Submit the URL Redirect Registration Form below to create a "shortened" URL, also known as a vanity URL, to your IEEE site. This service is available to IEEE employees, members, and volunteers maintaining web content for IEEE entities.

Reasons for needing a redirect

Some reasons for needing a redirect are as follows:

  • You are any IEEE web entity, such as a Society, Chapter, or Region, and would like an address with the "" domain pointing to a site located on another server (Entity Web Hosting or your own host).
  • You are sending a promotional mailing and want a specific URL, such as
  • You have a long URL that you would like to appear shortened in print promotions.

Please note the following:

  • This service is only available for creating redirects within the "" domain.
  • Redirects should not be advertised, printed, or communicated until they have been approved and created. Having a redirect already in print before the request has been processed is not reason enough for the redirect to be created.
  • Redirects will be reviewed annually and are subject to deactivation if they do not comply with the redirect guidelines.
  • If you plan to use Google AdSense for tracking purposes, Google policy does not allow you to tag a vanity URL. The text in the ad and the hyperlink need to match per their policy.

Redirect URL format requirements

Keep in mind the following when requesting a redirect. This will help to provide a more consistent web experience across the IEEE web presence and enhance search ranking of pages.

  • Use lowercase lettering.
  • Include descriptive and relevant keywords in the redirect URL to ensure better indexing by search engines.
  • Use a hyphen (-) instead of an underscore (_) to separate keywords in your request term. It is not recommended to separate keywords with underscores since search engines treat the combined result as one keyword.
  • Try to keep redirect terms as short as possible (around one to three keywords).
  • The term “ieee” should not be used in the requested address since it is already used in the domain name.
  • Use of abbreviations is discouraged. If an abbreviation or acronym is used, it should be a commonly used and understood industry term.

Redirect registration form

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