Completing the application

A complete application consists of the following:

1. The PDF of the application form can be downloaded, filled out, in English, and emailed back to the address on the form.

2. Include a detailed (approximately ten- to 15-page double-spaced) description of your proposed research, in English, discussing subject, scope, methodology, and the contribution that this work will make to the field of electrical history.

3. Letters of recommendation from three (3) references, in English must be received in support of your application. Your references  should address the letters to the Chair of the Fellowship Committee and email them to  Be sure to allow your references sufficient time to meet the deadline. Letters of recommendation for the IEEE Life Members' Fellowship should give the selection committee an evaluation of the candidate's ability to conduct graduate- or post-doctoral-level historical research, and of his or her originality, creativity, character, diligence, social responsibility, and ability to lead or communicate. For professors, please indicate approximately how many students you have had in the field and at what percentage you would rank the applicant among those you have taught or advised. The letter will be considered confidential.

Letters of recommendation may be emailed as an attachment to

In order to be considered, this letter must be received by 1 February. 

4. Include a transcript of your graduate university record. If you have attended more than one college or university, be sure to provide transcripts for all graduate course work. Please submit transcripts electronically to You may either email the transcript directly to us, or ask your university to do so.

Format for submission

Please keep file sizes below 4 megabytes for emailing. Microsoft Word files are preferred for the application, research proposal, and letters of recommendation. JPEGs are preferred for transcripts and may also be used for letters of recommendation (if preferred to prevent tampering). PDFs are accepted provided they do not exceed the size limit stated above. TIFFs are not acceptable.

File naming formats

When submitting your files, please name them according to the following format:
[your surname] Fellowship Application
[your surname] Fellowship Proposal
[your surname] Transcript [short name of university]
[your surname] Recommendation letter [surname of reference]

If a document requires two files, then add a 1, 2, 3, etc., at the end of the file name as needed. Here is an example of a fellowship application package from Smith, with a two-page transcript that came in separate scans:

Smith Fellowship Application
Smith Fellowship Proposal
Smith Transcript Johns Hopkins
Smith Transcript Johns Hopkins 2
Smith Recommendation letter Davis
Smith Recommendation letter Terhune
Smith Recommendation letter Nash


If you have any questions regarding application procedures, contact the IEEE History Center, +1 732 562 5450, or


Send your application material via email at, to the attention of:

Chair, IEEE Fellowship in the History of Electrical and Computing Technology