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The IEEE community and its far-reaching efforts to advance innovation and technological excellence for the benefit of humanity are often highlighted in top-tier media outlets worldwide.


Past news coverage: 2010 May - August

To relieve miners' hell: Latrine, books, antidepressants?, USA
26 August 2010

IEEE Fellow Al Gasiewski and Senior Member Jorge Pontt are quoted in an article on the rescue efforts and logistics of the 33 trapped miners in Chile.

Stuart Lipoff on How the Internet Works
National Public Radio (Vocalo 89.5 FM), USA
25 August 2010

IEEE Fellow Stu Lipoff provided an overview of IEEE and its technical societies during an interview with NPR  where he discussed how the internet works. Topics included the comparison of broadband vs. fiber optics; speed and reliability factors; and different wireless internet business models.

Latam miners want better enforcement of safety rules
Reuters, Chile
25 August 2010

IEEE Senior Member Jorge Pontt discusses mining safety standards in South America.

Electricity: Resources and Management (PDF, 668 KB)
Asian Power, India
August 2010

IEEE Fellow Saifur Rahman provides a look at the diversity of resources, electricity use patterns, and the management of this demand and supply in the ten ASEAN countries.

Calculating Cloud ROI
Processor, USA
30 July 2010

IEEE CIO Dr. Alexander Pasik shares insights on the value and process of moving to the cloud.

Mental Leaps (PDF, 304 KB)
Professional Engineering, UK
28 July 2010

This article discusses IEEE Senior Member Christopher James' expertise in digital healthcare, specifically in new developments of automated analysis techniques for electroencephalography (EEG) data, which is used in diagnosing epilepsy. 

Analysis: Canada clean power push faces labor shortage
Reuters, Canada
27 July 2010

IEEE Canada President Om Malik discusses a shortage of skilled energy workers in Canada.

Blazing a Trail to Efficient Road Networks, UK
22 July 2010

IEEE Member Christoph Stiller offers his thoughts on the future of transport and the work IEEE is doing on standards in this area.

E-Reading Revolution: Which One is Right for You?
FOX Business, USA
22 July 2010

IEEE Computer Society Senior Member Nahum Gershon shares insight on the future of competing e-readers.

Coming at you: 3DTV (PDF, 282 KB)
Urban Life, USA
21 July 2010

Stu Lipoff discusses what consumers should know about 3DTVs and how IEEE is working to develop 3DTV standards for consumers.

Optimising border security at channel ports
Contingency Today, USA
19 July 2010

IEEE Member Uwe Aickelin outlines the different techniques currently being used by border security officials in the UK and France.

Global Interest in the smart grid interconnection standards road map
Connected Planet, USA
6 July 2010

IEEE Senior Members outline smart grid standards and define how IEEE is employing transparent standards to help this technology roll out in the future.

Global Trend in Robotics & Present Situation in Japan
Robocon Magazine, Japan
3 June 2010

Dr. Kosuge, IEEE Fellow and President of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), demonstrated several robots while he gave a lecture on the history of robotics.

When Will We Be Cyborgs?, Germany
11 May 2010

IEEE Robotics Society Member Antonio Espingardeiro discusses the potential for humans and machines to merge.


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