The IEEE Blended Learning Program provides hands-on training and vital technical skills to students, new hires, and professionals, ensuring future success in the semiconductor industry. The online self-paced certificate program from IEEE employs the latest in applied and immersive e-learning techniques with extensive hands-on practice. This dual in-depth blended-learning approach designed to complement learning with training in industrial practices will fully prepare new hires and practicing engineers for a successful career in the embedded systems, Internet of Things, and semiconductor industries.

The IEEE Blended Learning Program is designed for:

  • College undergraduates
  • Working professionals/engineers

What makes the IEEE Blended Learning Program unique?

    Industry-relevant content

    The IEEE Blended Learning Program is unique in its focus on building conceptual understanding and practical skills required to succeed in the semiconductor industry. In particular:

    1. Experts with years of industry experience have developed the course content with input from industry and academia.

    2. Leading industry experts review the material before it is included in a course.

    3. The course material is updated to stay current and relevant to the semiconductor industry, so new hires and professionals enrolled in these courses will have relevant skills.

    Unique pedagogical approach to e-learning

    The IEEE Blended Learning program offers a paradigm shift in teaching complex engineering subjects using e-learning. It is designed to serve as a personal classroom for each learner in a very low-stakes environment that allows a learner to review the same material or solve the same problem as many times as needed to fully understand the concept.

    The underlying pedagogical approach can be mapped to various levels defined in Bloom’s taxonomy: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation. However, the instructional design approach used in the IEEE Blended Learning Program is derived from a keen understanding of techniques for the most effective teaching.

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