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The news bulletins will be uploaded on a monthly basis. They will contain information on the latest policy and industry-related activities that are of relevance to IEEE such as Energy Union, Renewables, Emission Trading System (ETS), Smart Grids, Infrastructure. These bulletins:

  • Serve as a point of reference for IEEE’s better understanding of the European Union (EU) evolving legislative landscape
  • Include Public Consultations announcements by the European Commission that fall within IEEE’s areas of interest and expertise
  • Include a comprehensive agenda, which will flag future, relevant stakeholder events

Beginning in 2018, IEEE European members will be able to opt in to receive a monthly newsletter on relevant policy activities in Energy and ICT, respectively.


Energy News Bulletins


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ICT News Bulletins


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Contact the IEEE European Public Policy

If you have any questions and/or comments, please send to​ or​:

Dr. Clara Neppel, Sr. Director, European Business Operations
Heinestrasse 38
1020 Vienna, Austria

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