Application process

Intended for: Scholars at the beginning or middle of their career studying the history of technology and engineering or a related field, advanced undergraduates, and advanced graduates.

It is not intended for engineers unless there is a substantial historical component to their research.

The internship provides research experience for students in the history of technology and engineering, while enlisting the help of promising scholars for the Center's projects. The intern generally works full time for two months at the History Center on a Center project connected to his or her own area of interest. This time is usually during the summer, but other arrangements will be considered. Interns are also encouraged to consult with the center's staff and its associates and are guided to research resources in the area.

Stipend: US$5,000.

To apply, please email a curriculum vitae showing your studies in electrical history or related field, a three- to five-page page (single or double spaced) writing sample, and a cover letter describing the sort of project you would be interested in doing and why it would benefit from being conducted at the IEEE History Center. For more information, please contact

The deadline for applying is 1 March each year. Applicants will be notified by 15 April.