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17 September 2020: Join the IEEE Foundation and the IEEE History Center as Institutional Historian and Archivist Mary Ann C. Hellrigel, Ph.D., explores the introduction of electric light during a free IEEE Foundation Spotlight Webinar at 1:00 p.m. ET (UTC-04 17:00). This webinar is called "Edison Invented a Practical Incandescent Lamp, So What?" Register today.

30 September 2020: IEEE Pre-University Webinar at 4:00 p.m. EAT (UTC+3 13:00). Please join IEEE REACH and TryEngineering to learn about free pre-university STEM resources for educators, students, parents, and volunteers. Resources address core STEM concepts including the history of technology and the engineering design process. Improve students’ technology and engineering literacy skills with these resources.

Acquire full lesson plans, hands-on activities, and other materials that engage and inspire the next generation of technology nnovators. (Please click the small registration button on the bottom of the page to register.)

8 October 2020 Webinar: Lockheed’s Spy Satellite Programs – Looking From Above the Iron Curtain: 1:30 p.m. PT (UTC-04 20:30). In this online program, Lockheed veterans will discuss the original Corona mission and the key challenges required by Agena for its long-term success. They will illustrate how Agena subsystems and technologies co-evolved and advanced together with system integration and test techniques. They will also show how the program taught the aerospace industry many fundamental lessons, including how to successfully specify and accommodate products from multiple suppliers. Speakers: Sam Araki , Miles Johnson, James Carlock, Terry Zaccone, Hugh Satterlee, Bill Monroe; moderator: Tom Gardner. Organized by the Santa Clara Valley Section's Silicon Valley Technology History Committee and the IEEE Consultants' Network of Silicon Valley. View Zoom Webinar information or register for the event

10 October 2020: Historian Dr. Lisa Nocks will give the keynote lecture at a free conference, "Does Science Fiction Influence our Technical and Social changes?", as part of a conference sponsored by the IEEE Southeastern Michigan Section. Please join at 11:30 CT (UTC-04 16:30).

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Archived events

Lunch and Learn: "Small Mistakes, Big Consequences, Usability and Solutions": Small mistakes in technology often have big, and expensive, consequences. Fortunately, the opposite is also true. Relatively simple solutions can lead to tremendously successful and usable devices and systems. By looking at notable failures and successes as well as the decision-making that led to them, Robert Colburn, research administrator, IEEE History Center, examines the mindset of making good technical decisions. As a bonus, Colburn also reveals why cruise ships and high voltage electric lines don't mix.

"Between Two Countries: Vladimir Zworykin, Russia and the FBI": Presented by NJARC member Alexander Magoun, Ph.D., at the February 2019 meeting of the New Jersey Antique Radio Club at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA. Dr. Magoun tells the story of decades of intense surveillance of RCA scientist Vladimir Zworykin from prior to World War II up until the 1960s.