About the IEEE History Committee

The History Committee, a committee of the IEEE Board of Directors, is responsible for promoting the collection, writing, and dissemination of historical information in the fields covered by IEEE technical and professional activities, as well as historical information about IEEE and its predecessor organizations. It provides assistance to all major organizational units, works with institutions of a public nature such as the Smithsonian Institution when helpful information is requested and can be secured, and provides information and recommendations to the IEEE Board of Directors when appropriate. The History Committee members will also review nominations for IEEE Milestones, books submitted for the J&W Middleton Electrical Engineering History Award, and scholarship applications.

2023 IEEE History Committee members

  • Antonio Savini, Chair
  • Fiorenza Albert-Howard
  • David Bart
  • Brian Berg
  • Amy Bix
  • Cynthia Burham
  • Tarek El-Bawab
  • David Michelson
  • Ranjit Nair
  • Bozenna Pasik-Duncan
  • Evgen Pichkalyov
  • Sergei Prokhorov
  • Stefano Selleri
  • Celia Shahnaz
  • Lav Varshnay