration with the Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE), the University of Copenhagen and the Data Ethics ThinkDoTank.

This online event brought together IEEE and ANE members to voice their opinion and influence the development of responsible AI. Goal was to explore gaps between existing guidelines and recommendations for addressing ethical issues with respect to AI technologies and the realities experienced by engineers in practice. Supported by the European Public Policy Committee, Region 8 and the Standards Association. The findings will be used for preparing event activities as well as for preparation of an official report on AI and ethics from an engineering point of view

Participation on the panel on "More Than Tech: How Ethics, Law and Policy Play a Major Role in Technology Development" at the IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East & Africa) Virtual Student and Young Professionals Congress, with Mark A. Vasquez, Jennifer Boger, Donovan Guttieres and Clara Neppel.

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