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IEEE Visual Identity Guidelines Now Available

20 January—IEEE Corporate Strategy and Communications and Marketing Services have released new IEEE visual identity guidelines that explain the basic usage rules for all corporate identity elements and how to utilize them to create powerful and consistent communications pieces.  The guidelines are an extension of the IEEE Identity Standards and explain in more detail the proper use of the IEEE Master Brand in a variety of print and Web-based applications.

The new visual Identity guidelines introduce a primary and expanded color palette for all corporate-wide communications. There is a slight change in the “IEEE blue,” which was chosen for its reliability in various printing process and its similarity to the previous “reflex” blue.

As part of the release of the visual identity guidelines, an online toolkit is being developed so all relevant branding and IEEE positioning information will be in one central location. Phase one of the online toolkit is set to launch in the first quarter of 2009.

Review the full document. (PDF, 3.32 MB)