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Proceedings of the IEEE Special Issue Discusses Linear Motor Powered Transportation Systems and the Technologies Needed to Support Them

Papers Include Reviews of Energy Efficient and Affordable Maglev Designs including the Fully Operational Shanghai Transrapid

12 November 2009 – Whether moving people or cargo, there is increasing interest in linear motor powered vehicles and high-speed transportation systems across the globe. The November Issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE (Volume 97; Number 11), “Linear Motor Powered Transportation,” discusses current linear motor systems, including magnetically levitated (maglev) vehicles propelled by linear motors, as well as supporting technologies.

“There are several advantages to Linear Powered Transportation,” says November Guest Editor and IEEE Life Fellow Richard Thornton. “Not only is wear and tear minimal since there is no physical contact, but these vehicles are quieter and more energy efficient. With the world seeking to make everything move faster--more efficiently and for less money--linear motor powered systems have a huge potential for solving transportation problems. ” Thornton is co-founder of MagneMotion, Inc., and was on the Faculty at MIT for more than 40 years.