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The IEEE community and its far-reaching efforts to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity are often highlighted in top-tier media outlets worldwide.


Past news coverage: 2010 January - April

Creatively Supporting the EDA Community
Chip Design Magazine, USA
30 April 2010

President of the IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation (CEDA) and author, John Darringer discusses the recent formation of the Design Technology Committee.  This group of executives from the council's user companies aims to promote best practice sharing and strategic solutions. 

IEEE Releases New Certified Biometrics Professional program
Security Director News, USA
27 April 2010

IEEE has begun administering testing for its new Certified Biometrics Professional program. A small initial group took the pilot exam in October, and IEEE is currently in the midst of its first regular testing window before another will open 20 November. IEEE hopes to have roughly 400 people certified by the end of 2010.

Seguridad de compra usando aparatos móviles (Safe Shopping Using Mobile Devices)
Information Week, Mexico
8 April 2010

IEEE Member Matt Bishop outlines a few pointers that mobile device users should heed when making purchases from their phones.

Advice from Professionals: Interview with Prof. Ryuichi Yokoyama
IT Media, Japan
8 March 2010

IEEE Fellow Dr. Yokoyama gives advice to Japanese students looking for jobs.  He recommends they practice problem-solving, gain hands-on experience, and focus on their long-term goal.

Solid State Lighting – LED there be light! (PDF, 355 KB)
March 2010

IEEE Member Frank Shinneman looks at LED uptake and offers advice about the key benefits of different types of LED lighting.

Can shapely, molded plastic help close engineering's gender divide?, USA
17 February 2010

IEEE Fellows Karen Panetta and Leah Jamieson, industry leaders helping bridge the gender gap in engineering and technology fields, talk about Mattel's recent announcement about Barbie’s new career as a computer engineer.

Launching your career – Lessons from the professionals
Grad Mag, UK
12 February 2010

IEEE Fellows offer tips for launching a career in engineering.

Home Automation: Supporting the Green Revolution
Digitoday, Finland
9 February 2010

A bylined article from IEEE Member George Hanover discusses home automation and the green revolution.

CES Demonstrates Web’s Ever-Widening Boundaries
New Media Knowledge, UK
8 February 2010

IEEE Fellow Stuart Lipoff describes the key emerging technologies at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) show.


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