IEEE DataPort is an easy-to-use, globally accessible data repository developed and offered by IEEE that provides significant benefits to researchers, data analysts, and the global technical community. The repository is fully functional and currently offers free uploads of datasets up to 2TB for those that need to retain and manage their valuable research data. 


IEEE DataPort benefits include:

  • Dataset storage up to 2TB per dataset in a reputable, secure, and trusted IEEE data repository with a commitment to store datasets for at least 10 years.
  • Helps researchers comply with government data management requirements
  • Allows dataset owner to reference and link to their dataset in an article, paper, or report
  • Encourages citations for datasets; citations formatted automatically in IEEE DataPort 
  • Retains dataset-related documentation (scripts, documents, visualizations, etc.)
  • Provides a persistent DOI for each dataset 
  • Facilitates “Reproducible Research” 
  • Offers opportunity to build a robust data community for your industry or area of research
  • Enables interested users to communicate with dataset owners for collaboration purposes
  • Offers and Open Access dataset option for researchers (currently free using promo code OPENACCESS1)
  • Hosts Data Competitions to foster further research and engagement with your research

To enhance the value of IEEE Society memberships, all IEEE Society members are provided with free access to all datasets on IEEE DataPort through at least December 2019.  Join a Society today and get the added benefit of IEEE DataPort with your Society membership!  Others can currently utilize promo code DATAPORT1 to obtain a free individual subscription to IEEE DataPort for 2019.

All members of the global technical community are welcome to utilize IEEE DataPort.  Share your research dataset, increase the visibility of your research, and eliminate the risk of losing valuable research data. 

IEEE DataPort is a new IEEE offering so please communicate the benefits of IEEE DataPort to your colleagues and co-workers using the attached flyer:

IEEE DataPort Flyer (DOC, 155 KB)

For additional assistance on IEEE DataPort, please contact