IEEE Xplore® Digital Library Celebrates 15 Years of Information Driving Innovation

14 May 2015 – IEEE is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its IEEE Xplore Digital Library, which provides online access to millions of the most cited articles in engineering and technology.

Since its launch in May 2000, IEEE Xplore has grown from a collection of 500,000 documents going back to 1988, to a much more robust database of over 3.6 million documents going back as far as 1872. It is now considered one of the leading resources of scientific and technical information in the world that technologists rely on to stay up to date, accelerate their research, and drive innovation. Recently, IEEE Xplore reached an important milestone with over 1 billion total article downloads from all IEEE Xplore users worldwide since its launch.

Noteworthy upgrades and enhancements since its inception include the addition of hundreds of thousands of historic legacy articles, the incorporation of more than 2 million articles in a robust, interactive HTML format, and a new, more mobile-friendly design for remote users.

Additionally, IEEE has partnered with leading organizations and publishers including IET, IBM, VDE, MIT Press, Alcatel Lucent, the Beijing Institute of Aerospace Information, Tsinghua University Press, Morgan & Claypool, and most recently, The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), to deliver diverse, high-quality content to its worldwide base of users and to expand the reach of IEEE Xplore to a broader audience.

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